How To Balance Tires At Home: Get Money-Saving Hints In Just A Minute

Tire imbalance, equivalent to other issues such as how to test for bad gasoline and so on, is one of the familiar vehicle problems that any driver happens to encounter at least once in life.

Though it cannot yet put your safety into a skate-on-thin-ice situation, such a botheration will still risk the car engine at some points if you don’t handle it properly.

That’s why there is no more reason to hesitate but jump right in to learn more on how to balance tires at home and save yourself a huge dime!

front wheel of car
front wheel of car

What Is Tire Mounting And Balancing?

As you step into the practice process of a mechanical engineering aspect, it is needless to say you have to first back up yourself a decent amount of background knowledge. Here comes the simple explanation of DIY tire mounting and balancing tires for your best understanding!


The previous one, “mounting,” is the term that refers to the process of placing fresh tires in rims before hooking them up to the axles of your automobile.

Want to hear a little lowdown? No matter with or without specialized manufactured goods helping, you can anyway address this task smack-dab as long as you keep up on making the best use of your strength and attempt! 


What about “balancing”? This phrase works on the principle of aligning wheels smoothly to avoid the impact of tremble or vibration on the transport.

That way, once the gravity’s center of a wheel coincides with the axis of rotation perfectly, then so does the mission you’ve just completed! 

This latter transportation engineering procedure will be only a bit different from the first one, which means its operation dignifies much more the role of spot-on equipment.

Although it is just fine to have the absence of machines, between the time-saving, accuracy approach and the totally opposite one, we believe you do know how to make a choice!

Methods of Balancing

Wondering the best way you could have to balance tires? Perhaps these three reachings can be a great aid in managing those pals!

Spin Balancing (Dynamic Balancing)

Arriving at the moment to behold professional technicians’ sole scope of work – dynamic tire balancing!

Coming to the first step of this process, the accelerator will use rotating machines to assess the tire balance.

While these pals have been busy being a patient spinning in the air, following up is the phase of “doctor” seeing damages based on a series of diagnostic tests.

Once the disease has appeared, now is the time for the technician to add small weights to the wheels where they are out of balance. And bang! That’s how you evenly distribute the weight and restore balance to the tires of land vehicles.

Car tires
car tires

Road Force Balancing

Another way to balance tires, as one of your most vital vehicle parts, is to use a machine that imitates the impacts of road forces on the tires.

Here’s how it works: The technician will press a large roller into the tire. The next step is to deal with the shape deviation that the machine has determined, and you’re almost there at the finish line.

All that’s left to carry out is to put the weight where it’s necessary to align the tires.

Guess what? Thanks to its superior state-of-the-art vehicle technology, this manner indeed has a high possibility of outperforming all other ways for coping with imbalance, including even spin balancing.

Static Tire Balancing

Sounds confusing to hear about high-technology methods? The optimal solution in all cases is standing ready right in your hands! 

These nuts and bolts are extremely easy to conduct by simply adding weights on one line of the tire. All you need is a stand, a reel, or a bubble balancer.

And it’s all set for you to take to the stage and freely show off your talents on how to static balance a tire.

The first is to place the balance tire on the stand and thoroughly employ your eyesight. Whenever which side tends to lean more towards the ground, it will be the one you put your weight on 180° horizontally.

Just like that, you’ve become the absolute master of every little error of automotive technologies. Above all, this is also the savior that you go to first in emergencies or lack of light!

checking air pressure
checking air pressure

How To Balance Tires At Home

Can you balance your own tires? The answer is yes!

Don’t be discouraged from listening to complicated theories. Contrary to what you may think, how to balance tires at home is exceptionally straightforward!

With A Balancer

How to balance a tire with machine? As walkovers as balancing tires at home, everything you need to prepare to dive in is also easy to find, including a lug wrench, a jack for removing the wheel, and a flat-end screwdriver.

A balancer (or a homemade car tire balancer) and wheel weights according to the type of tires you are using are also essential.

It’s even more convenient if you have a statically balanced pot (it doesn’t matter if it’s conventional or computer). Here are the steps you should follow:

  • Step 1: Remove all the weights you used on the wheel before performing the rebalancing process.
  • Step 2: Remove the wheels from the car.
  • Step 3: Clean the tires. Your tires need to be clear prior to the make-over process. Therefore, it is important for you to remove all dirt and impurities from the tread, tire body, rim, and other wheel components.
  • If it’s still not clean enough, our suggestion would be for you to wash it and let it dry completely before starting working on the tire.
  • Step 4: Place the assembly on the balancing device. Now it’s time to follow the instructions for use.

Bear in mind each type of car and tire are individual, so don’t forget to learn the ropes to consult your manual regarding how to use a wheel balancer on yours beforehand.

  • Step 5: Determine where you need to put weights if the tire is off balance.
  • Step 6: Put weights on and finish most of the challenge!
  • Step 7: Check the balance and adjust the weight until the tire is moving smoothly (dynamic) or is in a perfectly straight line (stationary).
  • Step 8: Loop the wheels back to your automobile. Make sure to tighten the nuts, lower the jack, and check everything one last time before turning the engine on.
remove tire
remove tire

Without A Balancer

What about how to balance tires without a balancer? Just tools to remove wheels and weights, and a pioneer of courage is how we call you, buddy!

  • Step 1: Consider the wheel that is creating the problem.
  • Step 2: Remove all extra weight from the steering wheel.
  • Step 3: Clean the car’s wheels completely, removing any dirt sticking to the vehicles‘ surface.
  • Step 4: Turn the car around to a speed where it begins to oscillate, rising a bit at a time, with the weight in the angle of twelve o’clock.
  • Step 5: Replace the weight at a 45° angle from the original position and start the machine to see if the vibration is still present.
  • Step 6: Accelerate at the same speed again, and if you notice a faster start, add extra weight at that point.
  • Step 7: If the vibration persists, turn the wheel another 45° and repeat the operation. That’s how you find the position needed to add more weight and complete the balancing process!
how to balance tires at home
Car tire balancing

The Bottom Line

How to balance tires at home isn’t as tricky as you might think once you’re armed with the full package of background information.

Even not having a balancer is no longer a concern! Hopefully, our article on wheel balancing procedure step-by-step will be a great help to you in conquering motor vehicles somehow. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. See you later!

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