Clicking Noise Behind Glove Box: Reasons And How To Fix

Hearing a clicking noise behind glove box can make the drivers scared for the first time, then put them in annoyed situations over time.

People should check some possible causes leading to clicking sounds after the glove box to eliminate noise issues when using and promote the blend door actuator in the long run.

Please follow the important knowledge below to have a strong overview of the clicking noise in glove compartment, including reasons and solutions.

What Making Clicking Noise Behind Glove Box?

clicking noise behind glove box
Clicking Noise Behind Glove Box

Short answer: Drivers can try to search for possible causes of a clicking noise behind glove box on Google or get a useful bit of advice from experienced users or professional staff.

This can bring both advantages and disadvantages for the drivers to detect mistakes.

Nevertheless, some basic problems are causing knocking noise after the glove box and engine block heater, including:

Wrong Electric Actuator Of AC System

The faulty electric actuator of the AC Actuator is considered the most common reason resulting in annoyed noise for the total system, including the glove box and mode actuators.

The actuator position is behind the glove box or console center.

This means that any mistakes in the automatic transmission system of AC can put the engine in a damaged situation, then emerging rattle noise.

The AC also plays an important role in maintaining comfort for operating a mixing wheel in extreme climatic conditions (climate control function) and promoting engine airflow over time.

People should spend their time and enough expense checking the AC to restrict its dangerous incidents, which is considered the best way to keep themselves away from clicking noise.

Malfunctional Blower Motor

The main function of the blower motor is to drive hot or cold air through the support HVAC system, depending on the rate or number that drivers have set.

If the blower motor works smoothly, there will be a small volume of clicking noise.

In unexpected cases, this component suffers from battery issues or a damaged fan motor; people can hear the actuator clicking noise.

People usually also catch the terrifying noise from the blower motor when there are some leaves and pieces of gravel on it.

This requires the drivers to take them off quickly, restricting the awful sound for a long time.

Mistakes In Recirculation Doors

The recirculation doors promote air transmission to different positions by changing the degree level constantly, then controlling airflow immediately.

If these doors are broken down or damaged by the external environment, drivers easily make a clicking noise after the glove box due to its position near the glove compartment.

People should try to seek the wrong recirculation door as soon as possible to prevent the annoying sound (maybe similarly womp tire noise).

This brings a comfortable feeling for the users and helps them maintain the engine’s longevity better.

How To Fix Clicking Noise In Glove Compartment

jeep patriot clicking noise behind glove box
Repair To Clicking Noise In Glove Compartment

People should prepare enough tools for special features and safety items, including a pair of pliers, a clip remover, safety glasses, specialized gloves, and a new blend door actuator.

Follow the step listed below to have the right checking process.

Step 1 – Screwing Glove Box Out

Start fixing the clicking noise after the glove box by removing it first. Use a screwdriver, and a plier to open the glove box, then expand it outward by hand.

Everyone must be careful not to do any damage to the box due to slipping it seriously. Take off the complete tools after screwing the glove box out successfully.

Step 2 – Putting And Removing The Broken Actuator Gears System

Continue in this step after extending the glove box size from the first stage. Try to access the broken blend and heat door actuator, which helps drivers effectively remove the clicking noise.

Please do that with suitable clips or screws, depending on the car models or automakers that people are using.

People should choose a small/medium and short screwdriver to restrict some unexpected incidents (such as damaging wire or the inside components) while unscrewing the broken actuator.

Step 3 – Installing A New Actuator

Ask professional engineers to buy a new actuator to select the best product.

Some important standards for people to consider include an actuator at auto zone, an air temp actuator, or an actuator with a servo motor.

Step 4 – Running The Cars

Run the cars to ensure that the new door actuator is working well. Remember to adjust the AC’s temperature reasonably on the thermometer, which promotes a smooth process and gives no noise.

Step 5 – Replacing And Relocating Glove Compartment

Reinstall the glove compartment after fixing one bad actuator with a new one. Complete this step slowly to save the total parts of the glove box and strengthen the safety of the users.

Step 6 – Restarting The Engine System

Check the actuator relay for the final time, then focus on installing the air temperature actuator exactly.

If people still hear the clicking noise behind glove box, please take the cars to the stations to get U-Joint recommendations or professional advice.


clicking noise in glove compartment
Question Of This Problem

Is It Safe For Drivers To Replace AC Blend Door Actuator On Their Own?

It may be safe for drivers if they have ever experienced that. Please take quick answers about this problem from the best users on the websites or forums for better preparations.

Is the HVAC Blend Door Actuator Expensive?

The answer depends on the model and function that people really want to own.

Some outstanding and special features such as key light, air filter, or fuel pressure regulator integrated into this system can increase the cost of the HVAC Actuator.

Can People Drive On Their Cars With Clicking Noise Behind The Glove?

People should drive on the road with their cars clicking noise behind their gloves. This can lead to serious consequences relating to their well-being and periods of the lifetime warranty.


Clicking noise behind the glove box can annoy people a lot over time.

Please adopt the right solutions to fix this problem or have the cars checked by the biggest expert to receive useful answers for that.

Try to keep the engine clean and restrict approaching the HVAC Actuator seriously, which is the best way to maintain a gentle sound while using the car.

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