EZ Pass Windshield Dots – Things You Need To Know

EZ Pass windshield dots are mounted on most windshields of cars. Among them, lots of black dots appear on the edge of the windshield.

In addition, an EZ Pass attached near the rearview mirror is also noticeable. What do these do? Scroll down for more details.

What Are EZ Pass Windshield Dots?

EZ Pass Windshield Dots

Black dots on the windshield EZ Pass are placed on the upper edge of the windshield, absorbing and distributing the heat evenly over the windscreen.

These small black points help prevent the screen from cracking when exposed to extreme heat from the sun and have no relation to the E-ZPass.

What Is EZ Pass On Windshield?

EZ Pass, or E-ZPass, is an electronic decoder that drivers can use to scan codes through tolls, used in 17 states of the US.

This device is designed with a flat rectangle, and the back is covered with a layer of adhesive Velcro to attach to the inside of the windshield.

Before owning this card, you need to register for an EZ Pass prepaid account. Once registration is complete and linked to your bank or credit card, a chip will be attached to the E-ZPass transponder.

It contains all your information for convenience in paying tolls and helps you pay the fee, and you also have to pay the E-ZPass cost (varied by states).

After getting an E-ZPass in New York or the remaining 16 states, E-ZPass will send toll data from the transmitter via chip scanning to the main computer system when you drive through the toll lane.

Then it’ll deduct the toll amount from your credit or bank account.

Explanation of E-ZPass and Windshield Dots

Windshield dots, also known as frits, are designed with the big-sized dots in the upper edge zone and decrease in size when moving towards the outer.

It helps to relieve pressure caused by high or low temperatures.

The expansion of the glass when it is too hot and the contraction of the glass when it is too cold will be balanced and controlled by these black dots.

So you can see that there is no relation between these black dots and the E-ZPass tag, considering their distinct purposes.

But people call them the E-ZPass windshield dots maybe because this zone is where drivers usually attach their E-ZPass tags.

How To Install EZ Pass?

Where Should EZ Pass Be Placed?

1. Windshield Mount

The placement EZ pass windshield dots includes windshield mount, roof mount, and license plate mount.

Windshield mount is one of the preferred locations because the toll system will be easy to identify. To install the E-ZPass tag on the mount, you should dry the windshield part near the rearview mirror.

Next, locate the front of the transponder – where the card’s serial number is and is designed with E-ZPass logo and arrows pointing to the vehicle’s roof.

It is a direction sign so the driver can stick the correct position on the windscreen.

Then you can place the label at the upper center of the glass behind the rearview mirror, approximately 1 inch to the right side of the rearview and around 1 inch below the upper border of the windscreen.

If the window in the car is shaded, you need to ensure that the equipment is placed at least 1 inch below the shaded area.

2. Roof Mount

You can also stick the tag on the roof mount of the car. Some installation notes include the stick’s position at least 3 inches from the car’s roof.

Also, you shouldn’t install it near radio antennas as it will interfere with the toll collection device when scanning the chip.

There are 4 adhesive strips on the E-ZPass tag. 2 are mounted on the tag, and the remaining strips are attached to the windshield.

After removing the protective backings from the adhesive strip, you should stick them in place and hold them for about 15-30 seconds to ensure the tag is firmly adhered to the windshield.

To keep the transponder on the windshield for a long time, you shouldn’t remove them and re-glue them many times.

It will lose the adhesive over time and cause the tag to come off the windshield quickly.

3. License Plate Mount

The license plate mount is also a convenient location to equip the E-ZPass.

However, in addition to sticking the tag with glue as on the windscreen, you should use bolts to fix it on the license plate holder.

It helps the tag to be more firmly fixed and makes it difficult to fall off during driving, especially on bumpy roads.

In addition, after a period of exposure to smoke and dust, the adhesive will disappear and cause the transponder to fall off the vehicle.

Thus, you should use bolts to secure it right to the license plate. It is best to place it in the center of the front bumper to avoid the tag covering your license plate information.

How To Put EZ Pass On Windshield?

One of the most important steps when installing the EZ-Pass is cleaning the windshield.

The glass full of dirt or water will make the transponder stick better and have a longer life when sticking to the windshield.

If you let the car’s inside wet without treatment, frost will mask the inside of the windshield, preventing the adhesion of the tag to the glass.

Identifying the front and back of the tag is easier because the manufacturer already has markings for the strips attached to the tag.

You should not use tapes of different types than those provided by the manufacturer because it may prevent the tag from sticking on the windshield for a long time.


Can You Put EZ Pass On Black Dots?

You can attach the transponder to the area with the black dots instead of mounting it directly on the windshield.

The windshield dots are used to distribute the windshield temperature to prevent the glass from breaking.

So putting the transponder on this black dot area does not affect these dots’ absorption and heat distribution.

Also, you shouldn’t mount the E-ZPass directly on the windshield. It’s suggested that the windshield should be covered with a heat-resistant layer.

Attaching kinds of stuff to the windshield may affect the heat-resistant layer.

What Should I Do If My EZ Pass Is Not Working?

A common cause of problems with your E-ZPass is that it was not installed or used properly.

Besides, the battery can have problems when the vehicle’s glass temperature is too high due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

If this error is repeated many times, you should have a new E-ZPass transponder.

Another reason the EZ Pass doesn’t receive a signal at the toll station is frost on the windshield. It’s best to put a towel on the windshield to prevent frost when you leave your car outdoors and don’t use it.


How To Install EZ Pass?

Overall, EZ Pass windshield dots are used to distribute heat evenly on the windshield to help prevent glass breakage.

Meanwhile, the EZ Pass tag or transponder is installed as an electronic toll collection device, so they are worlds apart.

We hope this article is useful to you. Thank you for your time, and see you in the next posts.

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