Why Is My Ford Fusion Airbag Light Turning On? Answered 2023

Your Ford Fusion Airbag light keeps illuminating constantly without you knowing whether it is a true threat or not?

If that’s the case, then you are in the right place. Here, I will explain in point-by-point detail what this signal means and how you can turn it off.

Wait no longer but jump right in to grasp further clues.

How Does the Airbag System Work?

ford fusion airbag light

In short, the airbag system sends an electronic signal from the sensor to trigger a chemical reaction that fills the airbag with safe nitrogen gas.

Such aid in collisions or some sort of crashing on the roads will make your body stop more gradually, lowering the possibility of harm and death.

The system consists of four main parts: the passenger airbag switch, the clock spring, the airbag, and the sensors.

As such, the switch is installed, so you may activate it manually using the key whenever coping with danger or deactivate it when there just appears to be a false alarm.

Next, we have the clock spring, a device that helps connect the steering wheel’s electrical systems to the whole car so your vehicle airbag can automatically function when needed.

And, of course, the main character of the party: An airbag triggered by a chemicals-released explosion, which can only cost you 30 ms to see it inflate and get you off the hook of death!

Last but not least, another indispensable component would be sensors.

The airbag module in your Fusion collects information from many parts, like the seat pressure sensors, brake pressure sensors, gyroscopes, or passenger seat belt sensors.

Wheel speed sensors and a sensor that attempts to determine whether you are in a collision (commonly known as the MEMS sensor) also send data to the module.

Ford Fusion Airbag Light – Causes & How To Fix

how do you reset the airbag light on a ford

Reasons leading to the failure of your Ford Fusion airbag with an illuminated light include faulty clockspring, loose/corroded connections, faulty sensors, a defective airbag control module, recent repairs/mods, bad seat belt pre-tensioner, and a drained airbag backup battery.

Faulty Clockspring


The malfunctioning clockspring could be to blame if you see the airbag light stays on with straight frequency.

So what exactly is clock spring? You may wonder. Like you and many other drivers, I had no clue when hearing this car part name for the first time.

Simply put, it is a spiral-wound electrical connection that keeps the horn and airbag connected to the car’s electrical system, allowing the steering wheel to revolve at the same time.

You may find it right under the steering wheel column of your Fusion.

Unfortunately, this location can be easily exposed to wear and tear, which likely results in a weak connection or, worse, a detached linkage that involves the activation of the airbag light.

If not getting fixed in time, this seemingly minor problem can even lead to the airbag system not deploying at all or may do so prematurely when engaged in a collision.

How to Fix

To solve this root issue, all you may need to do is to get the clockspring replaced.

Bear in mind to seek help from a reliable repair shop since the procedure demands more than just simple steps of diagnosing but also specialized tools and skills.

Loose Or Corroded Connections


Another culprit behind the scene is loose or corroded connections.

This is because every component of your automobile works on the ground of communications through a series of wires to activate in accordance with its mission.

And the airbag light is no exception.

So if even just one of these wirings becomes corroded or loose, the communication can no way be completed, causing the airbag light to turn on.

While many may neglect such a signal and assume it is nothing to worry about, I suggest you take immediate action as soon as possible.

Since the connection is broken, nothing can assure you of in-time assistance from the airbag system to guarantee your safety.

How To Fix

The best course of action is to bring your Fusion to a repair facility or Ford dealer to get the issue fixed because identifying SRS system problems necessitates expert equipment and knowledge.

Faulty Sensor


Similar to every part of your automobile, the airbag also operates depending on a network of sensors.

Without the sensor receiving a signal sent from the computer and activating this component timely to perform its duty, the airbag may no longer be in use in an urgent case.

Luckily, it is not always about the bad news.

In such cases, your car can also be a good friend to alert you in advance via the airbag light whenever it discovers an imminent issue with one of these sensors,

So if these sensors trip or malfunction, be ready for the airbag warning indicator to illuminate and fail deployment.

How to Fix

It’s crucial to have your Fusion checked out by an experienced auto technician if you believe that a malfunctioning sensor is to blame for the airbag light turning on.

Several also prefer to get their own hands involved. Nevertheless, I would not so recommend this approach.

It’s best to have a mechanic determine which sensor is malfunctioning by reading the automobile’s computer employing specific diagnostic instruments.

There are many chances you will mistake the true faulty one, leading to the whole effort being in vain.

For example, the Ford transmission speed sensor is different from the tire pressure sensor.

It may be necessary to replace the sensor in some circumstances, while wiring problems or computer malfunctions may also occur.

The Defective Airbag Control Module


The failure of the airbag control is also another factor to take into account regarding the Ford Fusion airbag light turning on.

If that’s the case, you may either request an installation of an alternative or replace it with the new one. This frequently occurs anytime you get stuck in a collision without the airbag inflating.

Plus, maybe at least one sensor was activated yet not sufficient for the airbag to come out. This scene usually happens when the system has been invaded and damaged by water.

That explains why it is unwise to invest in a car with flood damage, even when it seems to be in good condition overall.

How to Fix

The most feasible way to resolve such an issue is to take your vehicle to the nearest garage at your location and get a qualified repair.

The sooner you take action, the lower it may cost you to get out of such trouble.

Recent Repairs Or Modifications


The airbag light may not have been correctly reset if you previously had maintenance done on your car’s airbag system or performed any other adjustments.

For instance, the airbag system may fail and activate the airbag light if it is poorly put back together after repairs have been made or an inappropriate part is added during an adjustment.

The airbag light will flash when a component is improperly disconnected and reconnected during a repair in specific circumstances.

How to Fix

It’s crucial to return your automobile to the technician who conducted the service if you just had airbag system adjustments or fixes made and the airbag light is on.

They should be able to examine the system and identify potential causes of the problem.

Sometimes the solution is as straightforward as tightening a connection or changing a broken part. Other times, more involved repairs could be required.

Bad Seat Belt Pretensioner


The airbag light may also turn on as a result of a malfunctioning seat belt pre-tensioner.

Your Fusion’s SRS system relies on the seat belt pre-tensioner, which works in tandem with the airbags to safeguard all passengers of the car in the case of an accident.

How to Fix

Your seat belt pre-tensioner may only be repaired or adjusted by a qualified mechanic.

A seat pre-tensioner shouldn’t be repairable by an inexperienced individual who has the necessary tools and knowledge.

And remember, if you do try to meddle with it, your warranty will be nullified.

Drained Airbag Backup Battery


There is also a possibility that it might have also discharged the backup battery in the operation of your airbag system.

This is due to drivers usually forgetting to turn on the interior lights, resulting in it becoming drained out.

How to Fix

It can be somehow considered as a fortune when it is the Ford Fusion that originates the airbag lighting issue.

All you need to do is merely charge the battery to its fullest capacity. The light can automatically go off after the battery is completely charged. Otherwise, you might have to carry out a sensory reset.


yellow airbag light ford

What Does the Airbag Light Mean?

The Ford airbag light on signals a problem with the airbags or seat belts. Therefore, it’s usually not a good idea to drive when the airbag light is on.

I advise having it towed to the dealer instead of running it yourself if it continues to flash inside your car.

Will An Airbag Light Clear Itself?

Yes. Once the battery is completely charged again, it could automatically solve the issue, but if not, the sensor must continue to be reset, and the backup battery refilled.

Numerous sensors are attached to various parts of your car.

The reset process is somewhat similar to the airbag light reset on Nissan.

Can The SRS Light Be Reset?

Yes. If you’re mechanically minded, you may purchase a scanner with SRS capability to get your Ford Fusion airbag light reset and reactivated on your own.

Just keep in mind that not every OBD-II gadget can instantly turn the yellow airbag light Ford off.

Before purchasing an OBD-II scanner with the capabilities you need, it is a good idea to do a little investigating.

Can You Drive Your Vehicle With Ford Fusion Airbag Light On?

Yes. However, the important line is that you must stop driving promptly as your airbag light illuminates and have your automobile inspected by a repair shop as soon as possible.

Your airbags won’t activate until the issue is identified and remedied.

Will Airbag Deploy If Airbag Light Is On?

No. The light coming on means that the airbag system is at fault. So note that once this warning light turns on, the airbag will not come out when a collision occurs.


Above is all that you may wish to know regarding the causes and solutions to the Ford Fusion airbag light turning on nuisances.

Hopefully, my article can somehow aid in your process of broadening the automobile horizon. See you then!

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