Honda CRV Door Lock Problems – Is It Really Serious?

Although the door lock is not directly involved in the vehicle’s movement, it also plays a significant role in customer safety.

Scandals related to Honda CRV door lock problems were discussed in the car lovers community in 2013.

So what was wrong with this part? Scroll down and get the answer.

What Are Honda CRV Door Lock Problems? 

honda crv door lock problems
Honda CRV Door Lock Issues

Problems related to this fault are a major disappointment among consumers about the quality of the Honda CR-V.

According to the reports of the tests, this part has quite a lot of faults, such as not opening/closing, opening/closing suddenly, etc.

Latch Assembly Not Tight Enough

The CR-V uses a latch door lock and a door handle simultaneously.

When the cable connecting the door handle and locking mechanism is loose and out of position, they cannot close properly. As a result, it may open suddenly while you are driving.

Latches Stuck

This is quite an annoying problem because no matter how hard you try, you still can’t close the door. Once the latch has jammed, you will feel like something is blocking it inside.

However, you can fix it yourself by reaching in and pulling the handle.

Noise When Locking 

Strange noises in the car are a sign that something is wrong somewhere. You will start to hear squeaking, buzzing, and hissing sounds, which means there is a problem with the gear in the lock.

Can’t Lock 

Sometimes, you think you have closed and locked the car doors carefully, but it is not. Whatever the cause, not being able to lock the door is a terrifying experience.

Can’t Open Door From Inside/Out

When this part has a problem, sometimes you won’t be able to open the door from the inside or outside.

What Causes The Honda CRV Door Lock Not Working?

2008 honda crv door lock problems
Why Are Honda CRV Door Lock Not Working

There are many causes of this error in Honda CR-V; below are the most common causes:

  • Fuse is blown: These systems depend on fuses to lock or unlock. The fuse is usually located under the glove box and can be blown by a high voltage, faulty actuator.
  • Broken electromagnet: Electromagnets are used in modern car lock systems. It connects the piston to the latch that makes the faulty door lock or opens so when it breaks;
  • Damaged wiring issue: All electrical control systems in a car are connected to the control unit. This connection creates a complex network of wires running throughout the vehicle.
  • Door latch jam: The latch mount is not in the intermediate position when the car door is not closed, so it cannot be hooked to the holder to keep them from opening during the vehicle’s movement.
  • Hinge error: When the car door and the fender are warped, its hinge is likely malfunctioning. Hinges are corroded due to rust, bending due to physical impact, etc.

How Dangerous Is The Honda CRV Door Lock Actuator Problem?

Cars are an item associated with human life. With that importance, car manufacturers always have to strictly control the process of making their products.

Any mistake in the car manufacturing process can lead to the loss of life and health of the driver and rear passenger.

The door lock error is no exception. Failures of this component can directly affect the driver’s experience.

Since they don’t close, you have to check to see if there are any open them constantly; this frustrating issue bothers every time you drive.

Cars with broken locks will be easier targets for car thieves, especially when they discover your car has unlocked itself.

The unreliable protection layer also makes many car owners worry about inconveniences during use. There’s nothing worse than being stuck outside on a cold day, so you can’t open it.

Another concern is the ability to escape in emergencies on the vehicle or in a collision. Locks that suddenly get stuck can make matters worse.

The sudden opening of car doors is also a threat to road users. This also causes Honda customers to have to pay expensive charges to repair for manufacturer errors; the average cost is 300 – 400 dollars.

How Did Honda Solve The Cr-V Lock Problems?

2011 honda crv door lock problems
How To Solve The Cr-V Lock Problems

Governments, law firms, and individual consumers are always concerned about whether car manufacturers meet all safety standards.

These safety standards form a framework that protects consumers, the environment, and manufacturers themselves.

It will be an illegal act when a car company is found to prioritize profits over human lives. Thus in early 2013, CR-V users simultaneously sued American Honda Motor Co.

about faulty locks and violations of the Consumer Act.

According to the court’s initial ruling, the firm had to bear all the costs of repairing this part due to a manufacturer’s defect, paying $1.4 million in attorneys’ fees, $1,500 per plaintiff, and having to extend the warranty for CR-V Ex between 2007 and 2011.

After many appeals to mitigate the penalty, Honda still had to extend the  2007 Honda CR-V 2007, 2008 cars, and some 2009 models; Free replacement of all ones on the driver’s side and passenger doors panel if there is verifiable proof that they have been damaged.

They had to agree to this final ruling, but the deadline for the car owner to bring it in for repair ended on November 7, 2015.

Is Your Honda CR-V Door Lock Model On The Recall List?

After the Honda CR-V door lock actuator recalls in 2007 and 2009, many users of this manufacturer were concerned about their cars’ quality.

To find out if it’s on this list, all customers can look it up at NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

A VIN lookup can give a detailed report on the vehicle’s standard technical quality. If you can’t find it, the alternative is to search by make or model to see if there are any recall notices for your model.

Honda’s class-action settlement period ended in 2015, but we all know that no one company can recall all of the defective cars sold on the market.

Therefore, when you notice unusual signs on your vehicle, quickly report them to NHTSA.

In addition to the worldwide network of local dealers, you can contact Honda directly at (800) 999-1009 or (888) 234-2138 or visit the official website for inquiries.

Questions and provide information about the recall policy.


Above is information about Honda CR-V door lock problems.

The recall and repair to fix the company’s mistakes have long ended, so if your car is already having issues with this part, quickly contact the Honda dealer tech or expert technicians to ensure safety.

Hope this article was useful to you. Thanks for reading.

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