How To Fix P0562 Code – Meaning, Symptoms & Causes

Similar to other things, our vehicles sometimes encounter problems that we don’t expect. Transportation vehicles are important to our modern daily lives.

So, we can’t be indifferent to a check engine notification. In reality, a P0562 is one of the most popular trouble codes when we scan with an OBD2 tool.

This article will present necessary information on how to fix p0562 code, what the p0562 engine code means, common symptoms, and causes. Lastly, we’ll solve some popular questions on this topic.

Now, let’s start!

What Is The P0562 Code?

How To Fix P0562 Code

It is a diagnostic trouble code in OBD2 tools indicating system voltage low status.

In other words, engine code p0562 appears when the voltage of the vehicle’s system drops down, is lower than 10 volts multiple times, or occurs for more than one minute.

What Does P0562 Mean?

The diagnostic trouble code P0562 means a relative absence of charging system voltage. This voltage is below the standardized operating threshold.

As a result, the electrical systems become less sensitive, and the check engine light on a car comes on.

It’s necessary to have a consistent voltage level for the car’s performance. High efficiency in the charging system is a condition for automobiles to enable optimal electrical module-to-module operation.

The operating range for most automobiles’ charging systems is from 13.2 to 14.7 volts. A vehicle’s electrical systems will inevitably fail if operated outside the above scope for an extended period.

The charging system voltage has fallen below an acceptable level. The powertrain control module (PCM), known as the car’s brain, recognizes the abnormality and decides it’s a P0562.

At this stage, multiple symptoms of drivability and performance may appear. Particularly, intermittent stalls or ignition failures are typical examples.

What Causes The P0562 Code?

Because there are numerous components relating to the charging system, many issues can cause low voltage status. A bullet list below indicates popular ones that we could look at in more detail.

  • Problems in one or more of the charging systems
  • Faulty in the alternator
  • Something causes a significant battery drain
  • Flaws in the voltage regulator
  • Corroded wirings or loose connectors to the alternator
  • Issues with wiring connecting between the PCM and the alternator.
  • Problems with the battery cable connecting the battery and the alternator
  • A flawed battery
  • Low voltage from high resistance in cables
  • A blown fuse
  • An error in the powertrain control module (PCM)

Common Symptoms Of The P0562 Problems

Common Symptoms Of The P0562 Problems

Numerous symptoms exist when our cars have this trouble code, such as poor fuel efficiency, inability to ignite, etc. Moreover, there may be no visible symptoms in some circumstances.

Check Engine Light

This is one of the clearest and most straightforward when our cars come to the P0562 trouble code. The check engine light, also known as the malfunction indicator light (MIL), will illuminate.

When the light comes up, we should use an OBDII scanner, a fault code reader tool, to detect whether it’s P0562 trouble.

Battery Light

Understandably, the battery light pops up when our cars have low voltage levels. In this case, the PCM may determine that our batteries have a problem, leading to a drop in voltage level.

Therefore, consider everything related to batteries, such as wiring connections, damaged connectors, corroded wires, etc.

Poor Fuel Economy

Another symptom that we can encounter is lower fuel efficiency. In other words, we will recognize that the driving distance is shorter for the same amount of fuel consumption.

Erratic Shifting

Although this symptom isn’t clear, we can feel it most of the time. When we need to shift, it can be stuck or hard to change gears because our cars require more power to reach the desired stage.

Therefore, difficulties in shifting may come from automatic transmission problems or the P0562 code.

Trouble When Starting

This is the most common symptom when the P0562 code engine occurs. When we start our vehicles, a certain level of power must be applied to the ignition process.

As a result, the low voltage level cannot be enough for that process, leading to a failure in starting vehicles.

Performance Issues

Even when we can start the vehicles, some issues occur on the way. Those problems can be intermittent stalls, poor transmission responsiveness, dying when idle stops, etc.

Anything that requires power support to operate may have some issues when the vehicles have a system voltage low code.

How To Fix The P0562 Code?

Check Battery Voltage

The root cause of P0562 can be identified and fixed with the help of the below methods. However, it’s advisable to examine the manufacturer vehicles’ manual before undertaking such repairs.

The Additional DTCs

We should look for any extra diagnostic issue codes before coming to the diagnostic conclusion of primarily code P0562.

For example, if there are more issue codes, the problems we face may not come from P0562, which may result from that issue.

Check Battery Voltage

Check the battery’s voltage and alternator lugs with a digital multimeter. The standard voltage should fall between 13.2-14.7 volts.

Next, clear the offending DTC and complete a test drive if testing demonstrates that the charging system voltage is within this range.

In reverse, it’s popular that the car’s alternator/battery wires are questionable if the charging system voltage exceeds this range.

PCM Connections

After the above step, if the p0562 system voltage low is still present, thoroughly check all electrical connections to the PCM.

Look for any corrosive, frayed, or burning points because they could all compromise the integrity of the circuit. So, any flaws we discover should be fixed.

Measure PCM Positive

Next, examine the primary PCM feed of the car for the existence of ground and system voltage.

If either is missing, further circuit diagnosis will be necessary. It’s compulsory to have a power and ground system for the PCM of the vehicle to function well.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Note any additional codes registered before diagnosing the P0562 problem.
  2. Analyzing the freeze frame data is also useful.
  3. Look closely at the voltage coming from the Alternator B+ terminal. Then, watch for any voltage drops between the ground terminals and the battery power.
  4. Compare the required and actual voltages for the charging system.
  5. Check the vehicles’ statuses with different engine loads, RPMs, and throttle positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Mechanics Diagnose The P0562 Code?

A mechanic will initially check for additional codes related to the charging system using an OBD-II scanner. After that, they will carefully consider all possible reasons why the code is being stored.

If a problem is identified, such as a weak charging system ground, it will be fixed, and the error code will be removed. The vehicle will then be retested to ensure the issue has been resolved.

What Repairs Can Fix The P0562 System Voltage Low?

Before changing any parts, making a thorough system diagnosis is crucial. Otherwise, we can make a mistake and replace things that weren’t damaged at all.

Here are a few potential solutions: 

  • Change the alternator 
  • Change the voltage regulator 
  • Replace or fix damaged wiring
  • Update or replace the PCM.

What Are The Common Mistakes When Addressing P0562?

Rushing through the diagnostic might result in a misdiagnosis of the issue. It’s one of the most frequent errors when dealing with the P0562 code.

If we’re careless, we might make a mistake. It is a common misconception that the problem is caused by a dead battery or starter issues.

Both situations—stalling and other symptoms—will not be resolved by replacing either. Neither will prevent the code from storing.

To quickly and effectively locate the right remedy, we need to consider every component of the issue before replacing the battery or starter.

It merely takes a few minutes to be sure we aren’t squandering money by changing good parts. 

We can rely on a qualified mechanic to be aware of these frequent errors and take precautions.

Is P0562 Engine Code Dangerous? 

Medium: If we aren’t experiencing notable symptoms, it doesn’t seem that a critical error code. However, since the issue can result in an accident, it’s crucial to address it immediately.

If the voltage level falls too low, the car might be unable to restart and stall when idle.

In some situations, a low-voltage problem may make it impossible for a vehicle’s gearbox to shift gears as it should. It can become problematic, especially if it happens in congested traffic.

Furthermore, a P0562-related disease may even leave one stranded in cases of severe drivability symptoms.

Therefore, the causes of P0562 should be accurately identified and fixed as soon as feasible to protect our and others’ safety.


The P0562 code problems are common to vehicles. At first, it might confuse us, requiring time and effort to deal with it.

It isn’t terrible later if we know how to fix P0562 code through a careful, step-by-step diagnosis process.

Besides, don’t forget to look at the manufacturer’s manual and ask for professional help in serious cases to protect ourselves and our vehicles!

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