How To Reset Inspection Light On 2017 Jetta?

In terms of dependability and technological sophistication, modern Volkswagen automobiles are unparalleled.

However, they need some maintenance to function at peak efficiency, including resetting the Jetta inspection light and other issues related to the oil inspection light vw Jetta.

In this article, let’s learn more about how to reset inspection light on 2017 Jetta and other versions!

What Is A VW Inspection Service?

how to reset inspection light on 2017 jetta
A VW Inspection Service

All of the servicing your Volkswagen needs to keep you and other drivers safe on the road is included in an inspection (inspection light vw Jetta).

Learn out here what parts of the car, including the body, the engines, the transmission, and the electrical components, are checked during the inspection.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if the Service Now icon displays on your VW’s dashboard. There is no immediate danger to you or your car, and the warning does not indicate any particular concern.

The indicator light is activated by a simple mileage countdown connected to the odometer and turns on once the specified distance has elapsed since the previous maintenance.

Therefore, the service check engine light is more of a helpful reminder that an appointment for care is overdue than an urgent alert to impending danger.

Still, there are occasions when the light is an irritation you’d rather not deal with, and in such cases, you can easily reset the notification to turn it off.

What Is Volkswagen Inspection Due?

To keep a Volkswagen operating at peak performance, regular maintenance is essential. Anything from the engine to the body is checked as part of these reviews.

They also ensure the air conditioning is working and the battery is fully charged and check for electrical problems.

They also inspect the tires for damage, severe tread degradation, and leaks. Drivers of Volkswagens should contact their local authorized service center when the “Inspection Due” indicator illuminates in the instrument cluster.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the due inspection light on your Volkswagen means.

Seeing the warning light is only a friendly reminder to go in for routine maintenance, not an indication that anything is really wrong.

It may seem like a major problem, but it’s only a warning that the service interval is about to expire.

 The indicator light will switch off by itself after the service period; however, if the service interval has already passed, the message “Service Now” will still be shown to remind you to schedule maintenance.

How To Reset Inspection Light On 2017 Jetta

inspection light vw jetta
What Is The Ways Reset Inspection Light On 2017 Jetta

There are 2 methods to turn off the inspection light in a Volkswagen Jetta A6, so please read carefully!

Please read the following directions carefully and adhere to them appropriately for your vehicle’s trim level. What are we waiting for?

In addition, you can reset the Jetta inspection light without special tools.

 Basic Display

You can conduct a 2017 Jetta inspection reset with the basic display within only three minutes.

Here we will explain how to turn off the check engine warning on a Volkswagen Jetta’s dashboard. Therefore, the procedure follows

  1. Put the key in the off position. You should put the car in park and lock the doors.
  2. Switch on the warning flashers. The next step is to activate the emergency lighting or danger lights.
  3. Maintain pressure on the 0.0/SET button. Two buttons are above the instrument cluster; press the one on the right.
  4. Activate the starter. Keeping your foot off the brake pedal, push START once while holding the 0.0/SET button.
  5. Invoke the / button once by pressing it. To reset the Inspection mode, hit the / button (the left-hand button) as soon as the 0.0/SET button is released.
  6. Activate the car’s starter. You stop the engine, then start it again to make sure the indication has been reset.

Premium Display

With a premium display, you can do 2017 Jetta inspection reset easily with 4 steps: 

  1. Put a stop to the engine now
  2. Don’t forget to activate your emergency flashers
  3. While the engine is running, press and hold the 0.0/SET button upon that instrument cluster.
  4. Click the OK button on the steering wheel when “Do You Really Want To Reset Inspection?” displays.

Check this video to have detailed instructions:

How To Reset Inspection Light On A7 Jetta

2016 jetta inspection reset
What Is The Ways Reset Inspection Light On A7 Jetta


Aside from oil concerns, a reset of the A7 Jetta inspection light is an important feature of the 2019 model. We will tell the audience about this breakthrough if and when it occurs.

There are two possible approaches, one for each available model. Let’s check out the procedure.

Analog Cluster

  1. Turn on the lights flashing when the car is turned off.
  2. I will hold down the 0.0 button until I see anything happen.
  3. We’ll switch on the key but not the engine.
  4. To see “Reset oil service?,” keep the 0.0 button pressed down. The prompt “Do you truly want to reset inspection?” will appear when you release it.
  5. When you’re ready, click the release button, then immediately hit 0.0 to confirm.

Digital Cockpit

  1. Engage the engine
  2. Use the steering wheel’s menu buttons to bring up the RANGE graphic.
  3. To access the Service Menu, keep pressing OK until the screen transitions.
  4. You’ll want to pick RESET INSPECTION at the bottom of the page.
  5. Press OK once again to indicate that you want to reset the inspection, and then the system will provide you with a question asking whether you want to reset.

Check out this video to keep following the above steps:

2022 Volkswagen Jetta Maintenance Schedule

The most recent iteration of the Jetta continues Volkswagen’s tradition of reliable automobiles. However, regular maintenance is required for even the most trustworthy automobiles. 

If you want your Volkswagen Jetta to function at its best for many years to come, regular maintenance is essential. It would be irresponsible to neglect routine maintenance on your Jetta.

Find out more about the routine service requirements for the new Volkswagen Jetta so that your car is always road-ready in Bayside.

10,000 Miles

The first scheduled maintenance appointment for your 2022 Jetta should be scheduled after your vehicle has accumulated 10,000 miles.

Each time you bring your Volkswagen in for service to the Buttonwillow dealership, the service staff will perform these same procedures.

When it comes to maintenance, changing the oil and filter is one of the most crucial tasks. Routine oil changes are essential in keeping your car’s engine in good condition.

The mechanics will change the oil and clean out the old one. In addition to changing the tires and checking the brakes, the mechanics will inspect your Jetta completely.

20,000 Miles

The services provided during the 10,000-mile visit are carried over to the 20,000-mile visit. The repair professionals will also carry out many other upkeep duties.

Everything from the batteries to the windscreen wipers as well as blades will be checked, even the engine and gearbox and all of the lights and indicators.

Both brake fluid and the coolant are checked when the vehicle is in for servicing.

40,000 Miles

All of the procedures mentioned above are performed by the service personnel at the 40,000-mile mark.

They will also check the windscreen, lighting, belts, suspensions, steering, undercarriage, coil springs, and rubber buffer. Sunroofs are checked and lubricated if your make and model have them.

Additional Maintenance Items

The service appointment for your Jetta will be mostly the same. You must change your car’s air filter every 60,000 miles (each and every six years).

Every two years, the service specialists will replace the brake fluid. For the filter, you need to change it to keep the inside clean once every two years or 40,000 miles.

The spark plugs will indeed be changed every four years or 40,000 miles, whichever comes first. Automatic fluid and filter changes are performed by service experts every 80,000 miles.

It is recommended to check the sunroof drains every two years or 20,000 kilometers.

Get in touch with the Volkswagen Service Center at Bakersfield Volkswagen to arrange for an upcoming maintenance appointment. Schedule Service on our website to set up a meeting at your convenience. 

If you have any concerns concerning your 2022 Volkswagen Jetta’s upkeep, feel free to call us. When you have a question or need some guidance, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.

We’re excited to provide you with the finest service available in Buttonwillow.


How Much Does A VW Jetta Battery Cost?

Replacing the battery in a Volkswagen Jetta will take about $238 – $251. The price of labor is assessed at $51 – $64, while the cost of components is set at $187.

That range does not contain additional costs or consider your particular vehicle type or geographic region.

What Should You Do When Having An Inspection Now On VW Jetta?

When it comes to your vehicle’s operating and traffic safety, an examination should encompass everything.

You can conduct a reset Jetta inspection light as indicated above instructions or take your car to mechanics.

How To Reset Inspection Light On 2014 Jetta?

To conduct the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta inspection reset, you should:

  1. Get the key into the ignition, but don’t turn it on yet. 
  2. Find the zero o’clock indicator on your gauge panel.Holding this button down will switch the car’s ignition to the on position, providing electricity to the vehicle but preventing the engine from starting. It’s safe to let go of the button now. 
  3. This should have reset your lights, but if you want to be very sure, you may turn the car off, wait 15 minutes, and then put it back on and drive about to make sure the light doesn’t come back on.

For the 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, you also can check this writing to know more about oil reset!


Now, you have learned how to reset inspection light on 2017 Jetta and other versions.

To ensure your safety when driving, you should pay attention to the Jetta inspection light and remember VW Jetta’s maintenance schedule.

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