How to Unlock Nissan Rogue With Keys Inside?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to break the car lock when locked keys in Nissan Rogue? This is quite a typical case with many vehicles, including the Nissan Rogue.

This situation causes many car owners to ask, “How to unlock Nissan Rogue with keys inside?” There are many great tips to unlock your car in our article.

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What Is Nissan Rogue Lock?

how to unlock nissan rogue with keys inside
Nissan Rogue Lock

All car keys can be opened easily, although you still need other tools in some cases.

But the most important thing, and also the first thing you need to consider how to unlock a Nissan Rogue is determining its exact characteristics and features.


The Nissan smart key is a key battery designed with a modern and comfortable Start/Stop button.

The compact smart key is integrated with many features, such as a quick start with just one remote control, intelligent remote detonation, vehicle position alarm in the parking lot, and door opening.

You can even open the door if you forget your intelligent key in the car with a 6-character keyless password panel, etc.


  • Detonation “1-touch” with the Start-Stop button on the car.
  • Support remote start; start the air conditioner before getting in the car.
  • Automatically close/open the door when carrying the Smartkey in/out of the car.
  • Automatically lock when the car is moving and unlock when the vehicle is stopped and the engine is turned off.
  • Support to open/close the trunk or fold the car mirror automatically with the button on the remote.
  • Turn off the engine after 10 minutes, automatically activate anti-theft, warn by sound and light signal when detecting vehicle intrusion, opening door, etc.
  • Report the vehicle’s position within 500m by sound and light warning.
  • The main power cord plugs into the lock explicitly designed for Nissan vehicles, completely without cutting wires affecting the vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Support a keyless password panel to open the car door in case of forgetting the Smartkey in the car; Smartkey runs out of battery.

How to Unlock Nissan Rogue with Keys Inside? 

unlock nissan rogue with key inside
Way to Unlock Nissan Rogue with Keys Inside

After determining the characteristics and features of the lock type on your Nissan Rogue, you will know the necessary tools to unlock Nissan Rogue with key inside, and here are tips to help you unlock it successfully.

Unlock With The NissanConnect App

NissanConnect is a smartphone application allowing drivers to connect to and track their vehicles. KeyConnect’s locking mechanism will allow drivers to lock and unlock their cars remotely.

The vehicle will automatically shut if no action is performed within 30 seconds.

If the driver inadvertently Nissan keys locked in car, they may open the NissanConnect app, use the KeyConnect feature to unlock the door and drive away.

When the driver does not have NissanConnect or inadvertently locks their phone in the car, they must use one of the other ways to unlock their Nissan Rogue.

Open The Car Door with The Extra Key In the Smartkey

When you use a car that is a SmartKey smart car, it can have a secondary key function.

However, if the Nissan Rogue keys locked in car and the phone is within 2m of the key, it will not automatically unlock.

It would be best if you spared another emergency key so that in case we forget the key inside, we can take it out to use.

Use a Hanger

Locked out of Nissan Rogue with a hanger is also used by many people when falling into a situation where a Nissan Rogue locked keys in car.

First, you take a long iron rod bent into the shape of a hook or a clothes hanger, then turn them and thread them inside the car door.

Next, pulling up the latch slowly would be best, and the car door would be opened.

However, this method requires a lot of patience because most people fail on their first attempts.

Use Slim Jim – Thin Metal Strip

You probably already know this method of unlocking the car through the movies because it is used a lot in car robberies in the film.

To remove the locking bar, insert this piece of metal strip into the gap between the window and the thin rubber band.

We use cutting pliers to cut a beveled end towards the long body of the aluminum bar.

If the car door is too tight, you can open the door a little bit to insert the thin 1-inch aluminum bar.

Pay attention to the bending so the aluminum bar can quickly contact the car door latch after insertion. Also, you need to pull the car door lock button.

Use a Screwdriver With a Small Iron Bar

This method is quite simple, but you can easily damage or scratch your car if you are not careful.

The principle of this method is as follows: use a screwdriver to create a little space between the door and the chassis to put the iron bar in.

Then you use this iron bar to push the lock position and open the car door.

Use Shoelaces

It would help if you created a knot on the shoelace, then found a way to thread the knot on the string into the correct unlocking pin inside the car; you can open the car door from the outside.

However, this method is only suitable for vehicles that use door latches.

Use Airbags

This is a relatively safe, simple, but highly effective way to unlock the car for Nissan Rogue locked with key inside.

It is helpful if you create a small gap between the door and the chassis, then insert the air mattress bag and squeeze the rubber ball to pump air into the mattress.

This way, the thrust accumulated inside the air mattress will help the car door open.

Next, you need to thread a long iron rod into the inside of the car to push the unlock button to open the door latch.

Utilize Tennis Balls

In addition to the above ways, there is a straightforward way to unlock the car door to unlock the car that few people know.

That is using a tennis ball. You need to use a tennis ball and then cut a small hole in the body of the ball. Then, apply the gap to the lock.

Then use your hand to press hard so that the air inside the ball compresses into the lock. Acts on the lock and helps open the car door.

You only need to repeat this operation a few times to be able to open the car door when you forget the key easily.

Use Adhesive Tape

If you have a large roll of white tape, try using the method of unlocking the car door when you forget the key:

  • Clean the car glass thoroughly.
  • Apply a lot of tapes (layer on layer) to the driver’s door glass.
  • Use a strong enough force from the top to pull the adhesive tape and the door to lower the glass and car door.

Call a Roadside or Locksmith Assistance Service

After you have tried all of the above and still cannot unlock your car, it is best to call and find a professional unlocker to avoid causing unnecessary damage.

How to open a car door with professional tools is as follows:

  • The locksmith will plug the unlocking device directly into your car door lock.
  • Press each ball tweezer in the lock in open mode, like opening a door lock in a key housing.
  • When the tweezers are in the open mode, turn the tool in the available direction, and the car door will turn on the lock immediately.

Some Notes for Car Users Nissan Rogue

locked keys in nissan rogue
Attentions for Car Users Nissan Rogue

To avoid forgetting or losing your keys, we recommend that you make a key replacement so that in case you lose it, you will still have the remaining car keys.

If you lose all your car keys, you will have to spend a lot of money on re-keying.

When using a car, you must maintain and clean the vehicle periodically with high-pressure washers, home car washes, etc. This helps your vehicle to operate better and safer.

Always Remember To Keep The Key with You

Please take your keys out as soon as you turn off the engine and put them in your purse or bag.

If you are too absent-minded and often need to remember your keys in the car, it is best to attach a large and prominent decorative hook to the key to increase your attention on the key.

Use the Smart Button to Lock the Door

Another tip to avoid forgetting the keys in the car is to regularly lock the door with the smart button on the key.

If you have the key on hand, you can only close the door, and hazard lights will occur. This tip is constructive; make it a habit if you still need to do it.

Equip a Spare Key

If you forget before forgetting later, one or more spare keys will not be a key fob replacement. It is a regular key; it can be done at auto parts stores.

But if the smart key has buttons and controls like Nissan Rogue and Nissan Frontier, you can ask an authorized dealer to make the appropriate key.

If you already have a spare key, keep it in your wallet or purse and a key fob replacement at home if you forget everything in the car.

The Phone Number of The Unlocker is Available

Saving the unlocker’s or service center’s phone number is also a very effective way. This way, the problem will be solved, but it will take time and a little money.

But calling a car mechanic will preserve the exterior of your car from being damaged during the unlocking process.


How to unlock Nissan Rogue with keys inside?” is not a complex problem.

You can prioritize using specialized tools, such as hangers, shoelaces, and tennis balls, to break the lock because those are the most common ways.

But I recommend you call a customer service team to come and ask for help; your car will be less prone to scratches.

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