Nissan Key Battery Low: Causes And How To Fix

Like it or not, trifling issues such as Nissan key battery low do happen from time to time.

That is why when these dilemmas present themselves, you must first attempt to access feasible unfoldings rather than freaking out with no clue in mind.

Let’s take a walk together through the field and find out if you can fulfill your needs here!

Warning For Nissan Key Battery Low

Nissan Key Battery Low

An impaired car part will show one or more signs indicating that deterioration is on the way. The status of a low Nissan key battery is no exception.

After placing the ignition switch in the mode “ON,” the Intelligent Key system warning sign shall appear under the green blinking within roughly 30 seconds.

Ignore the Nissan key battery low warning light as you wish, but don’t be surprised if you see it dies out sooner or later once the hint performs itself.

There are also chances that something has happened, and your key system error can no longer demonstrate the Nissan rogue key battery low warning.

In such cases, you can tell by the declination of the signal strength.

Let’s say you have attempted to snap the key fob several times, but nothing even bothered to work out. Then your battery is likely to the root to explain why won’t your key fob unlock your car.

Or, it simply operates so inconsistently that you have to lose your temper using it sometimes. Then, hesitate no more but get the key battery low Nissan checked and repaired as soon as possible.

Will Car Start If Fob Battery Is Weak?

Will Car Start If Fob Battery Is Weak?

Yes, your car can still start even if the key fob gets a feeble or flat battery. But sometimes, you will detect the car with a key symbol on the dashboard.

Little did you know, the security built into the chip fob in the majority of immobilizer vehicles can operate with no functional battery demanded! However, you do need vastly close proximity standing away from the car to do so.

The only way to find out how close you must stand is to try it by every means.

Perhaps you may even have to put your key fob literally adjacent to the “Start” button or somewhere spot-on enough so the engine can finally get started.

What if you are too fed up to spare so many attempts, yet that right spot still keeps hiding away? Then there is another way to go.

Many may have not yet known, but chances are your fob is storing a conventional mechanical key inside.

Now, fancy yourself with a little treasure hunt! In the event that the primary battery in the car is depleted or your fob battery has gone flat, this key can be a great tool to open the door for the driver.

How To Unlock & Start Your Nissan if the Key Fob Battery Is Dead?

How To Unlock

You don’t mishear it. This one might hit you hard, but even if your intelligent key fob remote battery runs out, it is still possible to unlock your Nissan using the key provided!

All to do is follow these steps listed above, and we are sure you shall be good enough to go.

  • Step 1: First, you need to access the included key hidden inside the key fob, which is right behind its back, as aforementioned.
  • Step 2: Move the tiny release latch that you find. That’s where you will locate the concealed emergency key.
  • Step 3: All that’s left to do is merely turn the lock on the door after inserting the key. 

This traditional key may limit you from a kickoff or operating the engine from a remote distance. Yet, half a zebra is better than nothing.

In poor cases, like when you forget to get your car key battery low Nissan charged or replaced, it is the only savior that can rescue you from being locked out of your car.

How To Start

Not only can you unlock your automobile with no intelligent key fob needed, but starting and driving is not really a big deal to handle in such situations.

The first thing that needs noting down is that depending on your Nissan model, several steps may be required to get the process done successfully.

If you have an automatic transmission Nissan, the mission may be simple to merely put the intelligent key fob in the steering wheel’s left side and commence your journal.

But what if it is the model with a manual gearbox that you are driving? You will likely have to press the brake and clutch pedals at the same time as pushing the START/ STOP button.

How To Replace A Nissan Key Fob Battery Low?

The low remote Nissan car key battery removal and key fob replacement may be nothing but a plain sailing task to get done.

However, you must first ensure that you purchase the correct battery in order for it to function.

You can use this battery change procedure to check your car’s keyless entry 2018 Nissan Altima key battery low.

Step 1: Open your remote key fob.

Use a tool that can assist you in opening the remote cautiously. It’s unlikely for anyone, even the tough one, to get it disclosed with bare hands.

So make sure you loosen the holding first before screwing the two pieces together.

Step 2: Take out the old battery.

Since we are not a mechanic, clearly, it may appear quite struggling to deal with removing things and again arranging them into the correct positions.

That is why you must first carefully take note of the original batteries’ initial placement, prompts, and status.

When you have determined where the new battery should go, slide the old one out of the way if there is room to do so.

In the event that it doesn’t work, look for any clips holding the battery in place. If any are present, carefully pry the clip apart and pull the low-key Battery Nissan out.

Step 3: Put the fresh batteries in place. Situate the new battery in the same manner as the old one, and there you go to be close to the end!

Step 4: Once the battery is fresh, follow the same steps you used to unlock the remote to lock it back in after replacing it.


That’s how you get your Nissan key battery low replaced with no sweat on the forehead! 

Now you have acquired the knowledge needed to accomplish such a battery change process; there is no excuse to wait for longer but to dig right into the work!

Hopefully, this article can be of great help to you. See you then!

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