Why Is My Kia Key Stuck in Ignition? Reasons and How to Fix

Who doesn’t want to own a sleek, cool-looking hybrid from the worldwide-famous Kia

However, like any other car brand, these cars are not immune to common technical issues and malfunctions.

One headache-inducing dilemma is the ignition; some customers have reported about their Kia key stuck in ignition!

Thankfully, addressing and solving the problem is quite straightforward. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Why Is The Kia Key Stuck in Ignition? 

kia key stuck in ignition
The Reasons Of Kia Key Stuck in Ignition

Why is your key stuck in acc position Kia

Locked steering wheel/park locks, damaged keys, obstructed keyholes, and dead batteries are all common reasons behind a Kia ignition stuck in acc position.

Broken Keys

The worst scenario – yet incredibly common! Many drivers break their keys accidentally, getting them stuck deep within the ignition. Such risks are even more prominent for duplicate keys.

As a mere copy of the original, they lag behind the main versions in both materials and structural components.

Locked Steering Wheels

Observe the car ignition and steering wheel. Does the Kia key get stuck here while the steering wheels are in a tight-lock position?

Then it’s clear: the ignition key has been inserted incorrectly and severely misaligned with the steering system.

Key Hole Obstructions

Ascertain the car has been in proper gear (to avoid sudden power shocks) before inspecting inside the keyhole.

Particles, dust, dirt, or other issues might block the key from pulling off its keyhole! Here are the most potential scenarios:

  • Bent: Repeated use over time might bend your key.
  • Rusted: Rusted keys are easily stuck inside the ignition systems. Most of the time, the rusted particles aren’t even that many; a small amount is more than enough to prevent your keys from free movement!  
  • Debris: Have you ever used the key to wipe/clean something? (ex: scrubbing the dishes). If yes, crumbs, leftover food, or other substances might stick to the key, making it glued tightly in your ignition locks. 
  • Worn: Once the key has degraded to less-than-useful, it will fail to slide through the lock.

Battery Issues

Does your battery have sufficient voltage to engage the car’s safety mechanisms?

If not, the key will fail to slip in and out the ignition conveniently since the vehicle model is stuck in “safety mode,” causing you headaches! 

Parking Lock Turned On

All modern automatic transmission vehicles arrive with sturdy locks to prevent key removal while your car is still in gear.

Such designs are meant to keep the car on the spot instead of freely rolling off.

While they are incredibly helpful, some annoying inconveniences might also pop up – and your struggle with the key stuck in Kia ignition is living proof! 

How to Fix A Kia Key Stuck in Ignition?

kia ignition stuck in acc position
Repair A Kia Key Stuck in Ignition

So what should you do when the Kia key won’t come out of ignition? Check out these amazing tips:

For Broken Keys

There are two solutions to pulling broken keys off the ignition: 

  • Key extractor equipment. Try your best to remember the keys’ general state before they entered the automobile ignition. Were they already flimsy or damaged? Then there’s a high possibility that the broken pieces are within the ignition hole.

Hence, a great method is to use key extractors to remove those pieces gently. But what if the tool is not purchasable or fails to work? The only choice left is to: 

  • Contact locksmiths. Having a professional, experienced expert by your side will speed up the process much faster. They will likely fix the keys in a blink.

For Locked Steering Wheels

As a safety feature, steering wheels will lock themselves up whenever you incorrectly insert the key.

To tackle the issue, wiggle the wheel from right to left while pressing a little on the key. Sufficient pressure levels will pop open the steering wheels, freeing your key from its slot! 

For Key Obstructions

To pull out the key stuck in ignition Kia Soul, choose one of the three following options (or combine them if needed): 

  • Use WD40. Spray WD40 all over the keyholes to loosen all the dirt that makes the key stuck in ignition Kia.
  • Wiggle your key. Shake it slightly from left to right. It will remove the sticky debris that blocks the keyway. 
  • Call locksmiths. Do the two methods fail to work? Counting on expert help should do, but expect to pay a little more.

For Battery Issues

Thankfully, you should have no trouble fixing them. Turn on the car’s headlights (or left-turn/right-turn signals) to observe how the battery performs.

Their failure to work properly is the clearest signal that they are 100% dead! 

Simply recharge the car, then. Your vehicle will jolt back to life, allowing you to extract the Kia key safely from its hole!

(If there are discharge warnings, it will be an entirely different matter – which we discuss here).

For Shifter/Parking Locks

Push your shifter towards the park position. At the same time, turn the key over gently.

There’s no need to manhandle any other compartment; just observe closely and wait until the parking lock mechanism fails. By then, your Kia key should slide right out.

How to Replace The Kia Ignition Switch?

key stuck in ignition kia
Replace The Kia Ignition Switch

On the off-chance that your key fails to get out (which is unlikely since we already suggested contacting locksmiths, but anything can happen!), replacing the ignition switch should do the trick.

Here is a quick guide on how to do so: 

Step 1. Make a hole in the car’s cylinder lock with a power drill. Keep drilling to the far back of your key slot, and ensure this hole is big enough for a screwdriver.

Step 2. Slide a paperclip (straightened out) into the key slot on the cylinder’s left side. This step is to keep the lock cylinder from kick-starting.

Step 3. Insert the screwdriver into that cylinder. Turn it to the far right.

Step 4. Pull on the screwdriver and the paperclip, gently sliding the ignition switch off its position.

Step 5. Install a new ignition module. And you are done! 


Our inclusive guides have listed numerous causes for a Kia key stuck in ignition and provided the corresponding solutions.

Should all fail (which we highly doubt, by the way), you can simply contact technicians or replace the ignition. And lastly, take better care of your car key to avoid this issue in the future!

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