The Power Door Lock Not Working Driver’s Side – Explained 2023

We all have one hidden fear of being locked outside or inside our modern vehicles one day.

Guess what? That fear will eventually become more and more possible than ever with the power door lock not working driver’s side.

Of course, you can still get out of the car via the passenger doors or by other feasible ways, which probably won’t take much of your occupied time budget.

The problem might not yet appear big at this time, but consider it an early indicator of undisclosed-to-come dilemmas.

You won’t be anything but grateful later on! Scroll down to grasp the most and remedy your bothersome!

Power Door Lock Not Working Driver’s Side – Possible Causes

power door lock not working driver's side
What Causes Power Door Locks To Stop Working

What caused power door locks to stop working? 

There could be various underlying explanations for the issue, including lacking lubrication, frozen lock mechanism, faulty key fob, wiring problem, linkage failing, death lock switch, dead battery, bad actuator, or a blown fuse.

As your driver-side power door lock is not functioning properly, such as when it won’t unlock with the remote, you should track down the root first.

Here goes the good news: The list is wide but not irredeemable. Learn further on these causes so you can come up with better fixes for such a nuisance!

Faulty Key Fob


The key fob could be to blame for your driver-side power door lock not working on the driver-side door.

This hidden source of the problem is tricky since there are few clues to recognize where it derives from.

The only way you can know is to take your key fob to the dealership authorized by your automobile brand so they may inspect it more precisely.

The procedure will commence as the mechanic connects your key fob to the computer, initiating the checking process to make sure the program is still functioning.

If any problem is found or no proper signal is sent from the key fob, the chances you must change the fob will be high-reaching.

How To Fix

Once the expert determines it is the key fob that takes responsibility, they can decide whether the best course of action is to replace the fob or reprogram it.

That’s where your garage shall take care of the rest of the job.

Dead Key Fob Battery


A key fob is, beyond any doubt, an essential gadget to any driver. This certain kind of electronic gadget’s chief mission is to unlock and lock your doors.

It goes without saying that you won’t be able to remotely operate all of your rear passenger door locks if the battery that powers it runs out.

Most key fobs have many hidden features that you aren’t aware of. And there is an LED light indicator that turns on when you push any of the buttons.

As a result, there is a good chance that the battery is dead if the light doesn’t turn on.

How To Fix

You would have to change the dead battery to remedy this problem. Don’t worry; it won’t be tough, so you can even accomplish this alone.

Wiring Problem


The door lock actuator also has cables allowing electricity to flow through and power the components. Any component with impaired wires will not function as intended.

You may check for any potential electrical lock issues by repeatedly opening and closing your door while keeping the door lock’s toggle up or down.

If the lock operates intermittently, you could have broken wires. By removing the door panel, you may examine the cables for physical damage as an additional technique to check for any wire harness.

How To Fix

You can try detaching and rejoining the cables if they are undamaged. Otherwise, it’s time to get a new set and swap out the old ones when nothing can work out.

A Faulty Actuator


Similar to when the key can’t unlock your car, one of the causes of the door lock’s malfunction is a poor auto lock actuator.

Let’s first get familiar with the actuator as a powerhouse to receive signals from the key fob.

Due to this car part’s insufficient conduction, you cannot open the door since it is not getting any activation message.

How can we know if the lousy actuator is the culprit? The best approach would be to visually examine the gears and look for any cracked, missing teeth or other broken pieces as soon as you suspect it is the culprit.

Aside from that, damaged board connections will also cause the electronic actuator to shrink and swell after frequent usage.

The most transparent indicator is this component’s excessive heat-up. These connectors will fail, and the problem of the actuator burning out will appear.

How To Fix

The only solution for this problem is to purchase a replacement gear and swap out the damaged one.

A Blown Fuse


The fuse transforms a large quantity of power into smaller currents and is in charge of overcurrent prevention.

Once blown, it will no longer transmit the electrical current required by the actuator for it to function.

You just need to seek the fuse and examine for any damaged lines if you are knowledgeable about electrical components. Sometimes a blown fuse can also have a hazy appearance.

How To Fix

Purchase a new actuator fuse to replace the damaged one.

Frozen Mechanism


This may surprise people, but you must learn that car doors are not proof of moisture despite your motorbike’s competence to fight against water and harsh weather.

That is why extreme cold climates may still make the power-controlling connection freeze, leading to side-door lock problems’ existence.

This root can be no picnic to get a hint of it at first sight. Yet, you can still tell if the issue happens simultaneously with the weather getting the harsh cold or heated changes.

How To Fix

If this is the case, the trouble might get worse to some extent, so it would be better to take your pet automobile to the nearest retailer as soon as possible.

Linkage Issues

driver side power door lock not working
Linkage Problems

We’ve walked through the actuator’s duty to quickly engage or disengage the car doors’ locks via a button. Yet, this car part is not the only one that can make a scene and create trouble.

There will also be an issue when the linkages connected to these progressing elements are getting loose or unstable installed.

How can you tell if it’s the linkage issue that is behind the scene, anyway?

Examining each component and linkage seems like the first approach to our mind.

Should you be still not so certain about that, it would also be no harm to get started right on the problem-solving process to make the most out of your competence.

How To Fix

Let us tell you something: The linkage problem is indeed a splendid cause that anyone would hope to have regarding the power door lock not working drivers side.

It is likely that you won’t have to spend any penny to get a decent repair.

You can even conduct the procedure yourself by merely disconnecting each linkage and then reconnecting them. Once done, all to do is test if your lock can work well again.

Lacking Lubrication


Basically, everything on the Earth functions according to the principle of friction, and your door locks are not exceptional.

As friction happens, the car part will eventually be worn out without proper lubrication supplied, causing severe destruction that makes the lock no longer workable.

However, we would say it is a good catch for you if the reason is due to the lack of lubrication.

It is because you can conduct an optical check-up to assess the door latch for any corrosion or deficient mechanism.

How To Fix

Now that you have been certain that the lack of lubrication is the main blame, things will get much more accessible to fix the power locks not working on one door.

First, spray the door lock using a lubricant on a silicone basis. Then, you can conduct the test to see if the method’s working by locking and unlocking using the key inserted into the lock.

This will enable the lubricant to go in the direction that it should.

Death Switch


Little did you know the death switch is the component assigned to deliver signals to the locking system. If it fails to work, despite how often you try to hit the button, the system will remain silent.

The question is: How do you know whether it is the death switch that is on the hook?

Simple! Just have a quick look at the external to examine whether there are any serious scratches or damages. The manual button breaks when you try to press it is also another indicator to lay eyes on.

Or, merely activate it and see whether the door locks and the windows are the only two that are malfunctioning. If yes, then you can rest assured about the culprit of the crime.

How To Fix

Fixing a death switch should not cost you a lot of effort. All to do is buy a new one, change the run-down parts, or leave the work for the mechanic to handle.

Why Is The Power Lock Not Working On One Door?

Why is only one driver-side door lock not working but not all of them? We all have the same wonder as anticipated regarding such a questioning nuisance.

The concrete explanation is because of the elementary parts’ constant movements at different locations.

Consequently, these components’ failure shall also occur with specific frequency and distinctive damaging levels.

Take plastic components like gears as an example. People will first assume they operate similarly since they all share identical characteristics. The truth is actually counter to what we can ever expect.

This is because each piece’s fabrication included various factors, and one production might exist with more than one variable.

For that reason, it doesn’t matter if you use all your locks for the same amount of time or equal regularity; the power lock doesn’t work on one door while the others work wonders.

What Is The Cost To Repair The Power Door Lock?

door lock only works on one side
Are Repair The Power Door Lock Expensive

The price of fixing the power door lock not working on passenger side may fall between $50 and $200, which could also increase more (probably up to $700) if you hire a well-qualified expert to be involved in the fixing.

This may cause several high hopes to fall since they often believe fixing the door lock would cost them the same expense. The fact is it wouldn’t.

Since the causes of this dilemma are wide-range, with different components being the root of the problem, you cannot expect to pay for one part’s replacement with the other’s price.

Even if you can, the cost of these components will also vary depending on their distinctive quality and manufacturers.

It is not to mention your decision to engage a professional to identify and handle the issue or not will also influence the final expense of repairing.


How Does The Door Lock Work?

Your door lock’s mechanism is actually nothing but straightforward to make sense of.

Everything starts when you hit the window button inside the car or the one on your key fob to lock the door.

By doing so, you are helping it inform the vehicle whether to disengage or engage the locks with a specific signal.

The signal will then make its way to the destination, which is the door lock actuator to switch on the lock motor and initiate the lock.

What Controls The Power Door Locks?

Your car’s power door locks operate with the management of an actuator mounted inside the door to activate and deactivate the door locks.

This actuator mainly functions remotely via a key fob or smartphone app, as well as with switches or buttons installed on the door, console, or elsewhere.

Does The Power Door Lock Have A Fuse?

Yes, not only does the power door lock have a fuse, but this car part is also among the three main components of the system that easily break down.

Without it protecting against overcurrent, the power door lock malfunctioning sooner or later is just a matter of time.

How Long Do Car Remote Batteries Last?

A vehicle remote battery should typically last three to four years. In addition, there are many signs that inform you of when the battery is poor.

Signal loss is the initial symptom. Most modern key fobs can detect your car within 50 feet away.


Above is all that any driver may need to be on top of regarding how to solve the power door lock not working driver’s side. The roots can vary, and so do their fixes.

Yet, as long as you know the right way to access such an issue, we’re sure it won’t last for long before you get everything handled!

Hopefully, this article can be of great help to you. See you later!

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