How To Start A Nissan Altima No key Detected?

Several automobile models have done away with conventional ignition keys. Instead, most modern automobiles are equipped with keyless entry systems, which use a remote and a receiver within the car.

However, as a part of the latest cars, you may have seen your Nissan Altima no key detected if you’ve tried to use the keyless entry system.

So, in this writing, let’s find out more information about Altima with no key detected!

Why Does Your Nissan Altima Say No Key Detected?

nissan altima no key detected
What The Causes Of Nissan Altima No key Detected

Before we fix the no key detected Nissan Altima, let’s learn about the reasons for this problem!

Key Fob’s Battery Had Died

This is the most typical source of the “no key detected” error. This is because the key fob can’t communicate without a charged battery with the vehicle’s receiver.

Watch this video to learn how to replace the key fob’s battery.

Broken Or Defective Key Fob

The problem may lie with the key fob itself. Problems with locking and unlocking the vehicle may be traced to faulty wiring, water damage, or programming.

To have your car key reprogrammed, it’s best to see a professional locksmith.

Insufficient Or Nonexistent Car Battery

Occasionally, the vehicle is at fault rather than the key fob. Due to the high power requirements of today’s cars, the battery may eventually expire, rendering the keyless entry system inoperable.

You should consider getting a new battery or charging it if your current one is old and worn out.

It’s Essential To Perform A Factory Reset on This Key

The remote keyless entry device must only be programmed to key function with the vehicle.

The manufacturer performs this function; however, there are situations where the key no longer operates with the vehicle it was programmed for.

Whereas if your battery has been dead for an extended period, the key often needs to reset.

As a related issue, several motorists have reported that their vehicle keys stopped functioning after coming into proximity to some other key fob.

Trouble With The Keyless Entry’s Electronics

This is a potential but unlikely explanation for why your problem with the Nissan Altima key not detected. Sometimes hardware or electricity may go wrong with your car’s keyless entry system.

For example, the keyless entry system and body control module internal antenna might both be at fault.

How To Start A Nissan Altima No Key Detected? 

altima no key detected
Start A Nissan Altima No Key Detected

To resolve the Nissan Altima key not detected, here are the following steps you should do.

Enter Your Car

Your car’s key fob may have a spare key, which many motorists don’t know about. These are the actions you need to do in case of an emergency, and you need entry to your Nissan:

  1. A button on the back of the keychain should release the clasp.
  2. Locate the emergency key within the key chain and activate the latch release button.
  3. Unlock your car’s driver-side door with the use of the spare key.

This spare key will allow you to get into the Nissan Altima in an emergency but will not function as a starter. If your car can not recognize the key, you’ll need to use a different, easier method to start it.

Start Your Car

After you have gained entry to a Nissan Altima, drivers may be concerned about how you will start the vehicle whenever the key fob says “not recognized”.

If the key fob doesn’t work, there’s another method to get the automobile going.

With no working key, you may use one of two other methods to activate your Nissan.

  1. If the automobile does not start when you push the ignition key against the power button, try holding the brake down. Just hit the car’s starter button, and it should finally start.
  2. Try the key fob port if the prior approach doesn’t work to start your car. It’s to the left of the wheel, on the instrument panel.

The car may be started with a simple plug of the key fob and a push of a push-start button. Then, activate the machine by depressing the brake and pushing the ignition button.

In other words, you can count on the engine to turn on.

Radical Ways To Solve Altima No Key Detected

why does my nissan altima says no key detected
Radical Ways To Solve This Problem

Even if you can still get in and start the vehicle if the key fob isn’t recognized, it’s a hassle. You must first determine what went wrong to restore your car’s keyless entry functionality.

If your Nissan Altima’s key is not being recognized, try these frequent causes and solutions.

Key Fob Battery Change Is Required

If it has died, the original battery in your keychain remote must be replaced.

While replacing a Nissan key fob battery at the shop is an option, doing it at home is far more straightforward and cost-effective.

Please refer to this battery change process to resolve the battery issue.

  1. Take off the spare key from your keychain.
  2. Turn the key gently as you insert it into the key fob’s slot. The key fob casing will be released at this point.
  3. Note the battery’s orientation before removing it, being out of the keychain.
  4. Ensure the fresh battery is oriented like the old one before you put it in. Place the battery with the negative terminal facing outside the key chain and the positive terminal inside. The copper connections in the battery should be able to continue the process throughout the keychain.
  5. Keep the keychain closed and ensure it’s functioning correctly by testing it.

Key Fob Replacement.

You should probably get a new key fob whenever you have issues. A Nissan dealer is where you can have a new key cut.

You may also have a professional locksmith reprogram a new key fob you purchase for your automobile.

Get Your Car’s Battery Charged Or Replaced

Not identifying the key fob is the least of your worries if your car’s battery is weak or dead. A bad battery might cause problems with other automotive systems.

For example, you must first charge the key batteries to solve your keyless entry issue. Leaving your automobile idling for 25 or 30 minutes will do this.

After that, battery replacement is required due to malfunction.

Initiate A New Key Attempt

If your key fob isn’t working correctly, insert it through the key fob port and then start the engine.

Your key fob may be reset by pressing the ignition start button if your vehicle does not have a dedicated port for them.

Restore the Keyless Entry System

Your Nissan Altima’s keyless entry system is a collection of technological components. So, detecting the issue without the right background and training is challenging.

A car electrician or an employee in the service center is the only one qualified to diagnose and fix the problem.


Why Does My Automobile State “No Key Detected”?

Bad batteries in the key fob are usually to blame for the car’s inability to recognize a valid key. Incorrect usage or damage (to be anticipated if the key has been wet) are two more potential problems.

If My Car’s Battery Dies, Will I Be Unable To Use My Key Fob To Open The Door?

No, the electronic key clicker won’t operate if your car’s battery dies. Nonetheless, most fob keys include a failsafe.

The 12-volt battery in every automobile is responsible for the lights, locks, and starting mechanism, regardless of whether the car is electric or gas-powered.


Now, you have already learned about your Nissan Altima no key detected.

Fortunately, you can get into your car and start it before the radical solutions arrive.2017,2018, 2019, and 2020 Nissan Altima no key detected mentioned solutions could fix problems.

If you cannot do it yourself, contact professional mechanics or get your vehicle to a service team for repairs.

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