P0011 Code After Oil Change- What Does It Mean?

When something goes wrong inside a vehicle’s engine room, you can sometimes detect it through the error engine codes displayed on the OBD-II code reader screen instead of waiting for a specific signal.

Due to its variety, decoding the content of each engine code requires you to be knowledgeable enough to identify the problem that is arising properly.

In this article, we will share information about the P0011 code after oil change, which is a common case with all types of vehicles.

It will also give you a more detailed look at the causes, accompanying symptoms, and available methods to fix the error engine code.

What Does P0011 Code After Oil Change Mean?

p0011 code after oil change
P0011 Code After Oil Change

(Short answer): The P0011 code after the oil change informs the driver that the intake camshaft at the system performance bank 1 is deviating from the original position.

The position of the intake camshaft has a decisive influence on the efficiency of the fuel combustion process

Once the driver ignores this error code and continues, they risk engine stalling and serious engine room damage.

Normally, the intake camshaft controls the opening/closing of the intake valves in the vehicle engine block.

The Oil Control Valve (OCV) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) are responsible for adjusting their position so that the required air fuel can be present at the right time.

Any problems with the intake camshaft can lead to failed ignition and mis-ignition.

What Can Cause A P0011 Code?

To give you a deeper insight, we have compiled the 3 main causes of the engine code P0011.

Limiting the common issues outlined below will help prevent the possibility of this error code appearing in your vehicle!

Faulty VVT Solenoid

The variable valve timing solenoid is responsible for controlling the proper oil level, which depends on the vehicle’s engine speed.

Oil not only cools the engine but also enables the camshaft to work efficiently at the right time.

If the VVT solenoid has problems, you need a new replacement. The cost of each product type will depend on its compatibility with your vehicle model.

But typically, you will have to spend around $300, with $40-100 for a new solenoid VVT and the rest for labor costs.

Oil Problem

The lack of engine oil causes the VVT system to experience problems in operation, resulting in engine code P0011. Therefore, the driver must always check the oil level regularly and promptly refill it when necessary.

Always use the engine oil the manufacturer recommends to maintain good and long-term engine performance.

In the case of contaminated or leaking oil, it will cause a lot of unpredictable consequences for your engine.

Stretched Timing Chain

The lack of proper maintenance causes the timing belt to lose its integrity. You will hear a characteristic rattle from the engine room if your vehicle has a stretched timing chain.

Replacing parts in a timing chain system costs you between $100 and $200, and labor costs for about 4-5 hours of repair.

P0011 Trouble Code – Common Symptoms

how to fix p0011
Symptoms Of P0011 Trouble Code

Besides the error code P0011, your vehicle also shows many signs indicating a problem.

These symptoms are extremely important in helping drivers diagnose the source and cause of the problem, its severity, and even predict the cost of repairs.

Rough Idle

Any trouble with the camshaft leads to rough idling. However, because of the prevalence of this symptom, it is not very helpful in determining the specific cause and timing level of the valve failure.

If your vehicle has this problem, it’s best not to try to drive. Stop at a safe place by the side of the road, turn off the engine, and contact a professional mechanic at the nearest auto center for repair service.


Camshaft problems cause a lack of air to ignite inside the engine room, resulting in difficult vehicle starting and even stalling in the middle of the road (even when stationary).

This problem is dangerous as it can lead to the car’s poor engine performance and suddenly stalling in the middle of the highway.

Trying to press the gas pedal to continue the journey certainly did not help the situation.

Therefore, immediately have a comprehensive inspection at the repair center every time you notice an inexplicable decrease in vehicle power.

Bad Fuel Mileage

The current fuel consumption and RPM spike, combined with the diagnostic trouble code P0011, indicate a degraded valve system.

At a higher severity, fuel runs out quickly while you only use the vehicle with little frequency.

How Do I Fix Code P0011 After Oil Change?

what can cause a p0011 code
Repair To Code P0011 After Oil Change

Depending on the causes of the fault code, we have compiled the 4 most effective methods to fix the problem. Scroll down to find out how to fix p0011 at home!

Method 1: Check The Oil Level And Filter

Begin identifying the problem by checking the oil level inside the vehicle. It would help if you filled it in time in case of a low oil level.

Change the entire oil (and even the oil filter) in case of dirty engine oil.

When the job is complete, make a quick test by driving the vehicle to check if you have successfully fixed the problem.

Method 2: Check The Valve Train And Oil Cap

Check the inside of the transmission hub oil cap and valve cover (where the intake camshaft phaser is located). If the inspection shows mud or other debris, it’s a sign that your engine needs to be replaced.

Method 3: Check The Oil Control Valves (OCV)

First, remove the Intake Camshaft Oil Control Valve 1 Bank 1 from the engine, then place it neatly on the ground. Touch a pair of fused jumper wires to the OCV’s solenoid in under 2 seconds.

It is best not to supply the power for longer than the specified time, or you will have to receive the damaged OCV bank 1.

The clicking sound from this experiment indicates that the OCV is still functioning properly. But if it doesn’t move or click, replace the OCV as soon as possible.

Method 4: Have A Mechanic Diagnose The P0011 Code

If you have completed the oil change and OCV and still nothing has changed, there is a good chance the engine has an internal problem.

Contact a professional mechanic to fix the problem without replacing the entire vehicle engine.


Can You Drive With A P0011 Code?

No. You are best to stop the journey until the severity and source of the problem are determined

If the valves are still in good working order, you should be fine driving at a moderate speed to the nearest auto repair shop (no acceleration and high RPM).

In case of unusual sounds (such as knocking or clicking), call the vehicle rescue team to take your car to the nearest repair center.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Code P0011?

Depending on the extent of the damage, repair costs will vary. Changing the oil will only cost the driver from $20 to $60 for the periodic oil change fee.

If the source of trouble comes from the variable valve timing control solenoid (VVT) or the oil control valve (OCV), a brand-new replacement will cost you $300 to $400.

When the engine is clogged with sludge, the only way you can do it is to replace it at a cost ranging from $3000 to $4000.

Can Low Oil Cause Camshaft Position Sensor?

The camshaft sensors can happen when the oil level is alarmingly low, causing a lack of lubricant and oil pressure.

All these factors cause engine overheating, adversely affecting the camshaft, transmission, and lifter.

Our Final Thoughts

Above is all useful information about the P0011 code after oil change, including causes, accompanying signs, and reasonable remedial methods.

You can’t completely prevent this problem, but you can reduce it by regularly checking and maintaining your vehicle periodically.

See you next article!

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