P0841 Nissan Altima 2016: What Is It And How To Fix?

P0841 Nissan Altima 2016 code is serious, and you need to handle it immediately. Can you fix it at home?

Equipping yourself with the basic knowledge of the vehicle line you own is a necessity. This helps you identify basic to complex errors and prepare a timely solution.

Of course, the repair and review will need to occur as soon as possible. This reduces the risk of spreading damage to other parts.

Scroll down for more detailed information and check out the guidelines for the P0841 code.

What Is The P0841 Code Nissan Altima?

P0841 Nissan Altima 2016

The Definition

If you do a little research on common problems with cars, you will know that P0841 is a DTC (Diagnostic trouble code).

This stands for “Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch ‘A’ Circuit Range Performance”.

Usually, this code is applied to most modern vehicles, as long as they have OBD-II diagnostics.

Therefore, if you want to learn about this error in other models such as the P0841 Nissan Altima 2014, 2017 Nissan Altima P0841, or even the P0841 Nissan Rogue, the following information is useful and applicable.

So, when will this code pop up? 

A few less common causes include cracked balls in the valve body, internal leaks, etc. They are the mechanical issues that cause this error.

For the most part, the culprit is an electrical circuit issue.

To explain, the transmission fluid pressure sensor (TFPS) converts pressure into an electrical signal for the powertrain control module (PCM) or transmission control module (TCM).

In this process, the input might be out of range of the two modules.

This makes it impossible for TCM or PCM to determine the line voltage, and this code will appear to report an abnormality.

Besides P0841, there are other error codes quite related to this part, such as:

  • TFPS/Switch “A” Circuit: P0840 
  • TFPS/Switch “A” Circuit Low: P0842 
  • TFPS/Switch “A” Circuit High: P0843 
  • TFPS/Switch “A” Circuit Intermittent: P0844 

How Serious Is It?

It won’t immediately stop the transmission, as usual. That means you can keep operating your vehicle.

This will be exceedingly risky, though, as the transmission might abruptly slip or switch and put other drivers in danger.

Additionally, the transmission issue indicated by the P0841 engine code can be very dangerous.

Because of this, it’s best to fix or take your automobile to the shop as soon as you notice one like this.

Causes Of P0841 Code

Common Causes

As we know, there are several reasons for creating this P0841 code. Some of the most common causes that you might want to check first:

  • Issues with 2016 Nissan Altima transmission fluid pressure sensor location (this is similar to 2017 Nissan Altima transmission fluid pressure sensor location or other year models)
  • Transmission issues: Internal ones or the low transmission liquid
  • PCM or TCM quality problems

How To Diagnose

It would be best if you start by looking for other diagnostic codes. They may contain crucial information about what’s occurring inside your gearbox.

TSB stands for the technical service bulletin. Nissan uses them to address well-known and frequent auto issues. Inspect to see if there are any that apply to your problem.

Regarding TFBS ones, look over the wiring to your Altima’s TFPS. You’ll need to replace or repair it if it’s burned or damaged.

Most people cannot continue diagnosing P0841 if they cannot access the TFPS.

Luckily, the TFPS can occasionally be accessed from outside the transmission, requiring you to unlock the transmission.

To be able to identify the transmission liquid issue, you can refer to the way that professional mechanics often apply below:

Now, check the transmission fluid dipstick before beginning the transmission diagnosis.

Ensure that the liquid appears in excellent condition and that the level is within the manufacturer’s recommended range.

  • The liquid seems odd or smells scorched: it is insufficient and needs to be changed. Burned one is a reliable pointer that the transmission’s liquid level is low. This may be a sign of major internal mechanical failure inside your vehicle.

Besides, check for burned or shorted wire, and always repair circuits and connectors that seem in poor condition.

Connect your scanner to the diagnostic connector and collect all freeze frame data and error codes if the system connectors, wiring, and components appear in good condition.

  • The fluid level is low but in good shape: Add more liquid and check to fix it.

The Common Symptoms Of P0841 On Nissan Altima 2016

If you wonder how one can identify an ongoing problem with the main vehicle P0841 code, then learn more about the common symptoms below.

Of course, it won’t be absolutely true for all cases, but more than 90% of vehicles have this error one or more of them:

  • Check Engine Light flash: this is related to the power and voltage. But simultaneously, this light also indicates other issues. For more information, you can check the Intermittent flashing check engine light issue.
  • Shift quality: The gear can be shifted unexpectedly, and you can’t control it. P0841 code is one of the most common reasons for shifter moves but doesn’t change gears.
  • Fuel consumption: This consumption will be higher, and the fuel-economy function’s efficiency will be reduced.

There is a fact that a prolonged drivetrain stressor is the cause of sensor issues in many older automobiles. A P0841 code has many possible meanings, making it challenging to diagnose and fix.

Your best action might be to take your car to a mechanic with the right equipment to assess your issue more precisely and quickly.

How To Fix P0841 NISSAN Altima 2016

Simple causes such as the low fluid level can be fixed by flushing or refilling at home.

However, more complicated ones that are related to the TFPS or other parts need to be inspected and fixed by the experts.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix?

It is difficult to determine the exact fee because it will be affected by many factors such as the cause of the damage, the condition of the vehicle, the quality of the parts on the car, the living cost in your area, the service center, etc.

For a professional mechanic to check and diagnose your car’s condition, you must pay between $75 and $150.

Regarding replacements, about $90-$120 is the price of a new 2016 or 2017 Nissan Altima transmission fluid pressure sensor, and an additional liquid goes up to $200.

In general, you may have to prepare $400-$550 for this fix. And this is not a small number!

Can I Fix It Myself?

In the previous section, we have learned that there is more than one cause of the P0841 code. For simple roots, you can completely fix it at home to save money.

Topping off the fluid or cleansing the transmission can quickly fix minor issues like low or dirty transmission fluid.

However, consider it cautiously because a small mistake can worsen the problem. Especially for more complicated causes related to TFPS, PCM, or TCM, repairs should be done by professional mechanics.

Simple step to refill or flush the fluid on your own:

  • Place your vehicle in a flat area and look for the transmission fluid’s reservoir.
  • Check the fluid level with the dipstick.
  • Increase the amount of fluid in the reservoir if the dipstick is clear. Flush the system if it’s a dark brown or black color.
  • Lift your car with jack stands. In this step, remember to leave space for you to crawl underneath it.
  • Find the transmission fluid pan under the car. Put a container (bucket) under it.
  • Pour the remaining fluid into your collection bucket after removing the drain plug.
  • You can refill the fluid by inserting a funnel into the reservoir and pouring new transmission fluid.


What Is The P0841 Code Nissan Altima?

P0841 Nissan Altima 2016 is popular with different causes and symptoms.

Your mission is to recognize as soon as possible when this error appears and find a solution to handle it in time to ensure performance and avoid further damage to other components.

Except for adding or replacing the fluids, we recommend that you should bring your vehicle to service centers.

Although the cost is quite high, in return, the diagnosis, inspection, and repair will be quick and safe.

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