Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk: Top Best Positions!

Having some music on while driving lifts up your mood. It not only helps you relieve stress and relax more but also lends you a hand to fight off sleepiness during long trips.

That’s why quality subs are worth paying for and installing in your vehicle.

One of the most favored spaces to set up this system is the trunk, where the subwoofer box can provide you with high-quality music.

But you don’t know which way to face subwoofer in trunk? Keep reading to discover the top 3 positions!

Why Should I Place A Subwoofer In Trunk?

Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk

We know there are many spaces where we can install the device, but why should it be in the trunk? Take a look at the benefits that this installation will bring to you:

Enhance Bass Response

Subwoofers boost the bass response to bring out music sounds that your speakers alone cannot beat.

Most automobile radio speakers begin to lose their sound at about 50Hz. A good sub, however, can reproduce frequencies as low as 20Hz.

As a result, you won’t miss the lowest notes, and your car radio system’s music will sound full of depth and clarity, giving you a more immersive listening experience.

Reduce Distortion

By lowering the acoustic demands on your other speakers, subwoofers reduce distortion.

A full-range speaker’s big cone and diaphragm might introduce distortion when it reproduces a low-frequency sound.

Additionally, the woofers in your speakers might not be able to keep up with the tweeters and mid drivers when you play music at high volumes.

But even if your music is challenging and heavy on the bass frequencies, quality subs let you play it loud without distortion.

Take Loads Of Smaller Speakers

In general, subwoofers lessen the workload placed on full-range speakers, enhancing their overall performance and enabling them to deliver high-quality music without distortion.

Thanks to subwoofers, smaller speakers don’t have to reproduce incredibly low frequencies. Smaller speakers can generate sound in a more palatable frequency range.

Full Spectrum Response

A good subwoofer box will complement your full-spectrum speakers without competing with them.

Even high and mid frequencies will have the clearest clarity possible thanks to the quality sound systems with subs that let speakers operate at their top across the frequency spectrum.

Your car stereo speakers can perform to their full potential with all genres of music if you have a car subwoofer, low-frequency amplifier, adequate bass control, and a linked AV receiver or amplifier.

Avoid Risks

Installing subs in the trunk helps you avoid risks that might be present elsewhere, including in front of the automobile.

One error could result in unforeseen harm because the front location contains various electrical circuits or motor-related details.

The common issues with cars that you may have to face if there was a mistake in the installation process can be the car’s electrical system shutting off while driving and so on.

How To Place A Subwoofer In Car?

Because it offers the most ample space in a car, the trunk is often the best position for a subwoofer in a car.

Even if your subwoofer box is in the trunk, the entire car can hear the Bass since low-frequency waves can go a long way.

Wait! Before discovering the best position for subwoofer in the trunk, you need to know how to place this tool in a car. Here are the instructions to freely install the device or other speaker inside your car!

Measure Subwoofer Location

The first step to determining the car subwoofer direction is measuring the location of the sub.

It would be best to take measurements of both this space and the location of the trunk opening in your car, as you may need to use them later.

Find The Right Place

After that, you’ll need to choose the ideal subwoofer positioning once you’ve measured its size. To achieve this, you’ll need to calculate how much space you’ll have after installing your subwoofer box.

If you try to stuff a too big subwoofer into the car, your trunk might refuse to close.

Which way should a subwoofer face in a car? The device should be placed in a location with enough room to operate correctly.

It will be simpler for your subwoofer to fit into a wider space when it includes an integrated speaker.

Check Subwoofer Size

Next, checking the device size is one of the most important steps during installation. Depending on the device’s size and your vehicle’s shape, there are several different ways to install it.

While some cars have a very tall opening, others have a center opening that is wider than its height.

Make sure the subwoofer box will fit through the opening you intend to utilize to prevent it from getting stuck in the trunk.

You can refer to some ways to organize your trunk when the subwoofer leaves just a little room left.

Check Installation Position

Finally, deciding whether the devices should face forward or backward is crucial.

There are many different methods by which subs can be put in a car. Given this, it’s crucial to take your time and consider all your possibilities before making a choice.

You can have difficulty putting your subwoofer back in place if you choose the incorrect subwoofer setups.

Which Way To Face Subwoofer In Trunk?

Which way to face subwoofer in trunk? In short, we have the three most common ones: Facing the rear, facing upward toward the trunk hatch, or facing toward the driver (the seats).

Each position has its pros and cons. Let’s discover in the below section.

1. Facing The Rear

Facing The Rear

One of the best ways to face subs in an SUV is facing the rear position. Bass is away from the driver and the back row seats when this device is positioned like that.

Thanks to this setup, the low-frequency audio will be more prominent and evenly dispersed across the enclosed space.

Moreover, its low frequencies can resonate throughout the car thanks to the sound waves’ ability to travel the farthest.

This direction is for you if you find that heavy Bass resonates with you most effectively when sitting in the driver’s seat. You will appreciate this approach having the highest sound quality imaginable.

However, you may need to consider again if there isn’t too much space in your trunk. Facing the rear is ideal for large trunks.


  • The best position for evenly delivering the music, especially the Bass
  • Ideal for Rock, Rap, or Hip-hop lover


  • Not suitable for small-size trunks

2. Facing Upward (Toward The Trunk Hatch)

Facing Upward

Which way should a subwoofer face in a car? When you don’t have enough trunk room or want to save space in the trunk, facing upward is a worth-considering idea.

This installation technique generally allows you to experience great Bass without taking up much room in your cargo area.

Your windows won’t shake in this position, and your car’s loose pieces won’t fall apart. For that reason, it will become less difficult for you as you move forward and take no unforeseen risks.

Regarding the sound quality, you will receive one that is more robust, fresh, and high treble. The free parts of your automobile won’t be disturbed by this practice.


  • Save space in the trunk for storing more stuff
  • Reduce the risks of damaging the windows or other parts
  • Provide users with high-quality sound that is clear and loud


  • Take time to handle

3. Facing Subwoofer Toward Seat (Facing The Driver)

Not only is the subwoofer facing seat or trunk, but it’s also acceptable to let it toward the seat.

Although not very popular, it is still considered to deliver standard sound quality without taking up much space.

At this point, every component of the car will enjoy the audio. More noise and clarity will be present in the audio quality. You will experience the subwoofers’ unmistakable path.

Although this orientation enables everyone to hear deep Bass, it is not the best choice for bass heads who prefer booming Bass.

It will be a bit disappointing if what you’re looking for is super-sharp and super-deep bass. This position will be suitable for music genres like Jazz or Chamber when there is not much heavy bass.


  • Suitable for both small and large trunks
  • Deliver the standard-quality audio
  • Ideal for Jazz or Chamber music


  • Not for booming Bass like Hard Rock or Hip-hop


How To Place A Subwoofer In Car?

Which way to face subwoofer in trunk that you like most? If you haven’t decided, you can place the sub-system in different ways and then compare.

It would be helpful if you took photos of them to determine easily.

Last but not least, remember to check some notes before carrying out your project.

The more thorough you are, the less risk of disassembling and re-installing it brings.

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