S10 Rear End Width: How Wide Is A S10 Rear End?

Chevy was rated higher in Consumer Reports’ dependability rating than GMC and Ford. Furthermore, Chevrolet did quite well regarding how satisfied its customers were.

If you own a car from this manufacturer’s S10 lineup, data about the S10 rear end width is crucial. You may be confused about this.

Our article will provide you with all the needed information. Scroll down!

What Is A Chevy S10?

s10 rear end width
A Chevy S10

In production since 1981 and sold mostly in the US, the Chevrolet S10 is part of GM’s S-Series of big midsize trucks.

It was in North America that the S10 was first shown to the public. This model was reiterated in the South American market a few years later.

Following 23 years and two generations on the marketplace, Chevrolet S10 production and sales in North America were ended by General Motors in 2004.

After that, Chevrolet Colorado took its position in the lineup. The S10 has been continuously manufactured in Brazil since 1995. Presently, three distinct generations of the Chevrolet S10 exist.

Here are some reasons why Chevy S10 became popular:

  1. In its day, the Chevrolet S10 was among the market’s most capable pickups and light vehicles.
  2. The Chevrolet S10’s inches wide variety of customization options attracted buyers from many walks of life.
  3. The second generation of the Chevrolet S10 has improved safety features compared to its predecessor.
  4. Collectors highly seek chevy S10 pickup trucks from the first generation.
  5. One of the oddest vehicles ever produced, the Chevy S10 has even spawned an electric variant.
  6. Very powerful off-road, the Chevrolet S10 ZR2 was a truck monster.
  7. The 1998 Chevrolet S10 debuted with a radical redesign.
  8. Lightweight and compact, the Chevrolet S10 pickup truck is a favorite among customizers.
  9. The truck received an essential boost of 200 horsepower from the high-performance Chevrolet S10 SS engine.
  10.  The Chevrolet S10 Baja Truck from 1989 is Still a Powerful Vehicle.

S10 Rear End Width Overview

The S10, produced in the millions by General Motors, is now one of the most common vehicles discovered at scrap yards.

Assuming you have access to at least two nearby junkyards, locating a decent one shouldn’t be too tough.

Before rummaging around in a junkyard, you need to find out what gear ratio, vehicle stock axle width, and rear axle size is.

In the case of the Chevy S10 rear end width, the mounting width between the disc brake drums is 54.5 inches wide, and that’s just right for a T-Bucket with some fat rear tires.

Blazer and 4WD variants feature around 4.5-5″ wider track, accommodate fenderless roadsters of the ’26 and ‘newer’ period, and the ’23 T-smaller style’s rear wheels, providing a more comfortable ride.

How To Identify A Good S-10 Rear End

how wide is a s10 rear end
Find A Good S-10 Rear End

Chevy High Performance states that the 7.5-inch was the norm until 1993, when the 7.625-inch, which had been an option, became the standard.

The 8.5-inch rear axle was standard on all 1995 and later S-trucks with the high-output V6.

These rear alloy axles may seem identical, but the 8.5-inch one is different on the outside, while the 7.5-inch and 7.625-inch models are unique on the inside and need counting driveshaft splines to identify.

Here are ways to identify a Chevy S10 rear end width:

Step 1

Check out what’s beneath the car’s back end. The tail end sits in the middle between the back wheels.

Looking at the unit’s back, you can see how wheel bolt patterns secure the inspection plate covering the rear end housing.

Because all three models are derived from the General Motors Corporate 10-Bolt, they include ten fastening points.

Step 2

Use the gasket shape table on Roadkill Customs’ Differential Identification page to determine the correct differential cover for your vehicle’s rear end housing.

Compared to the more square 7.5 and 7.62-inch gaskets, the 8.5-inch gasket has a more rounded form.

Besides, the 7.5-inch rear end’s original inspection plate has a drain plug on the lower back seat, but the 8.5-inch rear end does not.

Step 3

Take off the input signal shaft and count the teeth. Since the 7.5 and 7.625-inch differentials vary internally, the input shaft, which comes from the gearbox, must be removed.

S10 Planet states that the 7.5-inch shaft contains 26 splines (grooves), whereas the 7.625-inch shaft has 28 splines.


chevy s10 rear end width
Questions Of S10 Rear End Width

What Size Is My Chevy Rear End?

If you want to know the bolt axle number, you may do so by opening the inspection cover. The width of your vehicle’s rear end is either 7.5 inches or 8.8 inches if there are ten bolts. If there are 12 screws, the tail end will be 9 inches long.

What’s Better 10-Bolt Or 12-Bolt Rear End?

The pinion shaft diameter of the 10-bolt is 1.438 inches (25 splines), whereas that of the 12-bolt Chevy rear is 1.625 inches (30 splines), making the 12-bolt shaft 13 percent bigger and, hence, sturdier.

Weighing in about 7.5 pounds each, 12 bolts are far more powerful than their 10 bolt counterparts, “the gears in the ring. In the case of 10 bolts, the largest ring gear size available was 8 “.

Their strength is not to be underestimated. If you’re not pushing 900 horsepower, an 8.5 “Correctly installed 10 bolt is a great option for a rear axle.

An all-purpose 9 or 12 bolt is the most durable option. If you want a car, a Ford is what you’re looking for.

Moreover, GM produced three distinct rear-end bolt patterns: 10 bolts, 12 bolts, and 14 bolts. Most often, the 14 bolts were found on 3/4 ton and 454SS pickups, as well as 1-ton trucks.

How Do You Measure A Rear End?

Two rotations of the wide wheel equal one complete turn of the driveshaft. The ratio of the alloy axle may be found by counting the revolutions of the driveshaft.

You can check out this video for detailed instructions.


All in all, S10 rear end width may be located on the RPO label in the car’s glove compartment. For example, the rear axle width of a 2WD axle S-10, truck, or blazer is 54 inches.

The 4wd axle is a 59-60 inch rear axle.

You can identify the S10 rear axle width as above or contact a professional mechanic or repair shop to conduct a Chevy S10 rear end specs investigation to have the correct dimensions, if necessary!

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