Snow Button Toyota Highlander- Feature For Safety Insurance

What is the snow button Toyota highlander? Being a well-known model of SUV with impressive engine power, great handling, and spacious interior, Toyota Highlander has been updated regularly.

One of the key features is the Snow Mode with superior function, which is even superior to the way Honda Civic performs in snowy conditions.

Consider the details below to explore how this mode makes your driving safer.

Does The Snow Button Work On All Toyotas?

Snow Button Toyota Highlander

What is the snow button in Toyota highlander?

It is the button to get your car heated during the freezing weather, which is a solution for the malfunctioned window on the passenger side due to being frozen.

Although the Snow mode guarantees the safety of the drivers on the snowy roads, this helpful feature is not equipped on all models of Toyota Highlander.

Moreover, no other models’ snow buttons of this brand are available.

What Is The Function Of Snow Button Toyota Highlander?

There are drive modes named Mud/Sand, Snow/Ice, Normal, and Rock/Dirt available for bolstering traction of the vehicle in different bad conditions.

The snow button on the Highlander, or the Snow Mode, provides more safety features to minimize wheel slippage or undue spin.

What does the snow button do in a Toyota highlander? Particularly, once you press the Snow Mode button at the middle console, the heater is activated and heats the car’s cabin up to 40°F.

Thus, this process will warm up the car regardless of the snow outside. Activating this mode while driving also avoids the windshield from fogging up.

Besides, other features support the vehicle under snowy weather, including Traction Control, an Anti-lock braking system, and Electronic Brake Force Distribution.

How To Use The Highlander Snow Button

Here is a comprehensive instruction to make use of the Snow Mode on your Toyota car:

  • Step 1: Locate the knob, which stays near the shifter. A range of driving modes is offered, including Mud/Sand, Snow/Ice, and Rock/Dirt. Turn your knob to Snow.
  • Step2: The vehicle begins in 2nd gear. The SUV then receives extra traction. Its tires will reduce spinning as the car starts moving over the light snow.

Why The Toyota Highlander Is Amazing In The Snow

Family-Friendly In The Frost

The all-wheel-drive system takes advantage of an open differential at the back and a driveline disconnect along with the control system of contraction to mitigate wheelspin when there is no grip of only the rear wheels.

It goes the same for all the L, XLE, and LE models of Highlander.

The highlander Platinum is significantly surefooted throughout the snowcross at low speed.

Press the Toyota highlander snow button to turn on the Snow Mode; there will be a drive selector ready with all the active traction aids, and the front-end push while the car zips through corners is efficient.

However, drivers can get on the course without any hassle by dialing the vehicle’s speed back to the relevant pace.

Effortless Fuel Efficiency

The Highlander Hybrid version has a design for fuel economy, with the all-wheel-drive system staying on the spectrum’s novel side.

There is neither driveshaft nor transfer available. Still, electric motors offer the driver regenerative braking regardless of being in use or not.

The I-4 powertrain leads to the V-6 of gusto, while the average system output in total ranges from 243 to 295 ponies.

Due to the abundant traction at low-speed and little effort offered, a modicum of restraint exists when it comes to the performance in the snowy conditions.


After testing in reality, there are both strong and weak points of the 2020 Toyota Highlander’s snow mode performance to consider.

Some of the drivers find its styling smooth and its grille design subdued. Meanwhile, the others have no interest in this 2020 model.

That said, the interior is surprisingly one of the most vivid leaps forward; the design is attractive and upscaled with convenient front seats.

Both the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the 2020 Toyota Highlander have the driving dynamics on the dry road meeting the expectation.

Although the gas-electric model is slightly heavier based on the feedback, both provide smooth driving, tractable passing, merging talents, and a hushed interior.

Moreover, the Highlander has got more handling verve thanks to the support from the new chassis endows that are stiff enough.


How Fast Can I Drive In The Heavy Snow With Snow Mode?

It is definitely helpful to acknowledge the relevant driving speeds of the multi-terrain modes when you are on the road in the winter.

There are some model cars having rigid limits available for particular ones.

When it comes to the Highlander, there is no limitation required for the driving speed in Snow Mode.

As mentioned before, the Highlander gets more traction as the Snow Mode starts it in the 2nd gear. But it does not affect the limitation of the vehicle’s top speed.

Though the car’s function delivers no problem when you drive fast in this mode, you should not reach the top speeds frequently.

Make sure that you either have used the best judgment or drive at the speed that you can put your vehicle under proper engine control.

Can I Use The Snow Button If My Highlander Isn’t Equipped With Heated Seats?

Yes, of course. Even when your Highlander does not have the heat seats, you can still make use of the Snow Button.

Yet there is no insurance for these seats’ proper function when the Snow Button is pressed. It is advised that you should give it a try before investing in a luxury upgrade.

How Long Does The Snow Button Last?

Honestly, there is no specific time amount for the function of a Snow Button. The answer for how long the snow button on Toyota highlander can last depends on the frequency you use it.

For instance, if you press this button once for a couple of days, it may last for around one month. Meanwhile, pressing it multiple times per day may decrease the longevity to a few weeks or days.


Why The Toyota Highlander Is Amazing In The Snow

The snow button Toyota highlander offers has helped drivers navigate their vehicles over the snowy and icy conditions effortlessly.

However, there are other criteria to pay attention to while you are on a snowy ride, such as speed control or preparation for an emergency.

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