What Is TC Light In Chevy Cruze & How To Turn It Off?

The traction control in your vehicle is designed to make driving in adverse conditions, such as downpours, snow, ice, or poor maintenance roads, easier.

When the system isn’t operating properly, the warning light in the panel display will come on.

What does the TC Light In Chevy Cruze mean? You’ve found the right place if you’re seeking a response to that question. In this article, we will investigate this problem with the intention of giving you a satisfactory answer.

What Is TC Light In Chevy Cruze?

TC Light In Chevy Cruze

The truth is that as time goes on, our cars get more and more complicated. Although most drivers will be able to comprehend the fundamental warning lights and signals, not every one of us will.

One of these items is the TC Light Chevy Cruze, and today I’d like to explain what it entails and how to use it.

What Is The Chevy Cruze Tc Light?

Traction control is signified by the TC light in a Chevy Cruze and will turn on when the system is engaged. The abbreviation TC or TCS is generally used for the Traction Control warning light. Other vehicles will frequently employ a logo that resembles a vehicle with wavy lines underneath.

Only sporadically will the light show up, and it will disappear quickly. It will constantly display when you are driving on poor-condition roads, or your power is running low.

As mentioned in the explanation above, the TC light implies traction control.

When the sensor recognizes a lack of traction on a slippery road or inclement weather, many traction control systems will turn on the warning light.

Normally, the light turns on when the traction-maintenance system activates.

The ABS sensors will surge on the unsteady wheel in an effort to improve traction. It will, in other words, retain and then be released in pulses.

In slick circumstances, the wheel has a better chance of gaining traction as a result. If you need this, it is useful.

The T/C Light on Chevy Cruze only displays when it is currently activated and fades once it is turned off.

To avoid being frightened or perplexed when your traction or stability system lights, it is wise to study the form of traction control in your car and how it functions.

Can You Drive A Chevy Cruze With Your TC Light On?

The response to this query depends on whether you require traction control in your specific circumstance and if the light is always on or only occasionally flashes on and off as it should.

Then, it is a good idea to turn the control system light on when you are in challenging driving circumstances that could make your Chevy Cruze slip during acceleration or drift out of control.

If you drive in dangerous conditions, it is better to keep your traction control on.

And even if things don’t appear threatening, experts still advise leaving it on out of caution, save for the very rare occasions when you absolutely must turn that off.

What Does TC Light Mean On A Chevy Cruze?

TC Light on Chevy Cruze

So besides knowing what the Chevy Cruze TC light means, should you consider if it comes on?


The mechanism that helps a car accelerate and prevents wheel spin or over-sliding when traveling on a slippery roadway is referred to as traction control, or TC for short.

In case your car accelerates, traction control serves as a proactive safety feature.

The traction control ensures that drivers have a comfortable ride by facilitating efficient speed and balance, particularly in adverse driving conditions.

Your Chevy Cruze has a traction control system that may be activated and disabled.

The ECU gets a signal from installed sensors on each of your tires indicating a lack of grip, which activates traction control on that tire.

When adhesion has been recovered, the operational and environmental turns off the TC light.

The traction control light could flash from the display section. This is because the traction control has malfunctioned.

Therefore, if you ever notice the TC light come on, you should inspect it immediately to avoid any further issues, like wheel slippage.

What Can Make The Traction Light To Come On?

When you start your car, the traction control light and a few other display lights typically turn on and then switch off after a brief time.

The TC light on Chevy Cruze can be present for the reasons listed below.

Adverse Road Conditions

The traction control may not work effectively if you are going in slippery conditions or icy conditions, preventing your car’s tires from generating enough resistance to move efficiently.

As a result, the light may abruptly come on.

If the light doesn’t go out again, your car’s traction control may be damaged, and you should have a professional mechanic check engine.

Faulty Wheel Sensor

When you are driving, the wheel speed sensors in your vehicle are in charge of figuring out how quickly the wheels are turning.

The wheel speed sensors get damaged or stop working, so your car cannot provide further signals to the traction control.

The Chevy Cruze TC light will switch on as a consequence of the problem. The faulty wheel-speed sensors must be fixed as soon as you become aware.

Defective Steering Angle Sensor

The steering angle sensor determines the direction and speed at which you turn the steering wheel while using your vehicle.

To guarantee the accuracy of the information, it transmits as impulses; this sensor is installed inside the drive wheel of your vehicle.

The TC light will come on if this detector fails to work since it collaborates with the vehicle stability system to determine the driver’s direct attention while traveling.

Faulty Anti-Lock Braking Systems

To maintain your car’s stability on its own, the stability control collaborates with the anti-lock brake system.

Because they are both governed by the same wires and detectors, your ABS system breaks down or goes out of balance, which may also affect your traction control module.

If your ABS and TCS lights are on, seek professional assistance. It can be quite challenging for a layperson to determine which system is responsible in this situation.

How Do You Turn Off TC Light On Chevy Cruze?

All you have to do to turn off the TC light on a Chevy Cruze is disengage the traction control. You need to press and hold down the TC button for this to happen.

Let’s review a few circumstances, though, where there might be a traction control issue.

TC Light Is Constantly On

Several reasons your TC light can be on all the time. The TC signal will turn on in adverse weather because your wheel sensors continuously deliver signals to your ECU, indicating that TC is engaged on all tires at a specific moment.

There are other potential causes for the TC light on Chevy Cruze to be on if you are stationary or driving normally at the time.

You may have low battery power, which can occasionally cause all of the caution LEDs to turn on. You’d better have it checked to see if that is the case.

You Want To Switch Off TC Light

You might also wish to turn off the raction control, which is another reason why you might want the TC light out.

It is not always necessary and unsuitable for driving at high speeds because it will slow you down and probably negatively influence fuel efficiency.

If it happens to you, you should firmly press and hold the Traction Control button to turn it off.


Much information has been made clear regarding the traction control (TC) system’s operation.

In case you’ve been wondering, “What does TC light in Chevy Cruze mean?” You have also seen a few explanations for why the traction control signal on your vehicle may suddenly switch on.

Generally speaking, the T/C Light on Chevy Cruze shows that the feature is currently engaged and enabled on your vehicle.

Unless you find yourself in extremely dangerous weather conditions, it is necessary to have the light on continuously; it should only appear occasionally.

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