Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Won’t Close: Causes & Solution

What if your Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close?

For vehicles designed with sliding doors, this is one of the common problems that you may face frequently.

It can stem from many reasons, such as a damaged coupling or a problem in the electrical circuit. Of course, not everyone knows how to diagnose and fix it.

But don’t worry; your problem will be solved quickly. This article is exactly what you need. Keep reading the next sections to know more!

Toyota Sienna Sliding Door Won’t Close: Common Issues

toyota sienna sliding door won't close
Toyota Sienna Doors Won’t Open

You can focus on the five most common issues: latch motor failure, frayed cable, blown fuse, broken locks, circuit overload.

Certainly, you need to, based on your vehicle’s condition, determine the main cause and fix it.

All these causes are applied to cases when: 

  • 2008 Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t open
  • 2012 Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t open
  • 2015 Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close
  • 2016 Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close
  • Kia Sedona sliding door won’t close

Faulty Latch Motor

Check the latch when you see the Toyota Sienna door won’t close.

It gets challenging to open the side door when its automatic motor fails. You can open the back door by pulling and holding the handle for about three seconds.

The door may be stuck due to these motors’ deterioration over time.

The Toyota Sienna’s door won’t open from the inside when the latch motor breaks, which regularly happens in this vehicle.

Fortunately, a simple and inexpensive remedy is changing the latch motor alone. Replacing the latch motor is a quick and easy procedure that only takes some minutes to complete.

Frayed Cable

Frayed cables may be to blame when you notice the Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close all the way. All electrical parts need a wire that can be traced back to their power sources.

The wire on the side door is fragile and more likely to break.

Due to the negative battery cable or positive battery cable deteriorated plastic insulation, the system can have an electrical short. After some time, the door will no longer operate as it should.

Changing the cable assembly is the best fix when your Sienna door is not closing.

Blown Fuse

In some circumstances, you might assume that at least car amp fuses will eventually blow. Sienna’s sliding door won’t open due to a small electrical problem caused by a blown fuse.

Checking your locked position fuse box in front of the passenger seat could help you save money by preventing an expensive repair. A plastic panel frequently conceals them beside the driver’s side.

A gap can be seen when a fuse has blown. Remember to swap out the old fuse with one that draws the same amount of current.

Broken Locks

A broken lock prevents the door from opening from the inside. Many damaged car locks result from poorly constructed parts.

If a Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t open, repair the broken door lock as soon as possible.

Circuit Overload

Even when the control button is pressed, a circuit overload could cause the Toyota Sienna side door to not open. It happens when your sliding door cannot properly latch on.

In that case, the electric motor’s circuit will get overloaded, and it will then blow a fuse and prevent the door from closing or opening.

It would be beneficial if you first identified the closing issue. Verify whether the top and bottom tracks are free of impediments.

What Should You Do To Fix It?

toyota sienna sliding door won't close all the way
How To Fix Toyota Sienna Doors Won’t Open

Repair The Connection

There are several connections between the door assembly. Make sure that all cables are intact and free from damage to fix it if your Toyota Sienna doors won’t open.

Cables should be installed in the appropriate places according to cable mechanisms.


The problem can be resolved with enough grease or a little silicone spray. Another option is cooking spray.

By lubricating the door, its opening and closing mechanism might be simpler. Make sure nothing is blocking the door lock and the tracks are clean.

Lubricate the door’s numerous moving parts to avoid the Toyota Sienna automatic door not closing issue. If you see that the door gets stuck as it moves, then this method should work in most cases.

Replace The Latch

A damaged latch is one of the most common reasons why the Toyota Sienna door won’t open. So replacement can be of great help.

  • You have to depress the power button.
  • In the hole on the left, put in a screwdriver or any solid implement.
  • Wiggle the latch back to the unlock position while holding the handle in the open state to prevent shattering the plastic panel.
  • It may be necessary to reattach these rods if they become loose from their mountings.
  • You can adjust the lever on the latch assembly by putting the screwdriver into the hole and then releasing it.

Take Off Door Panel

toyota sienna door won't close
Remove Door Panel
  • Each bolt should first be taken out with a screwdriver.
  • The dash button-containing plastic trim can then be removed.
  • Once all the screws are out, grab the sides of the door and lift it.
  • Make sure everything is in working condition before reattaching the door panel.
  • To have a tighter grip, you might fasten a nut to the end of the shaft.


How Much Does It Cost To Fix Toyota Sienna Door?

When your Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close completely, you need to fix it as soon as possible to avoid damaging other parts.

The price of parts is $1,242, while the labor cost is between $285 and $360. A less expensive dealer is also available.

Anyway, replacing a Toyota Sienna van door’s cost estimate is from $1,528 to $1,602, but it can be decreased if you have a warranty extension.

How To Know Your Car Latch Is Broken?

The first indication of a damaged door latch mechanism is that doors won’t stay at the closed position.

Another sign that the door latch mechanism needs to be repaired is a door that needs to be banged to the rear latch. The last symptom is a blocked door.

Lubricant can come in handy, but you might need to change some parts like the latch. The more extensive the damage, the more components have to be replaced.

What Are The Common Issues With Sliding Doors?

  • The electronic door opener has electricity connection problems: an overloaded circuit, a frayed cable, a malfunctioning automatic door sensor, etc.
  • The Sienna manual sliding door has door-sticking problems due to dirt and debris.
  • A broken latch causes the Sienna power sliding door not to close or open.


If your Toyota Sienna sliding door won’t close, remember to check the guide and the five most common causes above!

It can work wonders for diagnosing and fixing, especially when you are on the road.

However, it’s advisable to contact an automobile technician for more serious situations.

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