VW Light Bulb Warning Light – What Should You Know?

Vehicle producers always try to integrate many features to ensure driver safety, and VW products are no exception.

Indeed, VW is a German car manufacturer known for its quality, safe and wonderful models since 1946.

VW light bulb warning light is also one of the outstanding features of this manufacturer.

While beneficial, it confuses many drivers about their notifications. Thus, this article is for you if you are a Volkswagen owner.

Let’s scroll down to learn more about this feature!

What Is VW Light Bulb Warning Light?

VW Light Bulb Warning Light

The VW light bulb warning light can help you know what the problems with your vehicle’s lights are.

When the light bulb light on dash, there might be damage to the exterior bulbs. This way, you can check and repair it immediately.

What Do The Light Bulb Warning Lights Mean?

As mentioned before, the lights signal issues with the lights on your Volkswagen car. It offers three different warning lights to help drivers recognize different problems.

However, due to its small size, it might be difficult to realize what problems happened to the light system.

Indeed, the warning lights might be perplexing for many drivers. Although many of them are well-known or self-explanatory, some may still leave drivers confused.

Examples Of VW Light Bulb Warning Lights

Three distinct warning lights with a light bulb motif should be present in your Volkswagen, each of which corresponds to a separate light.

If you know which lights correspond to which symbols, it saves you the trouble of attempting to figure out the malfunctioned ones.

Let’s list down these symbols with a full explanation:

The burnt-out brake warning light 

This is a yellow indicator light. It has parenthesis around it and resembles a lightbulb turned upside down.

When you see this light bulb light on dashboard, one or some of your VW’s brake system lights might be damaged. As a result, you should check it yourself or bring it to a service center.

License plate bulb failure

Like the symbol below, this is a yellow license plate marker lamp. The symbol will have a B-X 32 license plate and a bulb above it. It implies the license plate light bulb has been damaged.

Headlight failure

If you see the symbol of an upside-down bulb appears on your car’s dashboard, this means the car’s bulb system has had defective problems.

When the symbol flashes, you need to take notice of the AFS or headlight because they might malfunction.

Can We Turn Off The Bulb Warning Lamps?

Yes, we can turn them off. Although it is a wonderful feature that can warn you about light issues for immediate repair, some might feel inconvenienced with it.

Many drivers agree that flashing lights in their vehicles can distract them when driving, leading to dangerous problems.

Instead of using them to know which lights are broken, you might take them to an auto shop for regular checking to ensure they are working normally.

How To Turn Off The Volkswagen Light Bulb Light?


  • A screwdriver
  • A good-condition bulb
  • Bulb removal tool


Step 1: Search for the bulb-out warning light on your car

On the dashboard, the bulb-out warning lamp is often an orange or yellow light. It will be lit when there is an issue with the car’s headlights.

Step 2: Find the bulb issue

Find the bulb issue

To solve the issue, you must determine which bulb is to blame. Checking the bulb monitoring light to see if any are burned out or malfunctioning is the easiest method to accomplish this.

Once the culprit has been identified, you may change a new bulb or clean some connections.

Step 3: Choose solutions to fix the issue 

If only one bulb is malfunctioning, it might be easy to detach and reattach the problematic one.

You should confirm that the replacement bulb is screwed in firmly. It might be essential to replace the complete light fixture when this doesn’t work.

Another possibility is that the fuse box is malfunctioning. If so, you will need to contact an electrician to resolve the problem.

Step 4:  Disable the headlamp bulb

You must disconnect the headlight bulb to turn off the warning light. You may accomplish this by opening the hood (see how to open your car’s hood with a broken cable) and looking for the headlight assembly.

After locating the headlight assembly, you must take off the plastic cover that shields the bulbs.

The headlight bulbs are visible once the cover has been taken off. Unplug the defective bulb from the car’s electrical connector to disconnect it.

Step 5: Examine the wire

Examine the wire

You will need to look at the rear of the headlamp to resolve the issue of the bulb caution light turning on. Check the wire that is turning on the bulb caution light.

The wire must be replaced once it is damaged. You can try detaching and reconnecting the wire if it appears in good shape to see whether it resolves the issue.

Step 6: Examine the bulb

The bulb could be a problem when the wiring appears in good condition. You need to take it off to check if it is operating correctly. The bulb must be changed when it is broken.

Step 7: Inspect the car housing’s headlight 

Inspect the car housing's headlight 

Additionally, you should inspect your headlamp housing. There is often a little hole on its side. Use a tiny pin or paperclip to depress the internal button and turn off the bulb caution light.

Yet, in case the headlight housing is glass, the button is often on the rear. Push the button to turn off the bulb caution light using a tiny pin or paperclip.

Step 8: Check the fuse

Check the fuse

Resetting the strip is ideal should your smart light not connect or has been functioning erratically. It simply takes a few minutes to complete this quick and simple process.

Once you’ve found the fuse box, open it up and check inside for a fuse marked “lighting” or “headlights”.

If you can find the fuse, take the time to check it out. The fuse has to be changed when it seems to be blown.

A fuse blown is not a severe problem, but it is surely a pet peeve once you encounter some trouble with the car accessories, like the car AC not turning on when it’s super hot outside.

Step 9: The warning light did not go off.

You will need to restart the system if the light that alerts you when a bulb is burned out does not go out. First, shut off the car and remove the key from the ignition.

Then, open the door at the driver’s side and wait for about 10 seconds. Close the door and re-insert the key. Lastly, start the engine, and the light ought to be off.

Step 10: Reset the computer

Resetting the auto computer is the last step. By doing this, you may restart the automobile.

The most typical way is to unplug the battery briefly. Turn on the car when it has been reconnected, and all the warning lights should be off.

Otherwise, you might need to bring the vehicle to an expert technician to have the issue identified.


This article has given you all things about the VW light bulb warning light. It helps you determine problems happening to your light system.

However, you should try to turn it off by repairing the malfunctioned light to ensure safety.

If you cannot fix it yourself, you need to ask a professional mechanic for help!

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