What Happens When Fuel Pump Goes Out While Driving

The fuel pump is used in the supply system to overcome the fuel filters’ hydraulic resistance and stabilize the amount of fuel supplied to the high-pressure pump when the hydraulic pressure of the filter increases due to dirt.

So what happens when fuel pump goes out while driving?

A faulty car fuel pump can cause the car to stop running naturally in the middle of the road. How do you know when your fuel pump goes out? 

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What Are the Signs of the Fuel Pump Going Out?

what happens when fuel pump goes out
Signs of the Fuel Pump Going Out

The car fuel pump system is quite durable. However, it can also malfunction after prolonged use due to dirt, wear, or overload.

When a fuel pump went out, injecting fuel to the injector into the cylinder chamber also malfunctions, resulting in faulty combustion of the gas and fuel mixture, affecting engine power.

Whining Noise From The Tank

When the ignition is turned ON, listen for any noise coming from the fuel tank area.

If no sound is heard, consider the possibility of checking the car’s fuel pump or some wiring, electrical relays, and the car’s electrical system.

Engine Sputters

Difficulty starting the car is the most common sign of a faulty fuel pump. The main reason is due to working continuously from time to time, making it weak.

This pump is still burning fuel at this point, but starting is very difficult because the low fuel pressure is not enough to start the engine. If it does, it takes much longer than normal boot times.

In some cases of severe damage, you may have to turn the key many times to start the car.

Trouble Starting

Stalling causes the engine to explode unevenly, or there is an engine with no engine, making the machine sound uneven, vibrating, and leading to power loss. The reason is the blocked fuel pump.

The amount of gasoline passing there is little and insufficient to provide the necessary fuel level for the engine to work. It leads to the phenomenon of stalling when the motor is working.

Stalling With The Temperature Gauge High

When the gasoline level in the tank is often low, the pump will operate continuously without adequate cooling and overheat due to overwork.

When the fuel pump fails, the Check Engine light will also come on the tape meter.

What Happens When Fuel Pump Goes Out While Driving?

what happens when fuel pump goes out while driving
What Happens When Fuel Pump Goes Out

If your fuel pump goes out what happens? The automobile will freeze or have other issues if the gasoline pump in your vehicle is switched off while you are traveling.

The fuel pump is a crucial component of your automobile energy. Therefore, you won’t be able to start or drive if the gasoline pump is switched off.

The only method to restart the engine once it stalls or loses power is to have it fixed or taken to a mechanic.

What Causes Fuel Pump Failure?

It is no accident that a fuel pump went out while driving. Some causes can lead to gasoline pump failure:

Bad Fuel

When the fuel pump is contaminated, the fuel pressure will be reduced because the dirt obstructs the gasoline path from the fuel pump to the injector system.

When modern vehicles have this condition, bringing them to the garage is best to be checked, cleaned, or replaced on time.

Clogged Filters

Important parts such as the strainer, filter, and gasoline pump itself become clogged due to the aforementioned pollutants.

The gasoline flow will ultimately be hampered by this obstruction, which may result in long-term harm to the vehicle, including issues with acceleration.

Electric Related Problems 

Electrical issues can play a key role in the faulty fuel pump. Rusted connections, loose connectors, or melted wires and connectors are the most prevalent electrical issues.

A greater volt/ohm/digital meter should be utilized for voltage drop and continuity testing to help uncover problems with inadequate electrical connections.


Normally, the pump is submerged in gasoline. If the level declines, it will be exposed to heat and other hazardous conditions.

It may even heat up or corrode. Despite not going out of work immediately, its life will undoubtedly be shorter.

How Do You Avoid Fuel Pump Failure?

driving with bad fuel pump
The Ways Avoid Fuel Pump Failure

To avoid fuel pump out, you can take the following steps:

  1. Maintain your vehicle as the manufacturer recommends, including regular oil changes and proper engine maintenance.

Note: Keep your fuel level above ¼ of the gas tank.

  1. Use high-quality fuel and keep your fuel system clean.
  2. Avoid running the fuel tank too low, as this can cause the pump to work harder and overheat.
  3. Avoid driving with bad fuel pump, as they can damage the gas tank.
  4. Avoid overloading your vehicle, as this can put extra stress on the fuel pump.
  5. If your vehicle is used for towing or hauling heavy loads, consider installing an auxiliary fuel pump.


How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Fuel Pump?

If fuel pump goes bad what happens, you should go to the repair shop to replace it.

Depending on the type of vehicle and the condition of the damage, the cost of repairing or replacing the fuel tank will vary and usually ranges from $300 to $1500.

Besides, there is an additional labor cost of about $100 to $300.

Can A Fuel Pump Fail Suddenly While Driving?

Yes, while driving, what happens when your fuel pump goes out? The fuel pump system can malfunction, fail to work, and stop suddenly.

There may be some warning signs, but some cases won’t have any warning signs or symptoms.

Therefore, it is necessary to immediately replace the fuel pump to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Can Bad Pumps That Go Out While Driving Ruin Your Engine?

Yes. When the fuel pump fails, it can damage the engine and affect other components.

It will affect the fuel pump efficiency and change the fuel-air ratio in the combustion chamber. Worse, there is a slow engine or dead engine, which affects your car’s starting process.


The car fuel pump is an indispensable part of the engine. What happens when fuel pump goes out while driving? The engine will die or won’t start.

Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection are required to increase the service life and performance.

In addition, it replaces when necessary and detects damage in time to avoid more serious consequences with the above information about car fuel pump issues, how to check, and know the operating status.

Hopefully, you will have more useful knowledge to apply to your cars.

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