What Is The Loudest Exhaust System? Here Is The Answer

Numerous people are concerned about the wonder: What is the loudest exhaust system?

Though this seems annoying on the street, the sound level will energize you on highways, and some racers will need it some time, too.

This post may offer a helping hand if you have the same doubt. Keep scrolling down for further details! 

What Is The Loudest Exhaust System?

What Is The Loudest Exhaust System

The exhaust system whose sound is maximized has no exhaust manifold, and a rectangular resonant chamber surrounds it on the exterior side of an exhaust port.

Before gaining deeper insights into loud exhausts, we should learn more about the definition.

It is an automotive system conveying exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines via some exhaust pipes to the outside.

To increase the noise generated by this system to a maximum extent, it is best to take out the sounding exhaust manifold, as we have mentioned earlier.

Besides, you could remove the resonant chamber if you wish, but the sound will be lowered a bit.

The muffler’s removal is necessary to heighten the noise volume. You can also consider adding headers with straight pipes or equipping the exhaust system with simple glass packs or baffles.

Yet, the outcomes achieved from these methods are not optimal compared to the first.

What Are The Loudest Mufflers You Need To Know?

Below is a list of the six loudest mufflers you should pay close attention to.

Besides features, we dive deeply into their types, sound quality, cost, and legality as well. Let’s get started!

Flowmaster Outlaw

Flowmaster Outlaw

This popular muffler is a straight-through type equipped with a hollow pipe to let exhaust gasses emit easily.

It uses fiberglass packing, which absorbs the transmission sound and facilitates its flow. Accordingly, the engine’s horsepower and performance will likely be enhanced.

It produces the loudest sound among all mufflers you can hear from the inside parts of your automobile.

For that reason, it often appears in off-road and racing applications instead of street drives.

Its cost is about 100 dollars. You could visit some e-commerce platforms like Amazon to purchase it.

However, it is not legalized by the government due to the excessive noise, causing great disturbance to the neighborhood.

Flowmaster Super 10

The Flowmaster Super 10 is a chambered muffler whose main component is stainless steel, allowing sound waves to vibrate.

It is the second noisiest type, as it only has one chamber and few steel plates, reducing the noise suppression to a minimum.

You can feel this loudness when your car parks idle (different from the sound when the engine is off) or begins to accelerate.

Its sound is regarded as deafening and, of course, not approved in crowded places.

Its price ranges from 65 to 80 dollars. You could get it directly from the muffler shop.

Buying it through e-commerce sites is feasible, but you should consider carefully in case it does not match the Internet image.

Flowmaster Super 44

Flowmaster Super 44

Like the Flowmaster Super 10, the Flowmaster Super 44 model also uses steel plates to control the sound vibrancy.

However, its sound is less intense, so its usage is legal in the street drive in numerous states of the USA but prohibited in some strict states, including California.

Its price is between 80 and 90 dollars. This aftermarket muffler is widely available in numerous car workshops and online trading platforms.

If you don’t know how to install it, you must pay 70 to 100 dollars or more.

Flowmaster Super 40

Flowmaster Super 40

The muffler is added with more steel plates and chambers, so its capacity to suppress noise seems greater. The engines are also quieter, and the generated noise is within the resistance threshold.

Hence, you can confidently equip your automobile with the Flowmaster Super 40 muffler without worrying about legal restrictions on the sound limit.

Yet, it is more expensive than other types, at between 100 and 140 dollars per each, because there are more internal components to alleviate the loud sound.

Hooker Aero Chamber Muffler 

Steel plates are a common feature of almost every muffler, and so is the Hooker Aero model. Its design follows the aerodynamic style, efficiently increasing horsepower and torque by 23 percent.

Its sound is quite special, with a throaty and deep tone. It is minder compared to that produced by the Flowmaster Outlaw and Super 10.

Thus, its application is recommended in neighborhoods to avoid unnecessary annoyance for nearby people.

Its cost is roughly 96 dollars. Despite the lower price, its repair and replacement cost can mount up to 200 dollars or more if major damage happens.

Flowmaster 50 Series Big Block Muffler

This is the quietest muffler presented on the list. A mind tone is suitable when it comes to the Flowmaster 50 Series muffler’s sound. For that reason, it is totally street-legal.

Its price can shock you, ranging from 200 to 250 dollars. But, the quality definitely won’t let you down thanks to its several merits, such as minimized emissions, quieter noise, and boosted car performance.

What Are The Benefits That A New Exhaust System Offers?

Improved Sound

Improved sound is a notable benefit since a new exhaust system would show stronger and more efficient performance than most old models and stock systems.

Improved Horsepower

The horsepower is also on the rise. When you replace the old exhaust model, the ability to remove dirt or chemicals stuck inside your engine is apt to be boosted.

Accordingly, the engine can breathe better, drawing in and out more airflow within a cycle and consequently increasing the operation of your motor parts.

Improved Fuel Economy

An exhaust system helps control the air levels inside your vehicle.

So when this amount reaches the optimal state, your engine does not require extra fuel as a compensation for contaminated air volumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should An Exhaust System Be Replaced? 

A normal exhaust system will last about two or three years, depending on your car type and driving habits.

You should frequently check its condition and replace it at the interval recommended by mechanics.

What Is A Muffler Delete? 

It is the process of removing the muffler from the overall exhaust system with a view to boosting horsepower and car velocity.

What Should You Consider Before Picking Up A New Exhaust System? 

To determine whether an exhaust system is worth buying, you must take close notice of some important factors, such as sound, ease of installation, power, flexibility, etc.

The Bottom Line

Our post has offered a precise answer to the question: What is the loudest exhaust system? But remember to check the law in your state before installing any new exhaust system.

Hopefully, your knowledge base about the motor file will be enriched after this article.

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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