Why Does My Heated Seat Keep Turning Off? What To Do Next?

Heated seats are a lifesaver for those who have to drive on cold days. This means that driving will be more comfortable, but sometimes its quality may not be as expected.

No heat or sudden shutdown is not uncommon manifestations.

So, why does my heated seat keep turning off? Let’s check the answer below.

How Does The Heated Seat Work? 

why does my heated seat keep turning off
Heated Seat Work

Heated seats are a feature that many manufacturers are not afraid to invest in and advertise to improve their competitiveness in recent years.

These chairs provide near-instant comfort on cold days.

This means that driving becomes more comfortable without waiting for the air conditioning system to bring the temperature inside the car back to a stable level.

Their basic operating principle is based on a heating element between the upholstery and the seat cushion.

When the user activates the chair, an electric current flows from the battery to the heating coil to increase the temperature.

In some models, this seat also has a thermostat to avoid burning the occupants.

It turns off when the buffer temperature rises too high and turns on again when the temperature equals the thermostat. You’ll need to turn it off if it’s not there manually.

Some high-end cars also have remotely activated heated seats that allow users to turn them on before getting in the car.

The wide range of seats will enable you to adjust your comfort level to your settings easily.

Why Does My Heated Seat Keep Turning Off? 

Short answer: The cause of the dodge ram seat heater won’t stay on can come from many sides; it can be due to a fault in the fuse, power switch, plug, thermistor, etc.

To get the correct and effective repair method, you must first determine its main cause.

Here are a few signs to help you:

Loose Connection Of Fuse 

Car fuses protect electrical equipment on cars, avoiding overload, causing explosion and fire. The fuse will automatically trip to protect the device if the amperage increases suddenly.

Once you’ve activated the seat and it doesn’t work as it should, try checking the fuse first, as this is the most common response to situations like this.

The loose connection between the fuse internals makes it impossible for the temperature to rise.

We open the black box in the engine part to access this part. If you don’t see it there, refer to the information in the manufacturer’s manual.

Once you have it, check to see if the metal strip is intact, as the texture is so thin that it breaks easily with prolonged use.

If it does break, you need to spend about 10 – 12 dollars on replacing a new one immediately.

Otherwise, when nothing is out of the ordinary, put the fuse back in and look for another cause.

Bad Heating Element 

The error of the heated ram seat turning on and then off makes many drivers uncomfortable, especially when driving on cold days.

When faced with it, calm down and try checking the heating element.

The passenger seats can still warm up as usual, even if the driver’s seat is still cold. This could be because this part is having a problem.

Trying to fix it is not a good way because it will only cost you more. Your best bet is to replace it.

You can start working on your own as a mechanic or take your car to a repair center to be on the safe side.

 Corroded Or Dirty Plug

Plugs, cables, and control boxes are important parts and directly impact the performance of the heated seat.

Once they break or rust, the seat heater suddenly turns off, only partially heating up or some other fault.

Another possibility for this unit not working is something blocking contact between the heating element and your skin.

It can be debris or dirt accumulated over time or due to a thick layer of paint on the surface.

Defective Memory Seat Control

Have you checked the fuse and heating element but seen nothing unusual? Then the cause may lie in the connection of the seat control unit.

Each heated seat has two control buttons; we will turn them on and off simultaneously for testing. The fact that your seat has memory control modules means that there is an internal problem.

What To Do If The Heated Seat Turns On Then Off?

why won't my seat warmer stay on
Heated Seat Turns On Then Off

Check And The Replace Fuse

As mentioned above, when detecting an electrical device on the vehicle that does not work, the highest possibility is that the fuse has been blown or burned.

Now, the best thing we can do is check and replace.

Automotive fuses come in different types, such as Mini, ATO, Micro-2, etc., of which the most popular is the Mini type.

Its voltage rating is usually smaller than the fuses of other electrical systems. Each device in the car has its fuse with its identification symbol.

Depending on the car manufacturer, the location of the fuse box is also different. Still, each car will usually have two, one for the engine and one for the body’s electrical system.

The engine fuse box is in the engine compartment, under the hood, near the battery. The other is located under the dashboard in the cabin. To test this part, we need the following:

  • Open the car fuse box, and follow the layout to find the suspected broken fuse.
  • Place the tester at the junction between the fuse and the circuit board. Light on means a normal condition; no light on means the fuse has failed, and you must replace it immediately.

Replace The Plug Connector

When the seat heater is turned off suddenly because the plug is too dirty, the car owner must restore the connection.

Wipe them with a clean towel or dry paper to remove any impurities disrupting heat transfer. Then reconnect to test working.

Reposition The Thermistor

A thermistor is a type of semiconductor whose resistance varies with temperature changes. In other words, the thermistor can be determined by detecting the resistance.

In the most common type of thermistor, a thermistor has a negative temperature coefficient, the resistance decreasing as the temperature increases.

There is also a positive thermistor type, where the resistance will increase as the temperature increases.

Replace The Heating Element 

This incident is a nuisance for those who regularly use heated car seats. Once you’ve identified the heating element’s fault, quickly change it to a new one to avoid disrupting your experience.

They are fragile and cannot function properly over time, so this is a common mistake. To replace them, you need to reach them by removing the seat covers, which is quite simple.

For more complex causes, it can be difficult for drivers to identify and correct them. At this point, you should take the car to the repair center for a technician to check.

Is Heated Seat Repair Expensive?

heated seat turns off after a few seconds
What the Cost Of Repair To Heat Seat

The heated seat turning off after a few seconds is a situation that many drivers encounter. The cost of fixing this error depends on the type of equipment set up and the severity of the problem.

Although determining the cause of the problem is a bit complicated, the cost of repairing it is quite affordable compared to the budget of many car owners.

One more thing to note is that to fix this heated seat; you must remove it from your car.

Replacing a seat heater ranges from $203 – $238.

To save costs and avoid unreasonable price increases, you should refer to the detailed price list at the centers in the area before taking it in for repair.


What Is The Lifespan Of The Wagoneer Heated Seat?

Whether you can use them for a long or short time depends on many factors, such as maintenance conditions and frequency of use.

When used and cared for properly, an average heated chair can last for 10 – 30 years.

Does The Heated Seat Affect The Battery?

These seats use some of the vehicle’s energy but do not drain the battery while the car is running. When the engine operates normally, the generator will continuously recharge the battery.

However, it will gradually deplete if you keep the heated seats on when the car is off, or the generator fails.

Is It Okay To Use The Heated Seat For A Long Time?

Heated seats have become popular because they can help occupants feel more comfortable in cold weather, but sitting for too long is not a good idea.

According to doctors, using the chair for too long can cause skin damage, such as skin burns or rashes.

It adversely affects men’s health, especially drivers who sit more than 4-5 hours a day, like professional drivers and truckers. An overheated system can lead to male infertility.

For women, while they don’t adversely affect fertility, staying in a heated seat for a long time can also be dangerous. The light case is cold, and the worst can be chronic cystitis.

That is why you should avoid continuously using the seat heating system for many hours a day.


Above is the information to answer the question: why does my heated seat keep turning off?

Although it does not affect the car’s operation, it makes driving for a long time more uncomfortable. You should identify the cause and find a way to fix it soon.

Hope this article was useful to you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the other posts.

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