What Is The EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated?

Thanks to the fast improvement of technology, various new features have been introduced in vehicles such as cars.

The electronic parking brake (EPB) is one of the most advanced braking systems. It is always straightforward to use and activate this function.

So what is the EPB shift interlock function activated? What are some common errors? Keep following this article to get the answer and learn more about this new feature.

What Does EPB Mean On A Car?

EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated

EPB stands for Electric parking brake, which is an electronically controlled brake. To activate the brake, you must depress the pedal and pull the electronic parking brake button up.

On the reverse, press the button with a fingertip to deactivate it. The braking system works harmoniously with an electronic control unit and an actuator mechanism.

Two EPB mechanisms include a cable puller and an integrated caliper system. EPB is a subset of the prevailing brake-by-wire technology.

EPB offers a wide range of functions and benefits. Automation, emergency brakes, greater control, space-saving design, and child-lock system are just a few to name.

What Is EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated Meaning?

The EPB shift interlock function activated message indicates that you have successfully activated the parking brake function when you shift from or to Park gear.

You only have to pull up and hold the button for 3 to 5 seconds to do this task. Then, the message will pop up on the multi-information display.

How To Get EPB Shift Interlock Activated?

Getting EPB shift interlock activated should not cause you any difficulty. As mentioned, all you have to do is pull up the button and hold it for a few seconds.

An EPB shift interlock function message will pop up on the multi-information display.

The parking brake has been automatically engaged with the in-park shift level. It can also disengage when the lever is out of the park.

Suppose you don’t want to use this automatic mode; press down and hold the button. Wait until the indicator and MID acknowledge the deactivation.

When your car stops with a depressed brake pedal for manual activation, you should pull and set the parking brake. Turn the indicator and the parking brake light on.

Push down the brake pedal and the switch. Wait for the indicator light to turn off.

Extra Assistance From Brake Hold

Brake hold is one part of a parking brake’s further advanced electronic design. With this handy assistance feature, the brake will be automatically held when your vehicle reaches a complete stop.

At this time, the accelerator pedal will be depressed. There is no need to press your foot on the brake pedal while waiting at a stoplight or in traffic.

This feature is off by default when the ignition is turned on. The system is active and in standby mode when a green indicator appears.

On the other hand, a yellow indicator means that the system is holding the brake actively.

In case of an open driver door, unfastened driver seatbelt, and reversed shift lever, the system will not activate.

If you hold the brake for more than three minutes, the indicator will likely go off with the engaged Electronic Parking Brake.

Conversely, the system tends to be active until it is turned off.

Several Common RAV4 EPB Errors

Like other electronic parts in a vehicle, EPB runs into unexpected problems when something wrong happens to the wires and switches between the module and actuator.

They can be opened, broken, shortened, and develop high resistance.

Such issues as open fuse and system voltage are the main culprits behind the malfunctioning operation.

Your electric parking brake’s failure to release automatically or manually can be explained due to the following reasons:

  • Bad gear stick selector switch and brake pedal one
  • Miscommunication between the switches and EPB module
  • An electrical fault in the actuator or EPB module
  • Failed or jammed electronic parking brake motor; your car doesn’t go into Park
  • Corroded parking brake cable

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix An EPB Shift Interlock Function Activated Error?

You may have once run into an EPB error on the Toyota C-HR’s dashboard. When the power steering fails to work properly, the car is blocked and cannot operate.

So how to deal with the error? Let’s try to pull and release your automatic brake several times. Then, wait for around five minutes outside the car. Now it’s time to start the engine again.

Ensure the key comes with a charged battery, especially if you have previously received a message. The message indicates that the key or remote control battery needs to be replaced.

This often happens when the car is idling for a long time. Plus, the auxiliary battery, which is smaller and shows less power, is discharged.

How To Release An EPB Automatically Applied With A Dead Battery?

Unfortunately, electric parking brakes don’t work compatible with dead batteries.

For this reason, if you get your discharged car battery and the electric park brake needs to be disengaged, there are two possible options.

Using a portable jump starter or another vehicle to jump-start your car is a great idea. You can also release the brake manually. Using a unique tool with a jack would be best in this option.

Here, fix the tool’s proper bit, remove the tire’s plug, and insert the jack tool. All you have to do now is release it by turning counterclockwise.

Why Does EPB Unavailable Toyota CH-R Happen?

“EPB Unavailable” or “EPB Activation Incomplete.” happens on the multi-information display of the parking brake switch.

As mentioned above, the problem takes place due to your vehicle’s long idling. Sometimes, the small and less powerful auxiliary battery is discharged, which also results in the issue.

Finishing Up

How To Get EPB Shift Interlock Activated?

The electronic parking brake is a welcoming invention of modern cars for improved and safe braking over conventional ones.

While there are some problems with this new feature, learn some tips to fix them and exploit its benefits.

So what is the EPB shift interlock function activated? We bet that you have had a satisfying answer. It is just a normal message to inform you that you have successfully turned on the function.

Should you have any questions related to EPB errors, feel free to reach us.

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