Ford 4.2l V6 Engine Problems  – What Are The Telltale Signs Of Them?

The engine is like the heart of a car; when the “heart” has errors, the car cannot operate as usual. That’s why Ford has devoted a lot of effort to the 4.2l V6 version, also known as the Ford Essex V6 engine (Canadian).

However, a few issues still exist that are quite inconvenient for users. Let’s find out all Ford 4.2l v6 engine problems in this article. Scroll down!

ford 4.2l v6 engine problems

Common Ford 4.2l V6 Engine Problems

4.2 Ford engine fault mainly related to the gasket, inlet manifold, oil pump, etc. Here are the details on each one:

Timing Cover Gasket Problem

The problem of timing cover is one of the most common issues of the 4.2 v6 Ford engine.

Vehicle parts have their functions; for timing cover, its functions are to protect the chain between the camshaft and the crankshaft, protect the timing belt, and the engine valves during the operation of the internal combustion engine.

Timing Cover Gasket
Timing Cover Gasket

Besides, it also helps to perfect the air-tight seal and protects the automobile engines from dirt.

When your car has a sudden stop, it means that the timing cover gasket has been worn. This is often seen in cars that have been used for a long time, but its consequences do not stop there.

Your 4.2 liter Ford v6 may encounter several other concerns such as:

  • Automatic indicator light
  • Gas leak in car body
  • Make a noise like knocking on the door
  • Engine runs heavy

You can use it when you see a few drops of gas, but the longer you leave it, the more serious these errors will be and affect your 4.2 v6 f150.

Therefore, you should fix it with the suggestions below or replace it with a new one.

Oil Pump Problem

Another traditional fault of the 4.2l Ford engine lies in the oil pump. It is an extremely important part of the machines. In particular, it draws oil from the oil pan then guides it through the oil filter to the bearings.

4.2l Ford engine
Ford engine

Your oil pump can run smoothly for many years; however, a few signs can surprise you. The most common symptom is the natural petrol indicator light coming on.

Many drivers take this for granted and ignore it, but please remember that nothing is random in mechanical engineering.

The cause of this condition may be because the oil pressure has dropped or it is leaking.

In addition to the indicator light, to be sure whether your car 2 is having this problem or not, add a little gasoline to the dipstick and check if the light changes.

Some other signs are:

  • Oil pressure drop
  • Engine temperature increases during operation
  • Strange noise from valve train and oil pump

Intake Manifold Gasket Problem

The next one is Ford 4.2 v6 intake manifold problems. This has been a common error for versions using lower gaskets since January 15th, 1998.

Intake Manifold Gasket
Intake Manifold Gasket

To avoid this situation, manufacturers have switched to a thicker gasket for later models to improve the connection between the manifold and the engine.

These gaskets are meant to seal your engine, but they will have a crisis when the following signs appear:

  • Engine temperature rise
  • Leaking coolant when the car is standing
  • Backfires due to the difference in air-to-fuel ratio
  • Color change engine petrol

The symptoms of this 4.2l Ford v6 error are usually not so obvious and easy to detect.

Therefore, the advice of experts on automotive engine technologies is that you need to check the engine to detect its changes promptly.

Even the smallest of marks can lead to serious concerns with the intake manifold.

Exhaust Manifold Leaks

Continuing the series of Ford f150 4.2 engine is an exhaust manifold leak that causes many inconveniences to motor vehicles.

The symptoms of your engine having these issues are annoying ticking noises when the engine cools down.

This is because the engine pushes hot air out of the exhaust as it heats up. At this point, the meal will expand and help seal the cracks in the manifold.

Another sign of this Ford f150 4.2 v6 error is a small amount of exhaust smoke, but that’s not often the case.

Besides, exhaust stud issues also lead to annoying noises. The impact of factors such as humidity, temperature, etc. When using the motor for a long time, it is easy to damage it.

Specifically, when the stud is located near the firewall, the range will leave holes that cause noise. This makes the condition of your gasket more serious.

When things start to get worse, you’ll even smell the exhaust.

Exhaust Manifold
Exhaust Manifold

In short, you need to quickly service or repair the engine when you encounter the following signs:

  • Noise
  • Burning smell
  • Smoke in the cabin
  • Reduced power reduction
  • Consumes more fuel than usual

Oil Pan Gasket Problem

The next one in the Ford 4.2 engine problems list is in the oil pan. In automotive technologies, the engine of each car is a gathering place of many different parts.

These components only operate when petrol is pumped in, so they need seals to keep the engine petrol in place.

Oil Pan Gasket
Oil Pan Gasket

Yet, these oil pan gaskets will wear down with time of use, and after 20,000 – 50,000 miles, it isn’t easy to keep their original tightness. At this point, more petrol will leak out and lead to more serious problems.

  • Watch out for the following signs:
  • Oil leak under car
  • Smoke coming from the engine
  • High heat in the engine
  • Quick out of oil

Engine Light Problems

Engine light is a safety warning device of vehicle technology, but it is also one of the issues for a 4.2 liter v6 Ford engine. When the Check Engine light comes on, it means there’s a problem with your car’s engine.

The main role of this light is to try and keep the engine as efficient as possible. Depending on the nature of the problem, the Check Engine light may come on and off, stay on, or blink.

Engine Light
Engine Light

If the light stays on after booting, it indicates that the computer has detected an error somewhere and stores a code in memory to help identify the problem.

If this light is blinking, it is a sign of a serious stalling error in the engine.

You should get your car into a parking spot as quickly and safely as possible and turn off the engine. Then immediately call for help in this situation to prevent any serious damage from happening.

Some common reasons for a light to come on include a faulty spark plug, a damaged engine sensor, or even a loose gas cap.

Check the fuel cap first and make sure it is fully tightened. Usually, this problem is quite minor, but minor concerns tend to grow into larger, more costly ones.

Other Common Problems

Besides the above 5 Ford 4.2 l v6 engine problems, this system still has minor suspension, seal leak, rough downshift, etc.

Although these errors are not too serious, you should not be subjective because they can lead to many other faults over time.

ford 4.2l v6 engine problems


1. How Long Does Ford 4.2 V6 Last?

According to the manufacturer, Ford 4.2 v6 life expectancy is about 150,000 to 300,000 miles. However, this also depends on the habit of using.

With regularly maintained cars and proper petrol changes, the engine can last longer. Meanwhile, the average life of the engine will no longer be the same with an improper maintenance car.

2. Should You Buy A Ford 4.3 V6 After 200k Miles?

NO. Using a 4.2l v6 Ford engine after 200,000 miles on it can expose you to more risks than you think.

3. How To Make Ford F150 4.3 Faster?

  • Replace the exhaust system
  • Use supercharger or turbocharger
  • Equip the air intake
  • Using high octane gas. You should consider to boost boost 87 octane to 91
  • Regular maintenance


Above is information about Ford 4.2l v6 engine problems. Compared to many other engines of this brand, this is a moderate version, but its issues can destroy the whole car if you do not detect and deal with it quickly.

Don’t forget to maintain your vehicle regularly to maintain its life, as long as possible.

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