How Do Dealerships Clean Fuel Injectors? Some Helpful Methods For Everyone

The injector plays an extremely important role in the engine’s fuel system. It is responsible for providing and converting fuel from liquid to mist for the combustion chamber.

How do dealerships clean fuel injectors? If the combustion chamber injector is blocked and the power is not sprayed, it will consume more power, and the residue will affect the vehicle’s performance.

Therefore, we will show this issue that any driver needs to pay attention to.

Definition Of Fuel Injectors

how do dealerships clean fuel injectors
Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors are mechanically regulated mechanisms that inject a tiny quantity of fuel straight into each cylinder’s combustion chamber.

Because they deliver such tiny quantities of electricity, they can become clogged by fragments or carbon accumulation.

If the injection pattern of the fuel injectors is affected, the vehicle’s computer detects this and saves the code.

The check light will usually illuminate as a consequence of this. If the issue is not addressed quickly, the car’s performance may decline.

The car could stop and fail to restart in extreme instances.

How Do Dealerships Clean Fuel Injectors

The injector consists of an electric coil and an injector through which fuel is directed to the combustion chamber. The steps you need to follow in cleaning fuel injectors:

  • Identify and eliminate a gasoline injector from a motor cylinder. The gasoline source and electrical link will help you recognize the fuel injector cleaner chemical.
  • Unplug the fuel injection device from the fuel line to access to the hole in the fuel injector flow. Take the O-Ring out of the gasoline injector.
  • Unplug the gasoline injector cleaning chemical’s electricity supply.
  • Connect the tubing to the intake of the fuel injector and secure it with a tiny clamp to prevent leakage.
  • Connect the syringe to the clamp test line. Polarization is unneeded because the gasoline injectors will work as soon as the electricity is turned on.
  • Attach one of the wires to the battery’s negative end. When turning on the counter fuel injectors, apply the other line to contact the battery anode.
  • Fill the barrel with an injector cleanser. Then, link the anode’s test line several times to give the counter fuel injectors a few brief injections.
  • Now back-flush the counter fuel injector shop. Get rid of the intake pipe and attach it to the outflow side of the counter fuel injector shop.
  • Add an injector cleaner to the tube. To provide the fuel injectors short injections, tap the evaluation line on the anode a few times. Gravity will now enable the detergent to run back via the injector. This will clear any too big debris to pass through the outflow edge.
  • Reconnect the wire connection after removing the test wires from the auxiliary fuel injectors.
  • Reattach the gasoline injector to the gasoline line, fit the replacement O-Ring, and refit the injector for fuel.
  • Repair the procedure with the additional gasoline outlets.

When Dealerships Clean Fuel Injectors

dealer recommended fuel injector cleaning
Clean Fuel Injectors

Many vehicles after 2004 do not require much maintenance on this part, but you need to take care of it and clean it periodically every 15,000km.

There are currently 2 methods of cleaning service.

The first method is direct rinsing. Fuel injection cleaning service necessary and remove the injector for direct contact.

Direct rinsing will be more effective, but removing the injectors will take a lot of time and require you to take the car to a garage with a specialized tool to open it.

In addition, removing the injectors will loosen the rubber seals, so you have to spend money to replace these seals, and sometimes they are not easy to find.

Therefore, car manufacturers recommend that you only wash directly after 50,000km.

The second way is to wash with a specialized solution. When using this method, you should note that the type of brilliant solution used must be suitable for the vehicle engine.

Some will be poured directly into the fuel tank in the appropriate proportion; others will be injected directly into the injector clean fluid in the engine stalls through the fuel system clean.

After fuel-injection cleaning, you will immediately notice the effects such as the engine being quieter, the car no longer jerky, and the fuel economy of the car being improved…

In the long run, this is fuel injector cleaning necessary to eliminate dirt in the combustion chamber, help the engine stalls reduce friction, and minimize dust scratching the cylinder.

Spark plugs will also be released from carbon soot, improving ignition.

Finally, the intake valve will also be cleaned to ensure the introduction of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Some Essential Tool For Cleaning Fuel Injectors

fuel injector cleaning at dealership
Some Essential Tool

This will require you to purchase a few replacement parts in addition to the fuel injectors. You already have the tools you need for this. Here is a list of what you will need:

  • Tool for removing fuel-clogged injectors.
  • Fuel injectors clean transmission fluid. Ensure it contains PEA – polyether amine, an effective component at dissolving thick carbon deposits.
  • New O-Rings fuel injector gasket.
  • Rubber hose and hose clamp.
  • Power cord with an alligator clip.
  • Drip pan for spilled fuel systems.


Can You Clean Your Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injector cleaning service worth it will require an intermediate level of mechanical skills. You’ll be working with fuel cleaner and electrical components, so it’s not for novice mechanical systems.

If you are not confident that you can tackle this project, it is best to consider alternatives. An alternative is to use fuel system cleaners.

This won’t be as effective as cleaning the fuel pump completely, but it can help.

If you feel that you have the necessary skills to perform fuel filter injector cleaning, read the step-by-step instructions.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Fuel Injector Cleaned?

A fuel injection service washing typically costs around $50 or $80. Surprisingly, according to the manufacturer and type of our car, these numbers could be a little higher.

In addition, if your gasoline air filter has to be replaced, dealer-recommended fuel injector cleaning can be charged about $50.

Is It Worth To Clean Fuel Injectors?

Fuel additive system maintenance is advised to be performed between 60,000 to 90,000 kilometers.

You might require a fuel injector service if you’ve observed a dramatic reduction in your alternate fuel efficiency, a decreased power in your average vehicle, or a lethargic impression while accelerating.


How do dealerships clean fuel injectors? Surely the above information has fully answered this question for many vehicle owners.

Just spend a little time taking care of and cleaning them, and you can make them work more smoothly and sustainably, thereby minimizing unnecessary costs during the use of the car.

Periodic cleaning of car injector service is very important and necessary to improve engine performance and help your car operate stably, save fuel tank and protect the environment.

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