How To Start Chrysler Town And Country Without Key: The Answer You Need Is Here

How to start chrysler town and country without key? If the key fob battery dies, you could be unsure how to enter the vehicle and start the engine.

Fortunately, some contingency procedures are in place to guarantee you can still use the car. The different ways you can start your car’s engine will be covered in this article.

About Chrysler Town And Country

how to start chrysler town and country without key


In 1989, the Chrysler Town & Country, a high-end minivan based on the long-wheelbase model of the chassis, made its debut.

It is the best minivan available and has many luxurious features that most families would adore.

A 3.6-liter V6 engine in every Chrysler Town & Country produces 283 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque.

It has greater torque from a smaller engine than Chrysler’s 4.0-liter V6, which only produced 255 horsepower a few years ago.

Despite weighing in at 4,671 pounds, the van is manageable to drive on the highway.


The NHTSA has awarded the Chrysler Town & Country minivan a four-star overall safety rating.

Standard safety equipment includes front, side, and passive front head restraints, front seat side-impact airbags, a Parkview rear camera, trailer sway damping, and electronic stability control.

When your car deviates from the intended course, Electronic Stability Control can detect it and apply brake pressure. Your vehicle can use it to help you reroute.

The Town & Country offers additional safety features like a rearview camera that facilitates backing out and a front passenger seat belt alarm in case you forget to fasten up.


The van’s inside was nice, with a medium-brown leather interior and a rich chocolate brown dash. Leather chairs and a typical touchscreen interface make the high level of information obvious.

The second-row seats in Town & Country include the Stow n Go feature, which allows them to collapse into the van’s floor to increase the cargo space.

The front and back rows of seats are comfortable, and the leather and wood steering wheel are also heated.

Additionally, a steering wheel with music and other significant functions tilts and telescopes.

However, there is excellent external visibility, and the gauge cluster is straightforward, tidy, and simple to read.

How To Start Chrysler Town And Country Without Key

2015 chrysler town and country key fob programming

Using A Screwdriver

A screwdriver is one of the most popular items for starting your car without an emergency key. The engine can be started, but you must exercise caution.

Your actions could harm the ignition switch of the vehicle.

Remove the screws from the steering column surrounding the keyhole using your screwdriver.

You’d better acquire access to the ignition’s inner flap starting point and insert yourself into the key slot about 2/3 of the way. Utilize your drill to enter the space.

After Taking out your screws, you likely try to start your vehicle. Insert the screwdriver into the ignition cylinder and turn it. A flat piece of metal might work if a screwdriver is not nearby.

Using Push Button Start

Try pressing the start button on your push-start button with the head of your fob if you’d like to start your car without a key.

Be ready to apply the nose end push technique if you acquire an Amedee Chrysler 200 vehicle with a push button start and the key fob malfunctions.

The 2014 Town and Country key fob push-to-start button is just a clipped-in cap covering the starting switch.

The “secret” key hidden inside the FOB’s end will unlock the driver’s door if the battery terminal dies and the car doors are locked.

Before the car starts, you’ll have to push firmly and perhaps more than once.

If you exit the car before it begins, the alarm system will go off because you can’t turn off the horn, ready for disgruntled onlookers at the roadside park to gaze at you.

Using Hot Wire

How to start Chrysler Town and Country without key fob? A way to start your car without a key is by hot wiring it.

Hotwiring won’t work on later kinds of vehicles, but it should work on most 1990s-era automobiles. You can get around the ignition module using this technique.

To remove the steering column cover, insert a screwdriver into the ignition system’s keyhole.

You must remove some of the insulation from the wires attached to your ignition and identify which ones they are.

After that, connect it to the two ignition wires you just joined by twisting them.

It won’t take long to hotwire an automobile. However, it can take a lot longer if you don’t have much experience with autos and have never tried hotwiring.

Using Key Fob

You can tell a Chrysler product is fitted when the interior of the key fob has an arrow going in a circle with a 2X. The vehicle will start if you press this button twice in a row.

The remaining doors need to be unlocked twice within five seconds.

Furthermore, you can lock or unlock the doors using the RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) system up to 66 feet away. The RKE transmitter does not have to be directed toward the car.

Using Keyless Enter ‘N Go Technology

Your Chrysler vehicle’s Keyless Enter ‘N Go technology allows you to close and unlock your car without pressing any buttons on your key fob.

Chrysler Town & Country Keyless Entry Transmitter gives the remote keyless Entry a whole new meaning.

This function lets you lock and unlock doors without touching the lock or unlock buttons.

Keyless Entry, ‘n Go, is disabled if the key fob is in the car. In the same way, unlocking works. The vehicle will unlock independently if the key fob is not ignited.

However, you can get a Chrysler Town & Country lost car key replacement.

How To Avoid Keyless Car Theft?

dodge caravan emergency key

Manually Lock The Doors 

The best action is to cease using the remote, manually lock your car, and exit through the driver’s door. I didn’t mention unlocking because you typically open a car door to get in and drive away.

It’s exceedingly unlikely that a burglar would pursue you to break into your car or steal it later.

The odds of your car being stolen will be reduced or eliminated as a result, according to experts. Your security level will rely on the tools the burglars are using.

You can find it difficult to figure out how to do this, which might be impossible or extremely inconvenient in many cars.

Don’t Keep Your Keys Near Doors

You are unaware that the folks who produce other remotes and steal cars from you can still decipher codes merely by being close to you.

Thieves are equipped with sniffing equipment to pick up the signal from a key hanging from a key hook close to the front door.

They steal the signal using the gadget. They can also start the automobile and leave after some finagling.

Don’t keep your keys close to any doors if you desire to rescue yourself in this scenario. I store my keys on the nightstand in my bedroom.

It prevents anyone from trying to sniff its signal from outside my house.

Install A Battery Kill Switch

The installation of a battery kill switch is the next remedy. Because the thieves couldn’t start it, they were unable to take your car.

You can remotely turn off the electricity to your car’s battery with a wireless kill switch, which can help to stop battery failure while safeguarding the circuit.

A disconnect switch may or may not kill the engine, but a kill switch will stop an engine running without harming the alternator.

When the engine is not running, it isolates the power liftgate origin from the rest of the electrical system.

Tracking Devices

After a theft, using tracking devices will help you get your car back. Strong radio frequencies used by tracking devices can pass through dense materials.

Therefore, once your automobile disappears, security personnel will have no trouble locating it.

The GPS sign will jump off the road and be picked up by the tracker if placed on the car’s metal frame, either on the driver’s or passenger’s side.

The ideal inconspicuous location for a tracker is under the vehicle, provided that it is properly installed.


Why Does My Key Not Turn In The Ignition Chrysler Town And Country?

The most frequent causes of a stuck Chrysler Town & Country key are a binding steering lock cylinder, a malfunctioning current ignition switch, or a faulty ignition key.

The simplest solution for models made in the 2014 chrysler town and country key and later is to detach the battery, clean the terminals, and then wait for the computer to reset.

Why Won’t My Town And Country Start?

Your Town & Country may be difficult to start for several reasons, including malfunctions with the crankshaft position sensor, the ignition relay, or other electrical parts.

How Do I Reset Computers In My Town And Country?

For roughly 30 seconds, you can unplug the negative battery cable. However, to open an anti-theft radio, you will need the code on file.

Some of them require relearn procedures that must be completed when the battery is removed.


You may now read the article to learn “how to start Chrysler Town and Country without key” and keep thieves out of keyless vehicles.

Ensure you will never be stuck again by learning how to start a car without a key.

If you have a newer car, you must either locate the original key or tow the car to a certified dealer or a professional locksmith with an average price.

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