Nissan Altima Key ID Incorrect – What To Do

You get locked out of your car if you get into trouble with Nissan Altima Key ID incorrect.

You probably misplaced the key, or it fell somewhere, and you couldn’t find it. You may have even left the car with the keys inside, and now you can’t get back in.

Whatever happens, if you can’t enter your vehicle because of an incorrect key ID code, there are a few things you can do to get back in again as soon as possible.

We’re all set to explain why your key ID is invalid on your Nissan Altima and what you can do about it.

What Does ‘Nissan Altima Key ID Incorrect’ Mean?

Nissan Altima Key ID Incorrect

Nissan Altima sometimes can not identify the key ID. At that time, your vehicle can not function properly.

Nissan Altima is packed with high-end tech features like the Nissan Altima Intelligent key.

Thanks to it, locking and unlocking your car just go with a push of a button. Beyond that, you don’t need to fumble the keys to open the trunk or start your engine.

Nissan Altima incorrect key ID derives from many reasons. Each culprit will lead to a distinct way to tackle it. Move into the next section to find these root causes with their do-the-trick resolutions.

Why Does My Nissan Key ID Get Incorrect?

The first reason that makes your Nissan Key ID go wrong is, of course, the damaged key fob. You might drop and break it, turning it useless.

Or, the key fob is not yet programmed or experiencing a low battery. The very last possibility is your key battery is completely drained or dead.

Though you, sometimes, can start your car without a chip key, it’s best to address the root cause and come up with a solution soon.

Damaged Key Fob

Nissan Altima’s key fob looks pretty similar to the Chevy HHR key fob.

The evident damage with a broken key fob is that it prevents you from using the correct key ID to enter the vehicle. Your key fob may be broken due to several drops.

It would help if you had yours repaired or replaced as soon as you notice it is damaged. Many key fob damages can’t be fixed, so you will need a new one.

Let’s consider whether your local dealership will re-program your new purchase.

Of note, make sure to use and preserve your key fob delicately to avoid the dropping situation one more time. Check the manual to best employ your new one over the long run.

Beyond that, it sounds awful if your key falls into the water. A wet key will put you in a race against time to drain it off. Otherwise, the green tint will emerge and turn to “white rust” afterwards.

In brief, a standard key fob will have a white “tide-mark”, yet it’s no longer normal if it gets rusty. It’s a sure sign saying “Incorrect key ID Nissan Altima”.

Dead Key Batteries

A Nissan with a dead key fob battery cannot communicate with the vehicle upon entering.

Hence, the car’s system will emit a signal looking for the key fob, but it will not respond because of power drainage.

Therefore, you must replace the old key fob battery with a new one to ensure that your car recognizes the appropriate key ID.

Most “smart” keys can encounter the same issues: dead, faulty, low-quality key batteries. After splashing out on buying a new car, you next need a high-quality battery in fob.

Nissan Altima’s key fob often comes with a 3V coin battery. The replacement is easy with handy troubleshooting devices.

Low Key Battery

It sounds pretty similar to a dead-battery issue, ending up with key ID incorrect Nissan. Still, a low battery doesn’t have enough power to signal your car system.

As such, the vehicle can’t reply to you with an answer as “It’s the correct key ID”. It’s impossible! 

One early sign is you have to approach the car more so that it can receive the signal from the key fob.

Like the above case, the fastest way is to have a battery installation done with a new 3V battery in fob.

Unprogrammed Key Fob

Programming the key fob is a must step to define your ownership rights to your car. Otherwise, you can’t start and drive your vehicle. Programming enables your car to recognize the key ID.

The person in charge of the car’s dealers or a service team must have this step done for you.

For cars used long ago, if no issues happen to the keyfob battery or structures, it’s likely to need a reset. Let’s check it at the car store to reprogram it.

We also show you the step-by-step guide to programming key fobs in the next section for your reference.

How Can I Reset the Nissan Key Fob?

Getting a new key fob is a good move for an Altima incorrect key ID, yet in some less-severe cases, a reset can get the job done.

Though this task belongs to the car’s suppliers, you can still take a closer look to reset your key fob for several urgent cases. Here comes a guide of 5 steps for you to follow:

  • Step 1: Start your car and close and lock all the doors.
  • Step 2: Insert your key into its ignition, then turn it to “ACC”. Turn off and remove it from the keyhole. Repeat roughly 6 times until your hazard light flashes twice.
  • Step 3: Afterwards, put your key back in its ignition with “ACC” mode once again.
  • Step 4: Press a button randomly on your remote until your hazard light flashes. It says the key is programmed utterly. Unlock and lock the car’s side doors.
  • If you have various keys needing programming, get them done individually with the same steps.
  • Step 5: Turn off and remove your key from its ignition. If your key fob can’t work after the first time programming, redo the same 5 steps until the process is successful.

How Can I Program A Car’s Intelligent Key?

After getting a new car or a new key fob, setting the intelligent key is indispensable. The suppliers are often responsible for this step, yet, you could grasp the brief process as follows:

  • Step 1: Enter the car and lock the doors.
  • Step 2:  Insert the key into its ignition, yet do not start the car. Then take the key out of the keyhole. Repeat the same steps till you see the hazard light flashing twice, meaning your system accepts the Intelligent key.
  • Step 3: Once programming succeeds, place the key back in its keyhole and turn it on. Press any button on the Intelligent key without starting the car.
  • Step 4: Test the key by pressing on the fob at a distance far from the vehicle. The key is programmed when the horn beeps once or the light flashes.

How To Start Your Nissan Altima If the Key ID Is Incorrect?

First, get your car to a dealer, service center or specialized garage to help start your vehicle with emergency options.

After that, place your key fob on the button’s top. It takes a short time for the vehicle to recognize the fob.

Use your key fob to hit the button until it’s programmed successfully, and your car will start at that time.

Then, it’s time to inspect why your car key has an incorrect warning.

Proper Battery Change Can’t Activate The Nissan Altima Key Fob: Why?

Quick answers: The power shortage is indeed not the culprit, so there is no point changing a new battery.

At this point, the damaged or unprogrammed key fob is to blame. The key fob may break internally if you drop it.

Take it back to the manufacturer, who will take care of it for you. However, if the replacement has the potential for frequent future repairs, you might be better off purchasing a new key fob in the long run.

Indeed, the expenses for repairing may cost a fortune, far more than a new one’s price.

Is It Pricy To Buy A New Nissan Key Fob?

You may think that a new key fob can break the bank. Lucky you, if you refer to our information, you may save a lot of money. Let’s dig deeper into this matter:

Getting a new key fob is never a budget-friendly option. Indeed, buying a new key fob often doubles the price of an intelligent key’s replacement.

The market offers a host of third-party key fobs at a low price. However, it is meant to malfunction or break easier.

Think through and research well before making your move! Be careful with anything with an attractive price in the market.

Can I Go For The Nissan Third-Party Key Fobs?

A third-party key fob is pivotal to maximizing the key fob’s performance. If you want to experience and rejuvenate your car, try out one of these options.

You have more than one choice to cope with the issue of the Altima key ID incorrect.

Smart Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob 

It gets along well with the Nissan Altima, created in 2016 and 2017. Notably, it’s professional advice for the 2018 Nissan Altima key ID incorrect.

A replacement often comes uncut, so it needs cutting a bit to fit your car by the official dealership.

The advanced key fob will be well-designed to replace the original key fob easily.

You may need to invest a bit more in a qualified one to secure the durability, feel-good materials, and strong signal during use.

Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob

Interestingly, the key fob keyless entry remote is versatile and flexible as they’re compatible with multiple car models, including Ques, Titan, Sentra, Frontier Armada Murano of Nissan.

It’s a twin pack with 2 remotes. In other words,  you won’t worry if one of the two remotes breaks or loses. Sharing the car with others with the twin back is easy if they have a distinct key fob available.

GP Power Smart Key Fob

GP smart key fob is another key fob replacement, working wonders with the Nissan Altima created from 2007-2012, Nissan Maximas (2009-2014), and Nissan Muranos generations (2009-2014).

Hence, it is interchangeable in various types of Nissan cars. Also, it will spread the original feel that the car manufacturers are heading for.

Typically, the dealerships aid you in cutting the GP key fob replacement to fit your vehicles. A bit of adjustment would smooth your process.

Our Final Words

How Can I Reset the Nissan Key Fob

The Nissan Altima Key ID incorrect issue will lock you out of your car, and you end up worrying due to an expensive repair bill or replacing the transmission.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that bad. While there are situations where a locksmith or tow truck is necessary, these situations are scarce.

In almost every case, the steps above may get you back in your car with minimal expense and stress.

Hopefully, our professional advice can please and make your day.

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