Powerstop Z23 Vs Z26 – Pick Out The Ultimate Brake Pad For Your Car

Your brake no longer works well as usual. We say it is time to replace a new one.

But the point is that you are wondering between two options: powerstop z23 vs z26. These two pads differ in many aspects you can base on to make the right decision.

In this article, we will provide an overall comparison between power stop extreme vs evolution. Let’s jump right in to go into detailed information!

A Full Comparison Between PowerStop Z23 Vs Z26

powerstop z23 vs z26

Aside from having a common Carbon-Fiber Ceramic formula, free-metal composition, and same friction material, these two types of pads differ in four following particular elements:

Powerstop Z23 Vs Z26: Manufactured For Different Dedicated Vehicles

The power stop z23 is a non-metallic brake pad suitable for street enthusiasts. Normally, this braking power focuses on daily driving such as cars, trucks, SUVs, or crossovers.

Meanwhile, performance enthusiasts will prefer the z26 pad, which is appropriate for high-performance vehicles and muscle cars.

Powerstop Z26 Vs Z23: Material In Shim

The shim material is noteworthy when comparing power stop z23 vs z26.

As we can see, the z23 pad composes a dual-layer rubberized shim that significantly reduces the braking noise.

Its opponents, on the other hand, include a chrome steel shim which helps cool down the braking heat optimized.

Speaking of this shim topic, we would like to briefly mention another popular kind of automotive brake systems – z36. This bigger brake leads to less brake fade and better force once braking.

While z23 vs z36 powerstop is completely divergent, z26 and z36 come with steel shims. One small point distinguishing them is that the z36 pad includes an absolutely strong stainless steel shim.

Powerstop Z23 Vs Z26: Noise Reduction

As we just mentioned, the dual-layer rubberized shim allows the z23 power stop to minimize the noise regardless of how hard you push the brake pedal.

On the contrary, z26 track pads with steel shims can not offer noise-free braking. There is still some brake pedal squeaking happening.

Powerstop Z23 Vs Z26: Heat Dissipation

The power stop z23 uses rubber shims, and this material is not good for heat dissipation.

In the meantime, the z26 surpasses its rival due to the shim structured with chrome steel. Specifically, this wonderful material contributes to creating a professional cooling system.

Hence, the heat dispersal will take place quickly and minimize tire noise.

A Quick Rundown Of Z23


  • Provide a wide range of sizes
  • Available for daily-driven vehicles
  • Offer free-noise braking
  • Offer less brake dust due to friction material
  • Soft pedal


  • Worse heat dissipation

A Quick Rundown Of Z26


  • Available for high-performance sector
  • Impressive cooling system
  • Low dusting
  • Excellent heat dissipation


  • Still have noise when braking
  • Hard pedal


Is The Power Stop Z23 Brake Good To Use?

Of course, it is. Regarding power stop, z23 always stands out as a perfect track day pad. It involves a bunch of benefits and useful functions for car users.

Apart from various sizes, this stock brake pad lowers the dust and noise while driving. Moreover, the soft pedal is also the ultimate element that is worth buying.

Which Should I Choose Between Brake Pads Z23 And Z26?

To determine how to choose between track pads z23 and z26, you need to consider many different elements.

More importantly, you have brief research to find which kind is appropriate for your stock rotors. We have some tips for wise options.

If your car belongs to the series of daily-driven cars, crossover, trucks, or SUVs, please choose the model z23 as it goes suitably with the front restraint and two front rotors.

In contrast, track day pad z26 serves the best function in muscle cars and high-performance automobiles.

Is Powerstop A Good Brand?

Yes, it is indeed. Because there are plenty of advantages, Powerstop wins a lot of consumers’ hearts.

In particular, the most attractive factors are maintenance and reasonable price. Not to mention, the brake kit assists drivers effectively.

How Long Do Brake Pads Z23 Last?

If you want to know the lifespan of a brake pad, let’s see how far your car has gone. Usually, a brake pad can last up to 50,000 miles.

However, the quality may deteriorate faster than normal due to the drivers. Use carefully to protect your power stop z23 from quick damage.

How Long Do Brake Pads Z26 Last?

Similar to other brake pads like model z23, power stop z26’s longevity can last until you reach a mileage of around 50,000.

But still, remember always to put it in a well-preserved state. Otherwise, your brake pad may end up damaged earlier than expected.

What Is The Difference Between Power Stop Z23 And Z36?

There are two main differences between power stop z23 vs z36:

The first element is about different car applications. While the pad z23 focuses on the normal driving vehicles such as trucks, daily-driven cars, or SUVs, the z36 production tendency is for off-road or heavy towing.

Another noticeable point relates to the shim structure. The z23 comes with a dual-layer rubberized shim. On the opposite side, its rival’s brake includes completely stainless steel shims.

Final Thought

A Quick Rundown Of Z23

Generally, the choice depends on your interest and how well you know your vehicle. So it is necessary to consider two products thoroughly.

We believe the all-inclusive power stop z23 vs z26 comparison has enabled you to pick out the best suitable brake pad.

From a personal viewpoint, we highly recommend the option z23 brake pad due to its better benefits. Powerstop z23 offers various sizes adaptable to different kinds of cars, while its counterpart does not.

Also, we experience other high quality like less dust, noise, and a softer pedal while using power stop z23.

Thank you very much, and see you in the upcoming article.

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