Thule Wingbar Evo Noise- Detailed Guide For A Quiet And Comfortable Trip

The roof rack is a great addition to the vehicle’s exterior in terms of looks and other utility values.

In long-distance picnics, drivers never have to worry about a lack of luggage space as they can delegate this job to the roof rack.

But one day, you suddenly notice an annoying squeal coming from the car’s roof, which is so irritating that you can’t stand it or distract it for any reason, especially when driving at high speed.

That is the signal that the Thule EVO wingbar edge needs support! 

Explore our article to get the most useful information about the cause and how to fix the Thule Wingbar EVO noise effectively!

Why Your Car Has Thule Wingbar Evo Noise?

thule wingbar evo noise
Thule Wingbar Evo Noise

This problem is extremely difficult and completely unrelated to the bad product quality or cost of the compatible roof racks.

Even the quietest designs can, under certain circumstances, produce these annoying squeals for various reasons, primarily related to the speed and condition of the product.

It’s time to scroll down to learn more about the main causes of this mess right on your vehicle!

High Speed

You may not know: The principle of making the hiss of the roof rack is similar to when you blow stars. The stronger the breath, the louder and longer the sound will be.

Similarly, the faster you drive, the stronger the wind resistance, resulting in an increasingly intense hiss.

Driving at high speed is the leading reason why the quietest racks on the market today can also become more “talkative” than usual.

Damage Or Misfit

If there is a gap and a small hole appears in the rubber gasket or on the legs of the cross bars, you have identified the cause of all the problems!

The kind of edge wind noise they can make is so annoying that no conversation or music can make a passenger feel any better.

Regarding Misfit issues, the mount tends to shake more than usual, especially when traveling on bumpy terrain.

To reduce the severity of the problem, you should seek the help of mechanical professionals as soon as possible.


Today’s market has three types of roof racks: round bars, aerodynamic load bars, and square bars. Depending on the kind of aerodynamic setup, your vehicle will receive different effects.

The surface area of the square Thule bar is the largest, resulting in wind collisions taking place on a larger scale.

Therefore, cars with square Thule bars tend to cause the most hiss, round bars, and aero bars.

The less aerodynamic roof racks can increase fuel consumption but are much more affordable.

The annoying whistle emanating from them was also quieter, enough to be drowned out by the chatter of the passengers.

How To Reduce The Roof Rack Whistle?

roof rack noise
Lessen The Roof Rack Whistle

The Thule wing bar roof rack is an aerodynamic product with an aircraft-like cross-section.

It makes it easier for air to circulate, and its design deflects airflow through the diffuser bands at the top to minimize annoying hiss.

But if your standstill makes such constant whistling noise issues, eliminate this headache with our five most effective methods below!

Detach The Rack

Thule roof rack systems are the suitable shipping method for luggage for your upcoming holidays.

When you don’t need to use them, it’s best to eliminate concerns by taking them off in 5-10 minutes.

On most roof box products today, you’ll find a plastic cover in the back, front, and middle.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts or Torx around it, then remove the entire plastic cover. Mission completed!

Consider Some New Cross Bars ( More Aerodynamic And Sleeker)

Thule offers a wide range of roof rack products in its roof rack collection.

The Square EVO is well suited for heavy-duty tasks thanks to its durable design to withstand strong loads and its affordable price tag.

However, its design offers no aerodynamics, leading to more frequent humming.

You’re best off choosing products with a sleeker design and more dynamics, such as the Thule Wing Bar Edge and the Wingbar EVO.

The Thule customer service says that they are eye-catching and have a special design to minimize the roof rack wind noise caused during your journey.

Try The Bungee Cord Solution

It can be considered a great quick, cheap, and easy fix! Wrap the long bungee cord around the slats like a spiral, so each circle is about 3 to 4 inches apart.

Although this solution cannot solve the roof rack noise completely, it can reduce the loud wind noise volume to an acceptable level. Enjoy it!

Wind Fairing

Friction between the openings/wind area of the built-in roof bar and the air at high speeds is the leading cause of annoying hissing.

Why don’t we prevent this friction by installing a windscreen before the front Thule crossbar?

These plastic screens, while impressively able to deflect incoming wind, are still expensive.

Choosing cheap products on the market can save you a lot, but it does not guarantee effectiveness.

Applying Some Rubber Strips

Using rubber bands to cushion the Thule wingbar evo crossbars on your roof rack is quite effective, especially when the annoying whistling noise comes from the bar location holes or a loose connection between the roof and the rack.

For each junction of the rack and the roof, you should use the appropriate amount of rubber band for the clearance area.

If the complete roof rack system is loose, we recommend using a combination of tape and a lanyard to tighten it.


thule aeroblade vs wingbar
Question Of Roof Rack Whistle

Is It Normal For A Roof To Make Considerable Noise?

Sure! This phenomenon is simply the air and the roof rack friction at high speed, similar to the principle of operation of a flute.

So instead of fearing this is a hazard to your vehicle, find more noise-reducing treatments or products that apply to your situation.

How Do I Stop My Roof Bars From Making Noise?

Depending on your product and economic conditions, many methods can reduce roof rack noise at highway speed.

Using a bungee cord is an economic measure that can reduce the effects of vibration and wind shock.

Rubber bands are suitable for increasing stability and treating gaps or any damage that causes any holes in the roof rack.

If you want more lasting effects, install the windshield, remove the roof rack, or replace it with another product.

Some Last Words

The roof rack can be a lifesaver during field trips and moving houses with bulky loads.

However, the wrong products can backfire – turning your journey into a nightmare covered in squeaks!

Through this article, we hope you have a more comprehensive insight into the Thule Wingbar EVO noise and the causes and solutions when your vehicle encounters it.

Have one comfortable and quiet ride!

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