Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Won’t Start – Find Out The Reasons Here

Are you feeling confused because your Toyota Rav4 Hybrid won’t start? The Toyota RAV4 is a stable and reliable travel partner. However, it is still a mechanism with thousands of interrelated components.

Like any other equipment, it occasionally fails to perform normally. The post will discuss the most significant reasons for RAV4 breakdowns and how to repair them.

What Is Toyota Rav4 Hybrid?

Toyota rav4 hybrid won't start
Toyota Rav4 Hybrid

Toyota’s RAV4 is one of the most popular compact SUVs in the automobile industry. The attraction is undeniable. It’s spacious and comfy, and it’s well-liked by Toyota customers.

It’s as functional and pleasant as the standard model but with significantly improved fuel efficiency.

All RAV4 versions from 2023 and onward feature an improved central instrument panel and a digital dashboard.

This updated system offers improved visuals, a more useful voice-activated function, and the possibility to get software upgrades wirelessly.

What Are The Reasons Why Toyota Rav4 Hybrid Won’t Start? 

The most typical reasons for a RAV4 not starting include a dead 12v battery, a dead key fob battery, and battery terminal corrosion.

Besides, a few drivers also encounter a bad alternator, a faulty starter, a blocked fuel filter, a blown fuse, or an insufficient petrol tank.

Weak Battery

When a rav4 hybrid won’t start or start slowly, the possible reason is a dead or weak 12v battery. Exploring further and performing a voltage test will reveal if the igniting issue is related to it.

The examination can be carried out to check the acid level, the starting battery condition, and the battery voltage.

Also, your Toyota rav4 won’t start after battery change. Once a new automobile battery was connected, it might not have fully achieved its maximum capacity.

Nothing to be concerned about; the new one will acquire its maximum capacity gradually. Don’t worry about the way to assess the battery, as it will be mentioned below.

Corrosion On Battery

Rust and dirt among your vehicle battery’s terminals cause connection loss and decreased flow of current. It explains the car no longer starts correctly.

You must analyze the RAV4’s starting issues to determine if filthy battery connections cause the problem. You may inspect the contacts for corrosion by lifting the rubber coverings from two terminals.

In case you find silvery-green or white deposits without any damage or cracks, you are not required to change the battery; simply clean it.

Weak Key Fob Battery

Suppose your RAV4 possesses a push stop/start button; your automobile may not operate due to your key fob’s low battery.

In this case, some drivers may still ignite the vehicle because the battery sends signals to lock or unlock the car.

However, when the key fob battery runs out, you cannot unlock or lock the doors with a button press. You may do it manually.

Broken Starter Motor

A starter is a component used to ignite the RAV4’s engine. A starting motor has an expected lifespan of between 100,000 and 150,000 miles.

However, its longevity will be lowered when users start the engine excessively. In any event, because of the limited lifespan of the starting motor, it will fail after a period of use.

As a result, your rav4 doesn’t start.

Defective Alternator

It is simply a type of generator that provides energy. If it malfunctions, it cannot generate energy, and the battery cannot charge.

As a result, even when you change the battery because you believe it is the source of the Toyota rav4 not starting, it will quickly run out.

Alternators are seldom defective. Modern automobiles have enhanced performance, and it is estimated that they will endure between 200,000 and 300,000 kilometers.

Nonetheless, it might fail earlier based on what you use the car for. In a secondhand vehicle, the alternator could be fairly old.

Clogged Fuel Filter 

The gas filter in a RAV4 will not wear like other mechanical elements. However, it becomes contaminated and clogged gradually by tiny particles and dirt.

The filter’s permeability decreases, making the fuel pressure drop.

It is insignificant to some degree. However, the car cannot function optimally when the gasoline filter becomes excessively clogged. It may even fail to run at all.

Cleaning is not feasible; the only option is to replace the filter.

Fuel Pump Failure 

Another reason that causes your 2020 rav4 hybrid won’t start is the gas pump failure.

This pump generally guarantees that the required amount of petrol from the tank is transferred to the engine’s injection system under suitable pressure.

Before the gas pump fails, it is typically visible to notice. You can sense that your engine occasionally fails, and the vehicle is hard to ignite.

The engine slightly jerks, and the engine performance declines. It is time for you to get your pump examined.

Corrosion or pollution of the pump might be the cause. In the case of the pump leakage, the power connection is damaged. A faulty fuel pump may be changed in the garage.

Blown Fuse

In some exceptional circumstances, a blown fuse may be to blame for your RAV4’s failure. Examine any fuses that are required to start the engine.

However, be cautious when helping yourself to open the fuse box! The box is powered. Therefore, it is advisable to perform any repairs or testing in a workshop.

Defective Spark Plugs 

Your rav4 won’t start without good working spark plugs. The spark plugs are frequently undisturbed by a flaw. However, the starting system’s plug contacts become loose.

When there is only one loose plug, you may repair the problem yourself. A faulty spark plug must be changed in the service.

Rodent Damage

One explanation for your 2016 rav4 won’t start is rodent malfunction. Insects or rats may nest beneath the car and gnaw on wires and cables.

Theoretically, it may impact all car systems, including oil, electrical, and fuel supply.

Checking inside the engine area generally reveals the damage. At a repair shop, rodent injuries may be fixed. Be prepared to pay somewhat high prices here.

Engine Failure

It might be the reason for the RAV4’s breakdown. If a car’s engine fails, nothing operates. It is not rare for a car’s owner to be accountable for such harm.

Common reasons include poor fuelling, timing belt ripping, inadequate lubrication, overheating, or hydrolock.

Car Getting Too Hot 

Car getting too hot is another cause you should consider. It can be because of prolonged running at extreme speeds.

Besides, when the 2019 rav4 won’t start while it’s hot, it can be due to a faulty starter. If the temperature rises, so do the resistance of the starting motor windings.

Why Rav4 Won’t Start But Have Clicking Noise? 

toyota rav4 won't start after battery change
Rav4 Won’t Start

The above explains why your rav4 won’t start no clicking noise. But what about clicking noise? Several Toyota RAV4 customers reported that their cars made clicking sounds and did not work.

A faulty battery primarily causes this issue.

Besides, a faulty starting motor may also be to blame. Nevertheless, the starting solenoid is not the problem because it is the generator of the sounds.

Many problems are caused by a faulty or weak battery. A battery with insufficient power to start the car will result in a no-start condition.

However, relays and solenoids may still be able to generate clicking noises. Thus, always check with the battery first to see whether it is the main reason your Toyota rav4 cranks but wont start.

What To Do If Rav4 Doesn’t Start?

Many reasons cause your Rav4 not to start. Thus, you need to check for the problem location first. In case you find the issue, here are some solutions for you to fix them.

Use OBD2 Scanner For Diagnosis

Because the Toyota RAV4 has diagnostics (OBD), it can offer preliminary clues of where the defect is situated.

To start troubleshooting, attach the diagnostic equipment to the RAV4. The OBDII connection is often found beneath the dashboard.

Start the ignition while the wire is attached. Nonetheless, avoid starting the engine.

Many diagnostic gadgets will next request certain vehicle data. It would help if you input this completely accurately, or the search result will be corrupted.

Jump Start Toyota RAV4

When you detect the dead battery is the cause of the RAV4’s failure, you may jump-start the car with jumper cables and a good battery of a different vehicle or a battery booster.

It is a good way when you are in an emergency.

First, you connect the dead battery-positive terminal with the red cable. After that, connect to the positive terminal from the healthy battery.

Then you link the donor battery negative terminal with the black wire.

Now, connect the negative one to the bare metal in the engine compartment. Start the good car first, followed by the RAV4. Disconnect the cables in the opposite sequence.

Clean Battery Corrosion 

Disconnect the pole cables to remove dirt from the batteries in your RAV4, which requires no particular skills. First of all, disconnect the black one of the negative poles.

Next, remove the positive pole wire, the red one. After removing the battery with the circuit, you may begin clearing the corrosion and dirt. Reinstall the terminals afterward.

Start Toyota RAV4 With Dead Key Fob Battery 

Suppose your RAV4 possesses one key fob with a stop/start button. Meanwhile, there is no location to enter a key. You can attempt to position the key fob near the stop/start button and then start the car.

Temporary Fix For Starter

toyota rav4 not starting
Repair For Starter

When the car won’t start because of the starter, spin the key while using something like a stick to strike the starting motor.

It only works w When the components inside are jammed or a little out of alignment.

However, the starter may reach the end, so get it evaluated by a dealer or repair shop.


There are many reasons why your Toyota Rav4 Hybrid won’t start. If you encounter this problem, you can try the above solutions.

However, you should take it to a mechanic for a thorough inspection if you cannot find the issue location.

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