What Are Beam Wiper Blades On Vehicles?

What are beam wiper blades?” is usually discussed by drivers before buying their cars because they are confused with the functions between the beam and conventional wipers.

People can get some relevant information on windshield wiper blades below to choose the best vehicle products.

What Are Beam Wiper Blades?

What Are Beam Wiper Blades

Beam wiper blades are designed as a big hit and continue to gain popularity because of their modern and clean windshield visibility.

They are made through a system of an MCS beam, contributing to maximizing pressure forward the entire length of the wiper blade.

This supports the operation process to release less sound, provide safer experiences and maintain more uniform pressure in the long run. 

People can use beam wipers’ strengths to build strong contact with curved windshields, restricting their windshields from getting a lot of dirt from the air

Most producers apply the newest technology for this product line to upgrade its quality, then modify it continuously to become one premium beam wiper blade on the market.

However, the buyers should depend on their car demands to choose the right wipe type.

How Many Kinds Of Beam Wiper Blades?

Three kinds of premium beam blades are provided widely in most car equipment stores nowadays, including TRICO Ultra, TRICO Ice, and TRICO Neoform beam blades.

Read some descriptions of the three product lines below to catch the outstanding characteristics of each one.

TRICO Ultra Beam Blades

TRICO Ultra beam blades are used popularly in luxury cars and are provided directly by the great American brand.

The total parts of this equipment are ensured to adapt to the best standards for the users, owing to the long usage time and showing high performance under extreme weather conditions.

TRICO Ice Beam Blades

TRICO Ice Beam Blades are designed to serve mainly in the winter season or when the temperature gets negative.

Drivers usually encounter ice buildup on their cars, and they find it difficult to get rid of this bad thing.

Taking a couple of TRICO Ice Beam Blades to win the severe impacts from the cold winter, ensuring an excellent performance during running on the road.

TRICO Neoform Beam Blades

TRICO Neoform Blades are one of the typical products matching gold standards from beam blades – building technology (a combination of advanced rubber technology and MCS technology).

This helps to create the right wiper sizes, covering infinite pressure for the entire operating system of Neoform blades.

People should consider the special function of this blade line to have a wiper blade installation done by professional staff.

What Are The Main Differences Between Beam Style Wiper Blades VS Conventional?

What Are The Main Differences Between Beam Style Wiper Blades VS Conventional?

What is a beam windshield wiper?” and “What is a conventional wiper blade?” are two common questions buyers normally give to the producers before buying.

Not only are differences in technology applied, but both products also get some separation in materials or structured components. Particularly are: 

Compared To Length Of Beam Wiper Blades VS Standard

The external difference between beam wiper blades vs conventional ones comes from the length design.

Conventional blades are evaluated to be longer than beam wipers, which can be one disadvantage in the ability to hug windshield contours from clearing the dirt for the vehicles.

Replacing traditional products with beam blades helps users quickly limit the risk of worn blades and keep windshields clean.

Compared To Wind – The Resistance Component

Beam blades connect strong wind resistance, which eliminates wind lift during use.

This can not be right for conventional wiper blades, which brings one bad experience of this phenomenon due to a loose connection among distinctive components.

People can depend on a basic difference in this function in beam wipers vs conventional ones to select the best product for theircars. 

Compared To Materials

Conventional wiper blades include snaps ticked in a metal frame and replaceable rubber blades. Due to a limit in the number of snaps, these products tenderly squeegee windshields less than beam blades.

The main materials creating beam blades are highly-qualified natural rubber and steel, contributing to a good steel frame and durable rubber edges.

This is particularly useful if drivers live in regions with unpredictable summers and extreme winters.

Which Wiper Blades Should Users Choose?

When drivers install wiper blades for their cars, they should consider their function under the impact of weather.

Driving on the roads under heavy rain, harsh snow, or strong wind is difficult for users to control their vehicles.

This requires that the cars should be equipped with multifunctional blades (owning wind lift, excellent quality, temperature flexibility, and especially hybrid design) to promote safety at the maximum level. 

Due to their all-weather performance designs, many types of wiper blades, namely beams, can counter wind resistance by pushing wind lifts into windshield wipers’ pressure.

This can bring better experiences for the users, especially in season performance.

The conventional windshield wiper blade is considered one cheaper product for people to choose for their cars; however, they must tolerate dirty windshields, aged squeegees, and easily broken frames.


How Long Does  A Beam Wiper Beam Last? 

The maximum usage time for using any wiper blade is about six months.

People can choose rain-X windshield wipers or hybrid windshield wipers to last up to four seasons, and beam wipers can be used longer than the time above.

What Is Auto High Beam Wiper Issue? 

There are four common issues relating to auto high beam wipers: the wrong headlight switch, short-lasting wipers, faulty wiper motor, and blown fuses while operating.

What Do We Need To Do Before Buying Wiper Blades?

People should consider the materials of wiper blades, usage environment, and types of products.

Some well-known wiper blade lines on the current market comprise beam wipers, 2-In-1 Windshield wipers, and ICON beam wiper blades.

Do Beam Blades Really Worth It?

Beam blades support clear visibility, own high durability, and adapt to complex climate conditions while moving on the road. This brings a lot of benefits to the cars’ users.


Getting a deeper understanding of “what are beam wiper blades?” helps people to choose suitable products for their cars at a fair price.

Everyone can watch step installation videos for this component on Youtube or take his or her car to the vehicle-repairing shop to install beam wipers correctly.

Read more information about beam blades’ cleaning process to lengthen their longevity.

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