What Does Trip A Mean On A Car? All Answered

Your car’s odometer includes various information and parameters. One of them is trip A. Sometimes you wonder about its function and benefits for your car.

What does trip A mean on a car? Let’s follow us for more details.

What Does Trip Mean On A Car?

The car’s odometer has 2 trip meters, including trip A and trip B. Thanks to the car trip computer, it shows you how many miles you have traveled since resetting your odometer.

In addition to calculating the distance traveled, the odometer also gives you information about your average speed and fuel level. Warning information is also provided to determine your car’s problems.

The car trip is one of the tools to help measure the vehicle’s performance after a period of use. The mileage that trips A and B provide will give you an overview of the problems you are facing while driving.

Most cars with an odometer contain basic information such as mileage, average fuel of the vehicle, stopwatch, and tire pressure.

What Does Trip A Mean On A Car?

What does trip A mean on a car

As mentioned above, trip A on the car is a part of your odometer. Basically, it will provide trip information about the mileage you have driven in a certain time.

Trip A Function

It can be reset every time you refuel, and you can clean your driving record. It helps you to know the mileage for each full tank of gas.

When you run out of gas, you will calculate the distance to the next gas station to avoid running out of gas on the road.

The mileage display is also a way to know the quality of your vehicle’s oil for on-time maintenance and oil changes.

If the recorded mileage is too high, a “Due Soon” message may appear in some cars to remind you that the oil in your vehicle is deteriorating. You need a new oil change or vehicle maintenance.

Should you let the mileage exceed the programmed distance, “Due Now” and “Past Due” will be displayed and warn you.

Relevant Parameters

Instantaneous Fuel Gauge

An instantaneous fuel gauge is one of the standard equipment that tells you the average fuel consumption of your vehicle at the time being.

This value is constantly updated and gives you the exact number of miles you have traveled at that moment.

The gauge also informs you of the fuel flow rate and performance of the vehicle’s engine. It helps you know how to save fuel while using the car.

Average mileage is divided into two categories: on city roads and on public highways. You can expect average fuel economy when traveling on the highway.

Your driving habits can be changed over time so that your vehicle can achieve maximum power while maintaining its performance.

Fuel Tank Range

The fuel available in the tank will indicate how far you can go. It helps you calculate fuel consumption, estimate fuel economy, and when to refuel the vehicle.

When you receive a warning, you need to refuel early to avoid running out of gas in the middle of the road.

In addition, if your driving habits change to an economic driving style, the average fuel level will also change over time. Problems related to refueling will also be reported through the flashing check engine dash light.

Battery Range

Battery power also controls current mileage. The remaining distance will depend on the energy in the battery.

The Electrical distance to empty (DTE) symbol and the TPMS sensor will tell you the condition of your vehicle’s battery.

Using equipment inside the car, such as air conditioning and climate control settings, also causes the battery power consumption to be different than expected. The way you drive can also affect this battery power consumption.

What Are The Differences Between Trip A and Trip B?

What does trip B mean on a car

Main Differences

Trip A has the main function of measuring the driving distance after each refueling. What does trip B mean on a car? Trip B has the function of measuring the number of miles traveled after each oil change.

However, not all classes of vehicle show both trips. Cheap vehicles and commercial motor vehicles will have certain differences.

Car owners can choose to display one of two trips depending on their preferences, needs, and purposes.

The fact that 2 people drive the same car and show 2 different trips also brings significant benefits.

They will know the average fuel level and the oil condition of the vehicle. The right vehicle warranty will ensure the accuracy of the trip.

A trip button allows you to switch between two values ​​to know the fuel level in the car and its oil level.

Turn Off/ Reset Trip A & B

How to reset your road trip meter? Sometimes the current trip crashes, and you need to turn it off and reset it. The reset will vary between cars. The best way is to read the user manual carefully before resetting it.

You can go to car forums to consult the opinions of people who have experienced it. They will also help you solve other problems that arise during the reset process.

Normally, resetting trip A and trip B bears no difference. The general formula is to press and hold the trip button on car located on the switch on the left. In addition, it will reset your driving time, average driving speed, and mileage.

The longer you hold the button, the more data is reset. You should note that if the vehicle is idle for 4 hours or more, the odometer data will be reset automatically.

After each trip, resetting the trip meter helps you get accurate mileage, fuel level, and oil status. From there, it assists you to consider the exact time to refuel, maintain the car, and change the oil.


trip A meaning in a car

Is Trip Meter And Odometer The Same?

Many people assume that an odometer and a trip meter are the same. However, it is not the case.

The odometer’s main function is to provide information about the total distance traveled by your vehicle during its lifetime.

Meanwhile, a trip odometer tells you the approximate distance during each trip or after each time you refill your tank. It has no tracking function for the total number of trips over the vehicle’s lifetime.

Basically, an odometer will yield more information. Total road information in the car allows drivers to determine when the vehicle needs scheduled maintenance.

At the same time, they may also have to correct the readings and where to record them to compare with the next maintenance period.

Besides, an odometer will determine the average level of your car. It will also help you detect whether the odometer is faulty.

If starting the car turns the sensor data to zero after you fill it up, the odometer is faulty. You need to take it to the auto repair shop to have it repaired.

What Is Trip 1 And 2 In A Car?

What is trip A and trip B in the car? We think you’ve got the answer. But some categories of motor vehicles, including trip 1 and trip 2, are still confusing.

Are you wondering what function these 2 trips have? They are included in the driver information center (DIC). It provides information about the number of miles you have traveled since the last reset of the meter.

Not all vehicles are available for trip 1 and trip 2. If you want to know more information about them, you can open the Menu by pressing the menu button.

Fuel and mileage information will appear. You just need to scroll down to see trip 1 and trip 2.


What does trip A mean on a car? Overall, it allows you to track the miles you have traveled after each refueling.

It will help you to know the total distance equivalent to your full gas tank. You will get a reasonable estimate when you are about to run out of gas to fill up.

Hopefully, through this article, you have gained useful information about trip A meaning in a car. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. See you in the next post!

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