What Strut Brands To Avoid? What Are Some Good Names?

Everyone dislikes driving shaky cars, so an efficient strut is necessary.

The strut is essential to the engine’s suspension system since it guarantees a comfortable ride and shields the vehicle from bad road conditions.

It supports the weight of the automobile while absorbing large impacts.

You can’t just purchase any struts and wish for the best, though. A fast, inexpensive strut won’t do; quality is vitally important.

Here is the list of what strut brands to avoid to make your choice easier!

What Strut Brands To Avoid?

What Strut Brands To Avoid?

When choosing, you should rule out brands selling quick struts or cheap products with no clear origin. It’s best to spend money on slightly more expensive and original struts; it will benefit a lot!

When selecting the best substitute strut for your vehicles, there might not be a “one-size-fits-all answer,” but your choice will be based on your preferences and requirements.

The Problem With Cheap Struts

People who are hesitant about spring compressors have always been drawn to the quick strut.

Even though quick struts are much simpler, you can’t necessarily expect them to provide a comfortable ride, here’s why:

Thicker Springs

The springs on the inferior strut are noticeably thicker when the diameter is measured in micrometer. Although it may seem positive, that is not the case.

A rougher, significantly stiffer ride from thicker springs may not be what you want in your car since it makes the vehicle feel less comfortable.

Garbage Bearings

Quick strut producers frequently make compromises to keep their goods inexpensive.

When checking the low-quality strut mount, we can easily notice that the inner bearings of cheap bearings are easily exposed to the environment when opened.

Poor Quality Strut Mounts

Under no circumstances is it permissible to drive with a strut that has been compromised or damaged. Numerous issues may develop if a shock is entirely of bad quality.

Mechanically speaking, a damaged upper strut will make it possible for the strut to make a rubbing noise, which will negatively impact the ride quality of the car.

Additionally, any major free-float caused by a damaged strut increases the chance of accelerated wear in various of the vehicle’s steering and suspension parts.

Sometimes, you can even notice a womp womp tire noise, indicating wear-out tires caused by poor-quality struts. Or when you accidentally drive over a curb, you will notice excessive bouncing.

This is because, under the impact of an unstamped shock load, each element will be put under significantly more strain.

Moreover, errors in strut attachment are also definitely a safety concern. This shock failure can change the suspension geometry, leading to difficult driving circumstances.

The car’s handling and maneuverability may be compromised in some situations.

What Are Good Strut Car Brands?

The new effective strut improves the controllability and traction of your car and its tires, making for a safe, secure, and more enjoyable ride.

Here is a brands of struts selection of your options, besides the masterpro struts review or api struts review, for the top struts to have a nice experience:


Replacement Struts is renowned for offering some of the best-priced auto parts and accessories of the finest caliber. All of its components are manufactured to meet customers’ requirements.

Steel is used to make the shock absorber and strut, and rubber gaskets keep metal from touching.

Some nuts and bolts are in line with the rigorous standards of the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE).


Are TrueDrive struts good? One of the most common ones is TrueDrive because it provides a full line of exceptional items at an excellent price.

The company simplifies pricey distribution networks and provides clients with high-quality, affordable options.

Every component is made in the same top factories as other well-known brands to guarantee dependability.

Additionally, all TrueDrive loaded struts offer a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind.


KYB is a famous strut car brand that produces a variety of electrical, hydraulic, and power steering components with advanced technology.

The brand has refined the framework and layout to swap the struts and shock absorbers.

These products can improve your car’s suspension and driving ability, which helps ensure long-lasting performance and lessen suspension vibrations, engine noises, and road noises.


Monroe vs Duralast struts, which one is better? Monroe struts are unparalleled in terms of quality, longevity, and fit. These items aid in driving comfort while providing superior handling standards.

Your vehicle will operate quietly, accurately, devoid of “noise and vibration,” with a new Monroe quick strut.


Some of the greatest and most affordable struts are made by Motorcraft, and their developer pricing enables different automobile kinds to have their riding and handling restored.

These struts are designed for quick and straightforward installation and are reasonably priced.

Steps up from this brand surpass the testing in conditions of temperature, valve longevity, and other criteria, and they score highly.

The brand ensures its items are entirely dustproof to preserve the struts away from the dust.

What Are Things To Consider When Looking For Shock Mounts & Struts?

The following elements can assist you in reducing your selections and pintpoint the ideal vehicle substitute:


Before buying a mount for your car, always ensure it is compatible. While searching, consider the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

To guarantee a flawless fit and a hassle-free assembly, be sure to select a replacement that is specially made for your automobile.


Your new strut or suspension system should be sturdy and resistant to premature wear since it is part and parcel of your car’s suspension.


The manufacturer and location for which the shock mount or strut determines the cost.

The affordable prices for aftermarket shock stands range from $10 to $350. OEM parts will be more expensive.

It is typically offered separately, in packs, or as a set component.


You will not make a mistake with any of the above companies for your replacement needs because they are the greatest producers of shock mounts and struts.

Select which manufacturers produce struts for your specific car to narrow down your options.

After that, pick the company you believe in the most. Search online for keywords like “are true drive struts good?“, “are masterpro struts good?” or request a recommendation from your technician.


What Are Good Strut Car Brands?

To sum up, those providing cheap and quick struts are what strut brands to avoid.

It might be necessary to replace the struts if you notice noises when the engine is turned off, crashes, or generally experiences rough rides.

Choosing high-quality shock and effective struts will give a smooth ride, reducing mechanical damage and increasing your safety on the road.

Hope this article has satisfied you, have a nice day!

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